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Chapter 76 - Fire Sword Intent

Chapter 76: Fire Sword Intent

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“Do you all remember a rumor that Bai He once challenged Lin Bai in the Mystic Essence Mystic Realm, but he failed…”

After hearing what he said, some of the disciples had heard about it. However, this matter was suppressed by the people of the four great academies and was not allowed to be mentioned again, so no one discussed it anymore.

In addition, Lin Bai and Bai He did not have any interactions along the way, and they were peaceful and did not seem to have any grudges, everyone gradually put it to the back of their minds. It was only now that Lin Bai stood out that they remembered.

The eyes of a few disciples from the Sword Cultivation Academy lit up. When Bai He had challenged Lin Bai, they had been by his side. If there was anyone who had the greatest chance of winning at this time, it would be Lin Bai.

“It’s you!”

He Linsheng’s expression was gloomy. “I’ve been searching for you for a long time, I didn’t expect you to come knocking on my door.”

The other disciples looked at each other in dismay. From the looks of it, He Linsheng and Lin Bai seemed to have a grudge against each other.

“I definitely won’t let you run away this time!”

A red sun rose from behind He Linsheng. It was as if two suns had appeared in the sky, and the scorching temperature was so hot that it almost roasted everyone.

The golden-red light interweaved into a large net, enveloping Lin Bai within it. It was filled with densely packed saber lights and sword shadows. He Linsheng was hidden within it, like a venomous snake lurking in the dark. Suddenly, he delivered a fatal blow to Lin Bai from the back.

Lin Bai Hesitated for a moment. He did not summon the Ruo Shui sword, but only the one given to him by the Dean of Education. However, it was this half-hesitation that caused him to miss the target by an inch.

The tip of Bai He’s sword brushed against the weakest part of the sword.

“Ding Dong –”

A crisp sound could be heard. The sword actually broke into two halves from the middle. When everyone saw this scene, they could not help but be shocked. They were momentarily dumbfounded, while He Linsheng laughed out loud.

“With such an arrogant tone, I thought you had a lot of ability, but it turns out that you are only so-so.”

It was only one move, and he actually lost his weapon. How should he fight next?

Someone could not help but ask, “Senior brother Bai, did he really defeat you last time?”

Compared to the other doubts, Bai He’s face was calm. He could clearly see that the sword was not used by Lin Bai often. The one who defeated him in the mystic realm was a wooden sword, which was even more memorable.


Although they did not know why Lin Bai did not use it, he definitely had his reasons. Therefore, he only said, “I believe him.”

Seeing Bai He speak like this, it was obvious that he had a plan in mind. Even so, everyone’s heart was still hanging in their throats.

The rising sun brought along sword qi and pressed down fiercely, as if it wanted to crush Lin Bai’s bones and flesh.

“Little Red!”

As Lin Bai’s voice fell, a melodious bird cry was heard. Everyone looked in the direction of the sound and could not help but widen their eyes. “Look!”

They saw another sun appear in the sky and it was charging towards Lin Bai at an extremely fast speed. When it got closer, everyone realized that it was not a sun but a huge bird that was emitting flames.

The flames were like feathers that covered its body. They were vivid and fluttering in the wind. It was impossible to tell whether they were real or fake. The golden and yellow lights intertwined together, making it look extraordinary.

The tail feathers were exceptionally gorgeous, dragging out a dreamy length in the air. The power it emitted was not to be ignored. It suddenly opened its mouth and swallowed the sun behind He Linsheng.

Seeing this scene, everyone was completely dumbfounded. Someone said in disbelief, “This, this is a Red Luan? Why is it different from what I usually see?”

Indeed, not only was Lin Bai’s Red Luan bigger than usual, even its gorgeous tail feathers were extraordinary, not to mention its flame-like feathers and the immense pressure.

Rather than calling it a Red Luan, it was more like a Phoenix.

He Linsheng also did not expect that his attack would actually be neutralized by a bird. Moreover, it was directly swallowed. It was as if there was a resounding slap on his face.

He clenched his fist tightly, and the veins on his forehead popped out. Boundless spirit energy instantly surged out of his body like waves, slowly condensing in the air, and another rising sun appeared behind him.

“I don’t believe that you can continue to swallow it!”

As soon as he said that, before the rising sun had even risen, Little Red smacked its lips and swallowed it.

He Lin was so angry that he couldn’t even finish his words. “You…”

It tilted its head as if it was waiting to be fed. Everyone was speechless. One had to know that this wasn’t something to eat, but a sword intent condensed with true fire. Even Bai He had to be careful with it,

It was swallowed just like that. In fact, it took less than ten seconds.

“It ate it just like that? There shouldn’t be any problems, right…”

Everyone had a mysterious expression on their faces. However, He Linsheng’s expression was darker than the bottom of a pot.

“I don’t believe that it can keep eating this. I’ll stuff it until it dies!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he condensed his spirit energy again. Within a short period of time, he had already condensed two true fire intents. Even he was somewhat unable to endure it. A layer of fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

The Sun that appeared this time was even larger, as if it occupied the entire sky. Even the real rising sun was forced to the side. Everyone could feel the awe-inspiring sword intent that came from within, mixed with the smell of the True Sun Fire.

He Linsheng’s hands were trembling, and he was unable to support this incomparably large sun. He roared angrily, “Come on! If you have the power, keep eating!”

Little Red opened its mouth wide. As expected, it swallowed again.

However, this time, it was not as relaxed as before.

As the saying goes, when the moon is full, it will be full. When the water is full, it will be at a disadvantage.. Even a high-quality pet beast would find it difficult to withstand three true fire sword intents in a row, let alone this Red Luan.

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