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Chapter 74 - Beat Me and I’ll Let You Go

Chapter 74: Beat Me and I’ll Let You Go

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Bai He seemed to have sensed something as he suddenly moved to the side. A silver sword light brushed past him, and his black hair fluttered in the air. If it weren’t for his fast reaction speed, perhaps it wouldn’t have been his hair that would have fallen off, instead, it would be half of his head.˙

It could be seen that He Linsheng was extremely ruthless.

“This fellow Daoist attacked someone from behind. This isn’t the work of a gentleman, right?”

He Linsheng sneered and said, “You offended me and then said some petty words. Yet you want to leave. Who do you think I am?”

These words were distorting the black and white. Just by looking at Chen Yan’s miserable state, one could tell how much He Linsheng and the others had gone overboard.

Even a clay figurine had some temper, not to mention that Bai He was originally a favored son of heaven. His eyes were like ice and snow descending, and even his voice became incomparably cold. “What do you intend to do?”

“Beat me, and I’ll let you go.”

As soon as he finished speaking, He Linsheng pounced forward. Bai He was also unwilling to be outdone. The longsword in his hand slashed across the sky, drawing a brilliant divine rainbow and blocking his fierce attack.

Seeing that Bai He was able to resolve the attack so easily, He Linsheng’s eyes flashed. The sword incantation in his hand changed in a myriad of ways. There was only one sword, but it was as if there were tens of thousands of weapons. Amidst the sword light and sword shadow, his figure was like a ghost. It was simply impossible to guard against.

The longsword hovered in the air like the sun and the Moon slowly rising. It brought with it a great pressure. There was only an endless amount of golden light left in this area. It was so piercing that it was almost impossible for people to open their eyes.

Bai He was deeply immersed in it, and the sun and moon were slowly approaching. Seeing that the space was becoming increasingly narrow, he suddenly slashed out, but it was like a mist dispersing. It was actually an illusion! However, He Linsheng came from behind with his sword. Fortunately, Bai He was alert and narrowly dodged it.

But the timely sword qi also cut a hole in his body.

Seeing this, everyone couldn’t help but sweat for Bai He. The illusion created by He Linsheng looked extremely real.

Moreover, it had a certain degree of offensive power. Bai He could at most shatter the illusion, but it couldn’t cause any damage to He Linsheng himself. However, He Linsheng could directly harm him through the illusion.

Lin Bai watched the two of them fight until they couldn’t part. “I didn’t expect that although this He Linsheng is arrogant and despotic, he still has some power.”

When the dean heard this, he looked at him and asked curiously, “Do you know this He Linsheng?”

Lin Bai nodded and said, “When I went out for a walk, I also had an argument with him.”

“This –” The Dean couldn’t help but smack his lips. Seeing Chen Yan and the others end up in a miserable state, he couldn’t help but ask, “Didn’t he do anything to You?”

“He also wanted to, but he was stopped by someone at that time.”

“Then quickly hide in the team. This He Linsheng is already not on good terms with us to begin with. This person will seek revenge for the smallest grievance.”

Lin Bai did not mind. He was not afraid at all. However, when he saw the Dean’s worried expression, he symbolically moved closer.

“Senior brother Bai will be fine, right?”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Senior Brother Bai is the most powerful. He will definitely win. How can you raise the morale of others and destroy your own prestige?”

Although he said that, everyone was still uncertain. They could see that He Linsheng was not using his full strength at the moment. He was like a cat catching a mouse, as if he was playing some kind of game.

Bai He made use of his underestimation of the enemy and faked a move, using the “Sword Breaks The Firmament”.

He held the long sword in his hand, as if he was a giant that could split the heaven and earth.

He pointed with the tip of the sword, and a deep crack appeared in the sky. It seemed to have been opened up by a huge hole, and the wind blew through it.

The shadow of the huge sword was faintly discernible in the crack, and what was revealed in front of them was only the tip of the iceberg. The crack grew larger and larger, but they still could not see the whole picture. Everyone felt that if it appeared in full, even the sky would not be able to withstand it.

It was as if the ancient sword of a different world had been summoned, and even the heaven and earth stood on the sword. Everyone was shaken by the sword qi and retreated dozens of miles, not to mention He Linsheng, who was in the center.

His gaze changed slightly, and countless golden lights streaked across the sky like the rising Sun. A huge Sun rose from behind him, and the world was enveloped in a pale golden light, as if a God had been born from it.

Seeing that the huge sword was getting closer and closer to the Sun, He Linsheng actually wanted to stop it head on. A huge amount of spirit energy suddenly burst out from his palm.


The giant sword and the golden Sun collided. It was as if even the sky could not withstand the huge impact and began to shake.

The invisible waves shook rapidly, and the surrounding ground was instantly swept clean. Countless flowers, plants, and trees were instantly turned into ashes. Not even dregs were left. Everything was clean as if there was nothing left.

The sun was split into two, and a sword was stuck in the middle. Such a scene did not give the crowd much of an impact. It was as if this sword was the only thing left in the world, and everything in front of it was like floating clouds.

Everything in the world was broken by a sword.

Bai He’s position did not change, but He Linsheng took half a step back. His expression was somewhat unsightly, and he finally put away the slight contempt from before. Instead, it was replaced by a dark and fierce look.

“I couldn’t tell that you still have some ability.”

The huge sword in front of him was only half a step away from him. If Bai He had not stopped and thought that He Linsheng should have an extraordinary status and did not want to offend the family behind him, the distance would not have been this far.

Bai He said concisely, “Thanks for letting me win. Now can we go?”

After all, He Linsheng had previously said that as long as he beat him, he would let everyone go.

He Linsheng looked at his back as he turned around. His face was like a palette, changing colors.. He could not believe that he had actually lost to a country bumpkin from the countryside.

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