Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 50 - The Extremely Beautiful Woman Bathing In The Water

Chapter 50: The Extremely Beautiful Woman Bathing In The Water

The Sword Immortal soul’s gaze fell into the void, as if he was immersed in some kind of memory.

“Back then, the Divine Beast White Tiger died from exploding in order to save me. However, the white tiger lineage has the ability to reincarnate and will be reincarnated into a white tiger egg. I hope you can find it and treat it well. Take it as my last wish.”

Good heavens, he was only missing the white tiger out of the four divine beasts.

Just as Lin Bai was worrying about where to find a divine beast with the White Tiger Bloodline, the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness provided him with an important clue.

One had to know that he had already gathered the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise. If he could find the last White Tiger, he would surely be able to achieve a greater breakthrough.

“Please rest assured, senior. I will definitely take good care of it.”

Regardless of whether it was the Sword Immortal’s request or for his own sake, Lin Bai would find the white tiger as soon as possible.

Strangely, when he heard this, the sword immortal did not feel relieved. Instead, he revealed a rarely seen conflicted expression. “How should I describe the White Tiger’s character? In short, I hope that you can forgive it for my sake.”

Lin Bai thought that the Sword Immortal could not rest assured, so he nodded in agreement. However, he did not know that the White Tiger’s character was vile and extremely difficult to tame.

“In this case, very well –”

The figure of the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness became fainter and fainter. As the last word fell, it completely disappeared in the air.

Lin Bai bowed deeply. The light of the Ruo Shui sword in his hand dimmed for a moment, as if it knew that the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness had passed away. He stroked the body of the sword as if he was silently consoling it.

After killing Shao Yuchen and the others, he believed that no one would come to the sword tomb for a while.

The environment here was quiet. On top of that, Lin Bai had just awakened his sword cultivation profession and obtained the Ruo Shui sword and the guidance of the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness. It was undoubtedly the best place to meditate.

On top of that, the sword catacomb had a long history and had existed for an unknown number of years. Even if these famous swords were sealed in this place, the sword qi in their bodies would not dissipate easily.

Over time, the sword qi in this place had accumulated to an extremely terrifying degree. Anyone who stepped into this place would feel some pressure and would not be able to stay here for long.

However, not only did Lin Bai act as if nothing had happened, he even planned to cultivate here. Other than the reason for subduing the Ruoshui sword, it could be seen that his body and sea of consciousness were incomparably powerful.

He sat cross-legged, and the scene of the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness appeared in his mind. It was as if he was there personally, and had returned to the previous scene. However, this time, he was no longer a bystander.

He was using his form to transform into a spirit, and he was deducing the 10,000 Swords Return To One sword technique in his sea of consciousness.

When Lin Bai opened his eyes again, a divine light suddenly blossomed in his eyes. It was actually like the epitome of two sharp swords, becoming sharper and sharper. However, after a while, he returned to his previous calm appearance.

[ Ding! ]

[ The host passed on three days of cultivation of Little Black. ]

[ Fifty-fold return has been successfully triggered! ]

[ The host has received 150 days of cultivation! ]

Using sword qi to cultivate here was indeed half the effort and twice the result. After Lin Bai passed on his cultivation to Little Black and rested for a while, he decided to set off and follow the location that the Sword Immortal had told him to find the White Tiger.

According to the location given by the Sword Immortal, the White Tiger egg was in a valley behind the sword tomb. That place was extremely hidden. If it wasn’t for the Sword Immortal, he wouldn’t have known that there was another grotto-heaven alternate land behind the sword tomb.

Lin Bai formed a formation with both hands and broke the illusion in front of him. A narrow hole slowly appeared and he walked in. It was winding and pitch-black, and he didn’t know where it led to.

He did not know how long he had walked, but it seemed like he could not see the end of the road.

Lin Bai could not help but mutter, “Could it be that the soul of the Sword Immortal has been asleep for too long and remembered it wrong?”

Hearing the slight movement in front of him, Lin Bai quickened his pace. Finally, he saw a light shining through. He walked a few dozen meters forward, and the scene in front of him suddenly became clear.

Green mountains, green waters, and colorful flowers. It was as if he had come to a fairyland in the human world. Most importantly, the spiritual energy here was very abundant, condensing into a fog that floated around him.

Lin Bai felt much more relaxed, and he actually felt more relaxed than he had ever felt before. “This is a good place to retire.”

He looked at his surroundings and found nothing unusual. However, he heard the sound of gurgling water coming from not far away, and he was immediately curious. When he took a closer look, he found that it was a small stream.

However, the spiritual energy around the stream had become denser. The white mist had blocked his vision and he could not see clearly what was going on inside.

“Splash –”

With a splash, a snow-white figure appeared in front of him. It was like a clear, cold moon that was made of jade and snow. Her jet-black hair was scattered around her like algae. The two colors of black and white clashed together, making the contrast even more distinct.

She lowered her head slightly, and crystal clear water droplets slowly fell down her delicate cheeks, outlining her full cherry lips, which were like ripe peaches on a tree, and finally extended downward.

The woman seemed to have noticed it as well, and she turned her head back, her voice like a clear spring on a rock. “Who is it!”

At the same time, the white fog formed by the gathering of spiritual energy suddenly exploded, and the huge air current pushed Lin Bai dozens of meters away before he finally stopped.

When he raised his head, the woman landed not far away like a light butterfly. She was wearing a water-blue robe that was loosely tied around her waist. There was a lotus flower in the water that was naturally carved.

He had yet to find the White Tiger, but he found a woman with a devastatingly beautiful face. Could she be the White Tiger?

This thought could not help but appear in Lin Bai’s mind.

However, before he could open his mouth, the woman’s fierce attack had already arrived. Almost no one saw how she attacked.

“No, let me explain –”

Fortunately, Lin Bai reacted in time. Otherwise, his head would have already been severed.

The woman’s gaze was cold, as if it was mixed with countless icicles, making people feel a chill all over their bodies. However, her peach blossom eyes were extremely bright. When they were combined together, it gave off a feeling that even if she was heartless, she still felt captivating.

Seeing Lin Bai staring at her without blinking, the woman became even more furious. Her attacks became even more ruthless, as boundless spiritual light burst out from her palm.

“I really didn’t see anything just now!”

It would have been fine if he didn’t mention it, but now that he did, it actually felt like he was making excuses. The woman struck out with her palm again, and the rock behind Lin Bai suddenly shattered.

Seeing the unconcealed killing intent in her eyes, Lin Bai also became serious. “If you continue like this, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

Unfortunately, the woman didn’t listen to him at all. She just sneered and said, “If you want to live, you can. Leave your eyeballs behind!”

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