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Chapter 90 - The Alchemist Association’s Wooden Token

Chapter 90: The Alchemist Association’s Wooden Token

He Qicheng gritted his teeth and spoke, “Alchemist Chen, you don’t know how detestable this kid is. Not only did he almost cripple my son’s meridians, but he also argued with me many times later on. You’ve seen it for yourself. If I don’t kill him, it’ll be hard for me to get rid of the hatred in my heart.”

Chen Yan didn’t agree, “Although I wasn’t involved in the cause of the incident, I can tell from your words that even if this young man is in the wrong, he doesn’t deserve to die. Furthermore, he also made some remedial measures later on.”

Before he could finish his sentence, He Linsheng interrupted him. “No! No matter what, we can’t let this kid walk out of the He family’s door alive today.”

Chen Yan didn’t even give him a glance. His gaze fell directly on He Fan and said meaningfully,

“Didn’t you agree before? If he can refine the medicinal pill, then we’ll agree to let this little brother go. How can a person go back on his word? Don’t you agree, patriarch He?”

He Fan understood the meaning in his words. His eyes darkened slightly. He pondered for a moment and said, “May I ask alchemist Chen what you like about this kid that he wants to protect him so much?”

“Naturally, I cherish his talent. To be able to refine a seventh grade spirit replenishing pill at such a young age, it shows that his fortune is extraordinary. If he is slightly nurtured, his future will be limitless. It is not impossible for him to become a extreme grade alchemist.”

Speaking up to this point, Chen Yan’s eyes were burning as if he had discovered a treasure. Seeing that his attitude was firm, He Fan could not force him to stay.

Killing Lin Bai might not have caused anyone to say anything, but Chen Yan was a grade five alchemist. If anything happened, the He family would bear the main responsibility. Moreover, he was a member of the Alchemist Association, so it would be even harder to deal with him.

“Since that’s the case, on account of alchemist Chen’s face, I’ll let you live. I hope you’ll do your best.”

He Fan looked deeply at Lin Bai. It was clear that he Linsheng was still a little unhappy. “But uncle, this kid clearly –” he wanted to say something else, but He Fan’s indifferent gaze swept over.

He Qicheng lowered his voice and said, “Linsheng, don’t say too much.”

Although He Fan usually doted on He Linsheng, when it came to matters related to the He family, it was non negotiable. Seeing that he had made up his mind, no one could say anything else.

“Let them go.”

Following He Fan’s order, Lin Bai followed behind Chen Yan and walked out of the He family’s door safely.

“Where do you live? Let me send you off.”

Lin Bai knew what Chen Yan meant. He was worried that the He family would attack him on the way, but he wasn’t worried. With on his own strength, even if he couldn’t beat them, he could still run away.

“Thank you for your good intentions, alchemist Chen. There’s no need for that.”

Chen Yan couldn’t help but look higher of him. Although he didn’t have much contact with Lin Bai, he could tell Lin Bai was composed and fearless in the face of danger.

Even if his life was threatened, he could still maintain his composure. This kind of tenacity was not common. It was also the most suitable for refining pills. Thinking of this, Chen Yan felt rather emotional.

“I didn’t expect you to be able to refine a grade seven pill at such a young age. Have you done it before?”

Lin Bai shook his head and answered truthfully, “This is my first time refining a grade seven spirit replenishing pill.”

Chen Yan looked as if he had just heard a fairy tale and revealed an expression of disbelief. “You mean that today is your first time refining a grade seven spirit replenishing pill and you’ve succeeded? You’ve never refined it before.”

He tried to find a joking expression on Lin Bai’s face, but Lin Bai nodded his head firmly.

Chen Yan knew that since he was able to refine a grade seven spirit replenishing pill, there was no need for him to joke and boast on such matters. He revealed an expression of approval. “I didn’t expect your talent to be so high. You were able to refine it successfully in one go.”

Of course, luck could not be excluded from this. However, strength was also a part of luck.

“Then what other medicinal pills have you refined before?”

