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Chapter 92 - He Actually Came Back Alive

Chapter 92: He Actually Came Back Alive

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Seeing that Lin Bai was still not coming back, Bai He and the others could not sit still any longer. Chen Yan had already woken up. When he found out what had happened after that, he was filled with regret.

“If I had been able to swallow my anger back then, perhaps none of this would have happened. Not only did I implicate senior brother Bai, but now it’s unknown if senior brother Lin is even dead or alive.”

Everyone consoled him. “This isn’t your fault. Besides, you didn’t say anything back then. It was He Linsheng and the others who went too far and initiated the attack. We were also forced into a corner.”

Chen Yan revealed a bitter smile. “I’ll take responsibility for what I did. If worst comes to worst, I’ll go to the He family and exchange for senior brother Lin and the others. I’ll bear all the blame alone!”

“Since you’re going, bring me along too.”

The others were the same. As soon as someone spoke, many people responded. After all, Bai He had been plotted against by He Linsheng and lost his fighting strength. If Lin Bai had not stepped forward, they would not have ended up well.

Now that the He family came to ask for him, and it was Lin Bai who stepped forward. They could not pretend that nothing had happened.

“I don’t believe that the He family is that powerful. Don’t tell me that they are going to detain all of us there.”

The crowd was in high spirits. Just as they were about to rush to the He family to ask for Lin Bai, the teachers shouted, “You are too rash.”

The teachers didn’t agree. First, Lin Bai wasn’t a student of their academy. There was no need to take such a big risk and offend He family.

Moreover, if something really happened to Lin Bai, it would be useless for them to go. There might even be a conflict. The He family did not care about their lives at all.

The Shao family’s attitude was obvious here. Clearly, they would not stand up for them. When that time came, they would not even have a place to find someone to reason with.

“If the He family has ill intentions against Lin Bai, what use is it for you to go? You might even suffer along with him.”

The bloody reality was before everyone’s eyes. Even though these teachers were grateful for Lin Bai’s actions, they could not help but have some selfish motives. They did not wish for their academy’s disciples to make meaningless sacrifices. Moreover, what they said was also reasonable.

For a moment, everyone was caught in a struggle. If they did not go, it would appear to be unethical. After all, Lin Bai was in a dangerous situation because of them. If they went, it was very likely that they would not be able to change anything. In fact, they might even make meaningless sacrifices.

“Why don’t we go and beg the Shao Family? If they can come forward, there might be a chance for this matter to turn around.”

“Forget it. They’re just like playing the mediator. Can’t you see their previous attitude? There’s no reason for them to become enemies with the He family for our sake.”

“This won’t do either. That won’t do either. What else can we do? We can’t just wait here, right?”

Everyone’s gaze fell on Bai He. “Senior brother Bai, why don’t you tell us what we should do now?”

Bai He’s gaze was calm, as if there was snow gathering in his eyes. He seemed extremely cold. “I’ll go alone.”

Although he looked extremely cold on the outside and gave off a feeling that it wasn’t easy to get close to him, he was actually a person who would stand up for his friends and be extremely loyal to them.

Everyone did not agree when they heard this.

“Senior brother Bai, how can you do this? Your injuries have not recovered yet, and you had a direct conflict with He Linsheng. How can he let you go? If you go now, you’ll be like a lamb in the tiger’s mouth. You won’t be able to return.”

“Why don’t we beg the Shao family again?”

Soon, a group of academy disciples requested to see Shao Feng.

After Shao Feng learned the purpose of this group of people’s visit, he sneered and said, “They really think highly of themselves. Do they think that I will go and save them just because so many people are begging me? Perhaps Lin Bai is the murderer of my son.”

Even if he was not, Shao Feng did not need to go and provoke the He family for an insignificant figure.

“Go and tell them that I am in solitary cultivation and it is not convenient for me to deal with these things. We will talk about it after I come out of solitary cultivation.”

After hearing the servants’ replies, the disciples of the academy knew that this was Shao Feng’s excuse. They had seen him yesterday, but now he was in solitary cultivation today. Who is he trying to trick?

Bai He said patiently, “Please report for us again. After all, a person’s life is at stake. If Master Shao is willing to help us, we’ll definitely be grateful.”

When the Shao family disciples heard this, they immediately revealed a disdainful look.

“Our master has shown mercy and allowed you to come to the capital. With such a good opportunity to learn and interact with each other, it’s fine if you don’t cherish it, but you’re causing trouble everywhere. Now, you want us to wipe your asses? You’re simply dreaming.”

These words were not polite at all, and the group of disciples were a little agitated.

“How can you say that? It was clearly He Linsheng who caused trouble first. How did it become our fault instead?”

The Shao family had looked down on them for a long time. After all, they had come from a small place. They did not understand why Shao Feng would do this. It was simply a waste of time and energy.

“It’s your fault for not weighing your own status and strength. Instead, you insisted on confronting others head-on. Now that something has happened, you just ask for help?”

Hearing this, everyone felt extremely angry. Third elder, fourth elder, and the others rushed over when they heard the news. They sneered and said, “I’ll give you some face. Don’t be too greedy! Otherwise, you’ll go back to where you came from.”

These words were not polite at all. Everyone felt extremely angry. They had never felt so aggrieved before.

Just when they were feeling a little anxious and angry, a cold male voice sounded with some doubt.

“What are you all standing here for?”

Everyone thought that they were hearing things. “What’s going on? I think I heard senior brother Lin’s voice.”

“I think I heard it too.”

The elders looked as if they had seen a ghost.. Who else could it be but Lin Bai.

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