Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 49 - 10,000 Swords Return To One

Chapter 49: 10,000 Swords Return To One

After dealing with these people, Lin Bai looked at the unconscious black jade turtle on the ground.

The dying aura of the black jade turtle told Lin Bai that its life could still be saved.

Lin Bai did not hesitate to take out the spiritual energy pills he had looted to treat Little Black’s injuries.

A faint golden light flashed in the air, and Little Black’s wounds healed rapidly, as if it had been sprinkled with the dew of the goddess of mercy.

Even the patterns on the back of the turtle gave off an ancient aura, as if they contained the power of mountains, dominating the four seas.

It could be seen that this was a blessing in disguise. The concentration of the black tortoise bloodline had increased by a lot.

“I think they should have a lot of good things too.”

Lin Bai picked up Shao Yuchen’s storage bag. The owner was dead. The outermost layer of restriction was nothing to him. He opened it effortlessly, and light swirled around. There were actually a lot of good things inside, there were eight-star azure grass, nine revolutions rejuvenation pill, all kinds of pills, and a number of magic treasures and artifacts. It was simply dazzling.

He guessed that Shao Yuchen owned some of these. As for the rest, they were stained with blood. Obviously, they were all stolen, but now they were all given to Lin Bai.

“It seems that this kid has caused a lot of trouble. I can be considered to have done justice on behalf of the heavens.”

Lin Bai rummaged throug, but he did not see what he wanted. He could not help but mutter in his heart, “No way. Such a big sword cultivator doesn’t even have a decent sword technique.”

Suddenly, a small jade slip entered his line of sight.

The jade slip had an ancient feel. There was a hollowed-out pattern carved on its body. It seemed to be something that Shao Yuchen treasured very much. It was placed alone.

He sent his spiritual sense into it, and a few large words appeared on the top of the jade slip — 10,000 Swords Return To One.

When the words slowly faded away, they suddenly transformed into an incomparably sharp sword ray and stabbed into Lin Bai’s sea of consciousness.

In an instant, Lin Bai felt a splitting headache. It was as if he was about to explode. It was as if there were countless nails sticking into his head, and his sea of consciousness was also stirred up. It almost caused him to cut off the connection with the jade slip.

He gritted his teeth, and a fine layer of sweat appeared on his forehead. If ordinary people were to suffer such pain, they would have already fainted. However, Lin Bai was able to hold on until now. This was enough to show his perseverance and courage.

As if he had been influenced by him, huge waves were stirred up in the golden sea of consciousness, suppressing the menacing sword. Seeing that it had finally calmed down, Lin Bai slowly let out a turbid breath.

“Now, I have a sword art as well.”

He came before the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness. “Please enlighten me, senior.”

The Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness could sense what was happening outside. Naturally, he knew where this sword art had come from. He nodded slightly. “It’s alright.”

It must be known that Shao Yuchen had spent a great deal of effort to obtain this 10,000 Sword Return To One technique. For this reason, he regarded it as a precious treasure.

Even in the capital city, it was a rare and precious sword art.

Unfortunately, Shao Yuchen’s sea of consciousness could not withstand it at all. Such a valuable sword art was put aside, waiting for him to practice it in the future.

Unexpectedly, it was all for the benefit of others now.

The Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness raised his hand and pointed, as if an immortal was guiding the way. The jade slip was instantly filled with countless qi and energy, and something seemed to have changed. An inexplicable pressure descended in the void, and even Lin Bai could not help but take a few glances at it.

“I’ll only demonstrate it once. You have to take a good look.”

The moment his voice fell, the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness floated out like white smoke. He didn’t have a sword in his hand, but he had a sword in his heart. His body transformed into the heavens and earth, and was omnipresent. The longswords condensed in the air all displayed different kinds of power.

The Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness looked like an immortal, but with the aura of the sword. He became different. The sharp sword intent revolved around him, like a bow that was ready to be fired.

“The power of ten swords!”

Several longswords fell from the sky, creating a huge pit. Deep ravines appeared under his feet, and the earth trembled. The sword will was so awe-inspiring that people didn’t dare to look directly at it. Lin Bai hurriedly took a few steps back.

“The power of a hundred swords!”

With a rumble, the towering green mountain not far away was cut into two halves from the middle. Countless crushed stones rolled down, and the cut was smooth and smooth. It was really amazing.

“The power of a thousand swords!”

Suddenly, the color of the heaven and earth changed. The Sun and Moon lost their light, and the densely packed swords intertwined together. It was as if even the heaven and earth could not withstand such a powerful force. Lin Bai could not help but take a few steps back to avoid the edge of the sword.

“The power of ten thousand swords!”

As the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness danced faster and faster, he seemed to have split into countless pieces. Lin Bai could not tell if they were real or fake at all. It was as if each of the shadows carried a majestic power.

If one faced such an enemy on the battlefield, it must be extremely terrifying. It meant that every time he attacked, it had the power of the main body.

At this point Lin Bai narrowed his eyes, his expression slightly changed.

“The power of a hundred thousand swords!”

“The power of a million swords!”

“The power of a ten million swords!”

“The power of a hundred million swords!”

“The power of a billion of swords!”

Lin Bai’s breathing almost stopped. Sword shadows filled the sky, as if this was a world created by sword qi. One sword could split heaven and earth, and one sword could cut through all things. Being in it, that kind of oppressive feeling was like walking on a tightrope and below was a cliff. It was as if he was dancing with death.

He had never seen so many swords. Lin Bai was stunned. Even though the sword Qi was raging and cutting people’s eyes, he still wanted to see the scene in front of him clearly.

“The final sword…”

The Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness was getting faster and faster, and the sword shadows were numerous. The countless swords finally merged together, as if they had returned to their original appearance.

Turning complexity into simplicity, the single sword!

Lin Bai’s pupils constricted. Even just now, he did not have such a feeling. It seemed to be the most ordinary sword strike, but it made people unable to have any thoughts of resistance, as if they could only wait for the arrival of death.

Returning to simplicity, that was all.

The Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness stopped, and everything returned to calm. If it was not for the mountain peak that was destroyed by the sword qi, and the mess on the ground, Lin Bai would even think that what he saw just now was all an illusion.

After the Sword Immortal’s modification, the 10,000 Swords Return To One was indeed different from before. If it was said that it was only a high-grade sword art before, it could be said to be top-tier now.

“I have traveled in the world of martial arts my entire life. I have never been afraid of an extremely intelligent swordsman who has learned 100 million sword arts. However, I am only afraid of an idiot who has practiced a sword art 100 million times. Young man, you don’t know any sword arts. On the contrary, your heart is unperturbed. One must know that the last word of the ten thousand swords is ‘one’. If you understand the principle behind it, you will be able to unleash the full power of this sword technique.”

The figure of the Sword Immortal’s soul grew fainter and fainter.

After the guidance just now, it was obvious that he had used up a large amount of spiritual energy. It would not be long before he would disappear from this world.

“I will be leaving soon. I hope that in the future, you will punish evil and promote good. Do not take the path of evil. If you focus on the righteous path, you will definitely achieve great things in the future.” Lin Bai bowed respectfully. Since he had obtained the Ruo Shui Sword, with the guidance of the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness, he was naturally considered half a disciple of the sword immortal. “Please rest assured, senior. I will definitely not disgrace your reputation.”

Seeing him like this, the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness nodded in satisfaction. “However, there is one thing that I can not rest assured about.”

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