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Chapter 48 - If You Die, The Things Will Be Mine

Chapter 48: If You Die, The Things Will Be Mine

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The five elements power was like two huge mountains, bringing with it the power to crush Lin Bai.

For a moment, countless sounds of metal could be heard. Tens of thousands of weapons fell from the sky, like monsters made of steel. Then, huge trees rose up from the ground and rose into the sky, even the clouds seemed to grow on the branches.

Then, there was a monstrous flood that overturned the heaven and earth. Looking around, one could only see a vast expanse of white. Huge waves swept over like the roar of the Yellow River, the roar of the Yangtze River, and irrigated the heaven and earth.

After the water flowed, the Earth became scorching hot. Countless red dots appeared in the sky and landed on the land at the speed of light. Fire and meteors filled the sky, burning the entire blue sky red. Rolling magma erupted from the top of the mountain.

The ground rumbled and strange-looking creatures emerged one after another. The soil overturned and surged out from the depths of the Earth. Almost every monster was a thousand feet tall.

Lin Bai was surrounded by the power of the five elements. He was like an ant. The pressure within was so strong that it could crush a person’s bones. However, he was not afraid and actually closed his eyes.

The sound of metal colliding, the sound of trees growing, the sound of water flowing, the sound of tongues of fire licking, and the sound of soil turning could be heard.

Everything around him became quiet. His movements were slowed down by countless times. He could clearly see the movement of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. With the water-like sword in his hand, he seemed to have fallen into a state of selflessness.

However, in the eyes of Shao Yuchen and the others, it was Lin Bai foolishly holding a sword and waiting for death.

Shao Yuchen said disdainfully, “Tch, you’re deliberately mystifying. Do you think that a broken sword can block our five elements sword formation? Do you really think that it’s the Sword of a sword immortal?”

As soon as he said that, the power of the five elements came crashing down. However, the body of the wooden sword rippled with water light, as if it was supporting a transparent bubble that enveloped Lin Bai’s entire body.

Shao Yuchen was immediately stunned and shouted in shock, “This, how is this possible!”

Even the few people were stunned. They clearly felt that the watery light was extremely fragile, as if it could be broken with a poke, and there was even a dent on it. However, they were unable to move forward, as they were surrounded by the water vapor, even their movements became sluggish.

Shao Yuchen suddenly had a bad premonition.

In the next second, Lin Bai’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened, and his entire aura became different,

Superior kindness was like water. It would definitely be broken with a single force!

It was as if he had pointed a finger after that. The point where the five elements power intersected was also the weakest part of the array formation. A large hole was instantly created. Wherever the sword Qi went, the five elements collapsed, the power of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth were all absorbed by the wooden sword.

Five sword qi of different attributes were actually suppressed by this unremarkable wooden sword. It was really amazing.

The qi and blood in the hearts of the few people who had originally formed the array formation surged. Their throats tasted fishy and sweet. They spat out large mouthfuls of blood and immediately fell to the ground. It was unknown whether they were alive or dead.

Now, there was only Shao Yuchen alone. Lin Bai lifted his eyelids and glanced at him. He said unhurriedly, “Now, it’s your turn.”

“You’re all a bunch of trash!”

Shao Yuchen looked at the few people who had fallen to the ground. His gaze was cold. “Let me challenge you!”

Following Shao Yuchen’s actions, the huge sword pulled out from the ground. Even the sky had become a little dark. It was as if there was only such a huge thing left in the world.

The strong wind created by the sword Qi even revealed deep cracks on the ground. It was like a ravine that was breathing out cold air. This scene of destruction made people’s scalps go numb.


Accompanied by Shao Yuchen’s loud shout, the huge sword slashed down abruptly. Even the heaven and earth were about to be split into two halves. Faced with such a terrifying power, the wooden sword in Lin Bai’s hand did not move at all.

At this moment, he was like a green mountain that had come from ancient times. The sword transformed into a stream of water light and shuttled through this huge sword shadow. Looking at Lin Bai’s unhurried movements, Shao Yuchen felt a wave of panic in his heart.

Suddenly, the person in front of him disappeared, but a hair-raising chill came from his neck. It was unknown when Lin Bai had arrived behind him.

The wooden sword that he had mocked earlier was placed horizontally across his neck. The slightest movement would result in the dismemberment of his body.

Being so close to him, Shao Yuchen finally noticed the extraordinary feature of this sword. The sword energy was piercingly cold, more than anything he had ever seen in his life. Unfortunately, it was too late for him to realize it now.

If he had known that Lin Bai was so powerful, Shao Yuchen would not have kicked this iron board. Who would have thought that such a person would exist in this remote village.

For a moment, many thoughts popped up in his mind. He was a descendant of a reclusive family, or someone sent by other big sects to gain experience.

“I have eyes but I don’t recognize Mount Tai. You are magnanimous, please don’t take me seriously.”

Shao Yuchen revealed a fawning smile. His attitude was completely different from before.

Seeing that Lin Bai was unmoved, he took out his storage bag again. “There are cultivation techniques, supreme-grade spirit pills, and spiritual herbs inside. As long as you spare my life, these are all gifts for you.”

Lin Bai’s gaze was somewhat cold. He did not even look at him.

Shao Yuchen was so scared that he was shivering. This was the first time he felt that death was so close to him, he cried bitterly, “I’m a descendant of the Shao family in the capital city, a student of the Star-Seizer Academy. As long as you let me go, the Shao family will definitely — the Star-Seizer Academy will definitely –”

Before he could finish his words, he felt a cold sensation on his neck. He touched it in disbelief, as if he did not expect Lin Bai to be so straight forward.

“You talk too much.”

Looking at Shao Yuchen’s fallen figure, Lin Bai took the storage bag from his hand. “Besides, if you’re dead, these things will still be mine.”

If one did not get rid of the root of the problem, the spring wind would blow it up again.

Moreover, Shao Yuchen had a personality like that. He would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. Who knew if he would come back to find trouble after letting him go?

Shao Yuchen closed his eyes unwillingly. At the same time, a ray of light flew out from his mouth and quickly disappeared into the air.

Lin Bai raised his head and looked up. His gaze was somewhat puzzled. “What is that?”

He did not know that this was Shao Yuchen’s spirit beast, [ Death Warrior Firefly ] .

This kind of spirit beast had the ability to transmit messages from thousands of miles away. It could send the final message to the target’s location.

At the same time, Shao Yuchen still had a few unchewed pills in his mouth. Judging from the medicinal fragrance overflowing from them, they should be the kind that could replenish spiritual power. It was a pity that Lin Bai did not give him the opportunity to use them just now.

However, Lin Bai did not know about the existence of a magical creature like the Death Warrior Firefly. However, he vaguely sensed that something was not right.

It was likely that the news of Shao Yuchen’s death had already spread to the capital city.

However, there was no point in thinking about it now. Lin Bai had learned from his mistakes. This time, he was careful and learned to hide the pill in his mouth. Perhaps he might have a chance to use it in the future.. There was no harm in being prepared.

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