Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 91 - : Send Someone To Hunt Him Down

Chapter 91: Send Someone To Hunt Him Down

“Rest well and recuperate. It will take some time for the meridians in your body to recover to their original state. Do not hinder the Academy’s Competition.”

He Fan left after saying these words. He Linsheng, who was laying on the bed, was extremely indignant. His face was filled with resentment.

When only the father and son were left in the room, He Qicheng revealed a smile. “My son, do not be angry. It is not good to be angry and damage your body.”

He Linsheng gnashed his teeth. “I was humiliated so badly that I almost lost my life. Uncle let that person go so easily. I’m really unwilling.”

“Look at this –”

As He Qicheng formed a spell, a light screen appeared in the air. It was the scene of Lin Bai walking into the Spirit Gathering Pavilion.

He Linsheng said excitedly, “Father, you!”

The He family had a spell called the tracking spell. It could detect a person’s whereabouts without anyone noticing. Even powerful people were extremely easy to fall for it. There were pros and cons, but the only drawback was that it was short-lived.

However, this was enough for He Linsheng and his son to grasp Lin Bai’s movements.

“He’s really audacious. Instead of returning to the Shao family, he went to the Spirit Gathering Pavilion. Don’t worry, I’ve already sent someone to strangle him. I’ll definitely avenge you!”

He Linsheng was immediately overjoyed. “Thank you, father.”

When Lin Bai entered the cultivation room, the light screen gradually disappeared. A malicious glint flickered in his eyes, as if he had already seen Lin Bai’s fate of having his head chopped off.

Lin Bai still did not know that he had been hit by the He family’s tracking spell. By the time he walked out of the Spirit Gathering Pavilion, the sky was gradually turning dark. There were already people waiting for him.

Little Green was still hovering on his arm as if it had sensed something. It hissed, and Lin Bai stopped in his tracks. He turned around, but there was nothing.

The people behind him followed Lin Bai all the way, but they were getting more and more remote. They had actually reached the dense forest in the suburbs. This was clearly not the way back to the Shao family.

Just as they were puzzled, Lin Bai, who was walking at the front, suddenly stopped and said in a deep voice, “You’ve been following me for so long, and you’ve been hiding yourself. It’s time for you to come out and meet me, right?”

The four of them were shocked. They thought that they were powerful and were good at hiding. Logically speaking, it should be impossible for Lin Bai to discover them but was obvious that he had discovered them long ago.

“Don’t tell me you want me to invite you out?”

As his voice fell, a green light rushed over. It was Little Green, which was hovering on his arm, and launched a fierce attack at them. They were caught unprepared and had no choice but to reveal themselves.

According to the previous news, they knew that Lin Bai had a fire attribute mutated Red Luan and was very powerful. He had specially brought a water attribute magical treasure to deal with it, but they actually didn’t know that he had a pet beast, green snake. It seemed that his strength wasn’t weak either.

Four thin people stood in four different positions in the north, south, east, and west of Lin Bai, surrounding him. The leader of the group asked in a hoarse voice, “How did you find us?”

Lin Bai did not answer his question. He said indifferently, “The four of you really think highly of me. The people of the Shao family really like to go back on their words.”

The four men were not angry when they heard this. They only revealed a vicious smile. “You can only play with your words now. In a while, you will become an ice-cold corpse.”

Lin Bai did not panic or fear when he heard this. Instead, he said meaningfully, “Is that so?”

The four of them did not want to waste any more words. They launched their attacks with great tacit understanding. Four streams of spiritual power with an unstoppable sharpness approached one after another. They interweaved into a huge net that covered the sky and covered the earth, enveloping Lin Bai within.

He stood on the spot with almost no way to escape. The surrounding murderous aura raged, forming gusts of strong wind that blew the grass and trees, causing them to sway. The tall tree that was half the height of a human was broken with a sound. One could imagine what would happen if one accidentally touched it…

At this moment, Lin Bai was like a small boat floating on an endless ocean. Any wave would be able to swallow him and his people.

“I thought he would be very powerful, but he is just so-so.”

The four of them revealed contemptuous smiles, waiting to see Lin Bai being torn into pieces so that they could return and report back. Just as they were about to give Lin Bai a fatal blow, they felt that the spiritual energy was a little sluggish. This feeling was fleeting, so they did not take it to heart.

Several rays of spiritual light burst out at the same time and landed on Lin Bai’s body. However, like a flower in a mirror or a moon in water, he suddenly disappeared without a trace. It was as if he had evaporated into thin air, leaving behind only a mass of pale green gas.

The four of them looked around, but they did not see Lin Bai’s shadow.

“What happened? Why is he gone?”

Just as they were feeling bewildered, Lin Bai’s ghostly voice came from beside them, “You guys are just so-so.”

Little Ggreen swung its tail like a divine dragon. Its green scales were incomparably sharp, like sharp blades that slashed across their faces, leaving them dizzy and disoriented. When they focused their eyes, they saw that the beast had already circled behind them.

“This… how is this possible?” They were so shocked that they could not speak. Only then did they realize that a layer of light green gas had appeared around them since some unknown time ago. It was similar to the color of Little Green’s body.

Even the blood on the wounds on their faces had a faint green color.

The few of them finally realized that they had fallen into Little Green’s illusion. The scariest thing was that they hadn’t noticed it at all.

“Everyone, be careful! This snake can create an environment to confuse people!”

Not only that, the green fog also contained poison. It traveled along the blood in their meridians. By the time they noticed it, their movements had already slowed down for a moment.

“Damn it, you actually poisoned us in secret.”

The few of them cursed loudly. Lin Bai said innocently, “Little Green is poisonous to begin with. Even though I poisoned you, it’s quite fair and square.”

The beast’s eyes flickered with a sparkling green light. Little Green suddenly opened its mouth. The pale green fog, with Lin Bai as the center, spread rapidly in all directions, forming many ropes that trapped the four of them.

The last scene was a plain wooden sword, which was reflected in their eyes.

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