Lin Bai casually mentioned a few names. They were all commonly seen medicinal pills that could restore qi and blood or detoxify poison. They were not as high-grade as the spirit replenishing pill. From this, it could be seen that Lin Bai’s talent was simply astonishing, he was able to refine them just by getting started.

From this, Chen Yan was even more certain of his inner thoughts. Just as he was about to say something, a divine light suddenly appeared. The jade pendant on Chen Yan’s body lit up, and he frowned.

He took out a token from his storage bag and handed it to Lin Bai. “Take this. Come and look for me at the Alchemist Association tomorrow. When the time comes, I’ll explain it to you clearly. I still have some matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Lin Bai took the token from his hand. It was an antique wooden token, and he could faintly smell an indescribable medicinal fragrance. It was refreshing and felt a little cold to the touch.

Chen Yan did not explain clearly why he came to look for him, so he left in a hurry. The light just now should have been a voice transmission talisman, but he did not know what had happened.

However, Lin Bai did not return to the Shao family. Instead, he chose to go to the Spirit Gathering Pavilion. The most important thing now should be to increase his strength as soon as possible. If he was powerful, he did not have to fear the He family.

He had a feeling that even if Chen Yan guaranteed him, He Linsheng would definitely not let it go easily. However, he also secretly held back.

“I’m afraid that you won’t be able to afford to use the grade seven spirit replenishing pill that I refined…”

Lin Bai revealed a meaningful smile,

The Spirit Gathering Pavilion was the most suitable place to cultivate, with no one disturbing them and spiritual energy surrounding it.

Lin Bai sat cross-legged, and a green light flashed across his body at the same time. Little Green coiled around his arm, and it wasn’t as small and thin as it used to be. It coiled around his wrist like an ornament, and was heavy now.

“I’ll impart my cultivation to you this time.”

After all, Little Green had been by his side for the longest time, and its strength was also the strongest.

It also had the skill ‘Cloud Summoning Rain’, which could trap enemies. Moreover, after leveling up, it could even trap half-way grandmasters. It could be used to attack or defend, and it was the most suitable.

Lin Bai decided to put the black tortoise aside for the time being.

[ Ding! ]

[ The host has passed Little Green twenty days of cultivation. ]

[ The 100 times return has been successfully triggered! ]

[ The host has obtained two thousand days of cultivation! ]

Boundless spiritual energy gushed out like a spring, enveloping the two of them. Every pore on Lin Bai’s body was flickering with divine light, making him look like a god descending to the mortal world. No one dared to look at him directly.

On the other side, He Linsheng was a little unhappy.

“Father! Uncle! How could we let this brat leave?”

He Qicheng took a step forward and said:

“Big brother, I don’t think it’s appropriate to do this. Although he has refined a seventh grade spirit replenishing pill, Linsheng has suffered a lot because of this. Even if we don’t want that brat’s life, we should at least give him a taste of his own medicine. Moreover, he has contradicted us repeatedly before. He doesn’t respect us at all.”

He Fan looked at them expressionlessly. “Otherwise, what do you want me to do? Suppress Chen Yan and him together. Can’t you see that Chen Yan is determined to protect him?”

He Linsheng was still frantically denouncing Lin Bai. “But now that our He family has already formed a grudge with him, what if Chen Yan takes a fancy to him and lets him enter the Alchemist Association? Then, what if he comes to settle the score with us?”

“That’s right, Big brother. What Linsheng said isn’t without reason.”

He Xueyao, on the other hand, spoke up in an appropriate manner, “It’s not a deep-seated feud. I think it’s better to end it here. Even if he wants to take revenge in the future, it won’t be something that can be done in a short period of time. Moreover, he has to at least take into account Alchemist Chen’s face.”

He Linsheng glanced at He Xueyao with a sinister look, as if he was somewhat dissatisfied with her.

He Fan hesitated for a moment, and also felt that what He Xueyao said was quite reasonable. Moreover, it was not appropriate to attack Lin Bai now. After pondering for a moment, he said, “This matter ends here.”

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