Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 51 - Let Me Explain

Chapter 51: Let Me Explain

The two sides engaged in a fierce battle. Lin Bai gradually fell into a disadvantageous position. The woman’s attack was swift and fierce, and her figure was ghostly. He was not aware of her for a moment, and his shoulder was hit by a palm.

He only felt a bone-piercing coldness, as if all the blood in his body was frozen solid. He hurriedly circulated his spiritual power to regulate his breathing, but the icy qi actually could not be dispersed. He could only use his spiritual power to protect his heart meridian first.

“What a powerful palm technique.”

Lin Bai was extremely surprised. He put in 120% of his attention and did not dare to relax for even a moment. He did not know who the woman in front of him was,

however, she had such an unfathomable cultivation level, which far surpassed the ones he had fought before.

She was probably a few levels higher than him, so he did not dare to be careless.

The woman only gently waved her hand, and her spiritual power instantly transformed into a rain that covered the sky and covered the earth, enveloping him. If this landed on his body, it was likely that he would lose a layer of skin even if he did not die.

“Little Green, Little Red, and Little Black!”

As soon as she finished speaking, three different colors of light flashed in the air. The green snake, the Red Luan bird, and the black jade tortoise appeared beside Lin Bai one after another.

The woman’s cherry lips curved slightly when she saw this, and a sneer appeared on her face. “It’s useless even if you summon ten more Beast Pets!”

She formed a spell with her hands, and her slender fingers drew mysterious lines in the air one after another. Even the spiritual power in the air became violent.

The water in the pool seemed to be pulled by something and rose into the air rapidly. The white fog gradually turned darker and merged with the water, condensing into an unknown giant.

“Go, kill him.”

The woman opened her cherry lips slightly, but the words that came out of her mouth made people shudder.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Little Black quickly opened the defensive barrier and quickly wrapped Lin Bai and the other two beast pets. However, the monster only kicked him.

“Crack –”

The defensive barrier shattered at a speed visible to the naked eye. It did not even last for a second. The huge airflow almost overturned Little Black’s turtle shell.

If Lin Bai had not acted in time, Little Black would have been injured again.

Seeing that the raindrops were about to fall, and there was a monster coming at them aggressively, Little Black tried to blow these things away with its [ Tornado Rain Strike ] .

The huge tornado whistled past, and countless trees were uprooted. It was as if even space was being pulled by this powerful force. However, the huge monster did not move at all, and the raindrops did not even change their direction.

Little Green could only look at the woman. As the saying went, to catch a thief, one must first catch the leader. It hissed and spat out its tongue. Countless fogs surged out of its surroundings. The mist glowed with green light, and was poisonous.

The moment the mist neared the woman, it seemed to be blocked by something as it retreated one after another. Even the [ Cloud Mist ] was of no use.


With a roar, the body of the ten thousand feet long Azure Dragon could be vaguely seen in the clouds. It was as if the Dragon God had descended, and the nine heavens were trembling incessantly. One could vaguely see the flashing green scales, revealing a supreme majesty.

The dragon’s mouth flickered with a faint light, and a golden dragon pearl descended from the sky like a five-fingered mountain, trying to suppress the woman. However, she reached out and grabbed, and the dragon pearl actually shattered and dissipated in the air.

Whether it was the [ True Dragon Playing With Pearl ] or the [ Divine Dragon Swinging Its Tail ], both were easily resolved by the woman. Lin Bai could not help but feel his heart sink. All of Little Green’s moves were useless against the woman.


The Divine Dragon in the blue sky was extremely furious, but it was helpless.

A disdainful look appeared in the woman’s eyes. “It’s just a divine beast that hasn’t fully evolved. At most, it can scare people. It’s just good-looking but useless.” From her tone.., it was as if she had seen a completely evolved divine beast.

The Scarlet Luan flapped its wings, causing flames to fill the sky. Its gorgeous tail feathers seemed to have been dyed by the scorching sun. It was so dazzling that people did not dare to look at it directly. The originally beautiful fairyland instantly sank into a sea of fire.

The woman, however, waved out several water pillars that were like fountains, instantly extinguishing the flames. Even the Scarlet Luan was also struck by the water, instantly became like a drowned chicken.

One had to know that this was the Sun True Fire, an existence that ordinary people couldn’t destroy. Yet it was easily extinguished by the woman.

Little Green, Little Red, Little Black, and Lin Bai. They had such formidable battle strength, and yet, it was only a few rounds before they were beaten and spitting blood by the woman.

One had to know that no one had ever been able to give him such great pressure ever since he stepped into the path of cultivation, let alone cause him any harm. Lin Bai was shocked. This woman’s strength was powerful, and she was probably at the level of a martial grandmaster.

Looking at the bald Scarlet Luan beside him, Little Green who had lost all sorts of scales, and Little Black whose turtle shell was about to collapse, Lin Bai was at the end of his rope. He was at the point where he could do nothing.

Even the Octane Blast and the Myriad Heaven Devouring art were like clay oxen entering the sea. There was no reaction. If that was the case, he could only use the 10,000 swords as one. He might still have a chance of winning.

He took out the Ruo Shui sword. There seemed to be transparent water ripples in the air that slowly rippled, carrying an indescribable power. He did not know if it was an illusion, but the spiritual energy that was originally being controlled by the woman in the surroundings, actually had a tendency to ease up.

However, when she saw the Ruo Shui sword, the fierce light in the woman’s eyes suddenly intensified.

He actually dared to take away her master’s sword.

“Where did you get this sword from? !”

Without waiting for Lin Bai to answer, the woman said expressionlessly, “Forget it, you don’t have to answer me to know.”

Lin Bai? ? ?

“Wait, I haven’t even said anything yet, and you already know.”

The woman’s eyes were full of disdain and disdain. “For someone like you who only knows how to peek behind the scenes, I think that the Ruoshui sword must have been obtained through despicable means.”

Thinking of this, the woman became even angrier. Her snow-white skin and red cheeks made her look even more lively. “You have defiled the Ruoshui sword.”

It turned out that she was actually the sword slave of the Ruoshui sword, Leng Yue. When the Sword Immortal left, he had sealed the White Tiger’s reincarnation pill egg in her body, waiting for the fated person to come.

As a sword slave, she could not hurt the person holding the sword. Otherwise, the woman would have cut Lin Bai into pieces by now. Even though she hated him so much, she could not go against him.

Leng Yue casually pointed her finger, and the falling petals floated in the air. The originally gentle and harmless petals suddenly changed into a different face, bringing with it a fierce sword qi.

Her cultivation state had reached the point where the flying flowers could hurt people, and everything could be a sword in her hand.

The fallen flowers were colorful here, so one could imagine how many sword qi there were, covering Lin Bai layer by layer. While Lin Bai was fighting with the sword qi, Leng Yue was fiddling with something on the side.

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