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Chapter 75 - Despicable Scoundrel

Chapter 75: Despicable Scoundrel

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“You’re courting death!”

Taking advantage of the fact that Bai He was caught off guard, He Linsheng waved his hand, causing a thick layer of dust to rise up from the ground, blurring everyone’s vision. At the same time, a dark light flashed through his sleeves, speeding towards Bai He.

“Senior brother Bai, be careful!”

By the time Bai He noticed it, it was already too late. The dark green light pierced straight into his left shoulder. It was actually an incomparably dart, and it broke through the defensive barrier outside.

It was obvious that it was a special hidden weapon made from extremely precious materials. There were small holes in the mouth of the dart that looked like gears that stuck into the flesh. Fresh blood flowed out along the grooves. Although the wound was small, it was extremely difficult to remove.

Moreover, if it was not removed in time, there was even the risk of losing blood and dying.

Bai He immediately fell to the ground. Everyone hurriedly helped him up. Their eyes were blazing with flames. “You despicable person, you’ve gone too far. You can’t beat our senior brother Bai, so you sneak attacked him.”

He Linsheng actually said shamelessly, “I didn’t say that you can’t use a hidden weapon, right? It’s your own stupidity.”

Seeing Bai He’s increasingly unsightly expression, and even his lips turning black, everyone was shocked to realize that there was still poison on the meteor dart. It was clear that He Linsheng’s methods were vicious.

“Quickly give us the antidote!”

He Linsheng took out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket. “The antidote is here. If you have the ability, come and get it.”

“Don’t go too far. Even if we can’t beat you, do you think we can’t beat you with so many people together?”

He Linsheng and the others were very powerful, but there were only a few people on this side. Many ants could kill an elephant. Although Bai He, who had the highest combat power, had temporarily lost his mobility, it shouldn’t be difficult to deal with them.

He Linsheng didn’t take their threat seriously. Instead, he showed a provocative smile. “Are you trying to scare me? More people? Do you think you can win with more people?”

He paused and said meaningfully, “Anyway, I have plenty of time to waste with you. As for whether your senior brother Bai can afford it, I don’t know.”

They did not know what kind of poison it was, but the effect of the poison took effect very quickly. At first, Bai He only had a bruise on his lips, but now, his face was getting uglier and uglier.

He sat cross-legged, circulating all the spiritual power in his body. He wanted to force the poison out, but he suddenly spat out a large mouthful of black blood.

“Senior brother Bai, are you alright?”

Everyone was shocked and anxious. When He Linsheng saw this, a carefree smile flashed across his face.

“This is not an ordinary poison. I used the five poisons made from the Flying Centipede, Scorpion, Toad, snake, and gecko of the Houtian eighth stage. Without the special detoxification pill, even the an immortal would not be able to save you. Moreover, if you use your spiritual power to force the poison out, it will only cause it to take effect faster.

He didn’t say anything before, but now he opened his mouth. It was obvious that he was toying with everyone, and he definitely wouldn’t hand over the antidote. His goal was to see everyone cry and beg for mercy, and then take the opportunity to torture them.

One of the disciples took advantage of He Linsheng’s lack of attention and wanted to snatch the antidote. However, before he could get close, a stream of spirit energy shot over, and He Linsheng said disdainfully.

“How dare you bring out such pitiful power and make a fool of yourself. Among all of you, this senior brother Bai might still have some ability. As for the rest of you, you are all trash. I advise you to save your strength and wait to collect senior brother Bai’s corpse.”

“What exactly do we have to do for you to be willing to give us the antidote!”

“I said, as long as you kneel down and kowtow, and then crawl under my crotch, perhaps I will consider letting you live after I’m in a good mood.”

He Linsheng had said this before, but it was a pity that he didn’t keep his word. Those who had been fooled before weren’t willing to trust him now.

However, Bai He’s face was black and blue. If he hadn’t used his spiritual power to protect his heart, he probably wouldn’t have been able to do it now.

“Or I can give you another chance. If any of you can beat me, I’ll give you the antidote.”

Bai He was considered the most powerful sword cultivator among the students. Besides him, who else could beat him? Moreover, even if they did, who knew if He Linsheng would go back on his words and use some ruthless methods.

Everyone looked at each other. There was really no other way. They, who had lost their minds due to anger, were ready to use force to deal with him.

“You are really going too far. At most, we will fight with you. If senior brother Bai is dead, you can die too!”

He Linsheng sneered, “You guys can try all you want.”

Both sides were suddenly at daggers drawn, and the smell of gunpowder became even stronger.

“Hold on –” Bai He’s weak voice sounded. He could see that He Linsheng had nothing to fear. If they really fought head-on, they would definitely be the ones to suffer in the end.

Without some means and background, He Linsheng would not be so arrogant.

“Let’s go.”

The others were not willing. “Senior brother Bai, but we haven’t gotten the antidote yet.”

“Senior brother Bai!”

Bai He could not help but reveal a bitter smile. He knew that He Linsheng would not easily hand over the antidote. Rather than both sides suffering heavy losses and causing the family behind him to attack, it would be better to return to the Shao Family first and see if there was any solution.

Everyone left unwillingly. This time, He Linsheng did not stop them. Seeing the smug smile on his face, the disciples of the academy only felt their teeth itch. They wished that they could rush up and punch him.

At this moment, a lazy voice sounded.

“You’re right. We haven’t obtained the antidote yet. How can we leave so easily?”

As Lin Bai stood at the end of the line and did not say much, everyone almost ignored his existence.

Seeing Lin Bai suddenly open his mouth, the crowd suddenly recalled a certain rumor from before.

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