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Chapter 52 - Birth Of The White Tiger

Chapter 52: Birth Of The White Tiger

Although Lin Bai could feel Leng Yue’s killing intent towards him, there was no killing intent within these sword qi. It was as if they were just trying to trap him here. For a moment, he did not know what kind of tricks Leng Yuewas playing.

However, he did not show much panic on his face. After all, he was not in a truly desperate situation yet. When he thought of the thing that was hidden in his teeth previously, it was fortunate that he had the foresight to keep an eye out for it.

Lin Bai held the Ruo Shui sword in his hand to deal with the sword qi that was raging around him. He severed the sword qi, but they actually regenerated. As it continued, it came in an endless stream. Even a person who was made of iron felt a little sore on his wrist.

He repeated it countless times, as if he was carrying out a numbing and mechanical action. Even so, he did not relax at all.

Suddenly, he felt a chill coming from behind him.

Lin Bai suddenly turned his head back and leaped down with Ruo Shui sword, revealing its true sharpness. Leng Yue could not dodge in time, and her body slowly disappeared like the moon in the water. It was actually just an illusion formed by spiritual power.

He frowned and thought that it was not good, but it was already too late. The real Leng Yue hid herself and quietly approached him. Taking advantage of his surprise, she stuffed the pill that she had prepared just now into his mouth.

Lin Bai felt a chill down his throat and the pill melted in his mouth. “What did you give me to eat? !”

The tip of his tongue was slightly numb and a little bitter. According to the taste, Lin Bai could tell that it was mixed with medicine such as heaven heart seed, blue sunflower, angelica, and firefly grass. He did not know what the rest were.

What was strange was that some of the medicine actually had the effect of nourishing qi and strengthening the body. It could be said that it was beneficial to the human body without any harm.

Lin Bai did not think that the woman who wanted to kill him before would realize her mistake and make amendments to apologize.

The medicine immediately took effect. At this moment, his entire body was weak and without any strength. He was half-kneeling on the ground. He could not even hold the Ruo Shui sword. For some reason, his blood was boiling in his heart. Or perhaps it was because of the fight just now. He felt a little hot.

Leng Yue picked up the Ruo Shui sword and wiped it seriously, as if there was something dirty on it.

She looked down from above and saw Lin Bai’s miserable appearance. She felt very happy. “Although I really want to kill you, with your strength, you are not worthy of me taking action.”

Lin Bai licked his lips and said in a deep voice, “Then what do you want?”

Suddenly, she revealed a smile, like a snow mountain that had been frozen for many years melting, revealing the color of spring. Countless strange flowers also bloomed. Together with her devastatingly beautiful face, it was truly stunning.

But the words she said were also extremely vile.

“Don’t you like to watch others bathe? Then I’ll strip off your clothes one by one and throw them into the dense forest at the outskirts of the sword tomb. I heard that there are many demon beasts in heat there. They have also been hungry for a long time.”

What Leng Yue meant was that she wanted Lin Bai to be humiliated and even eaten by the demonic beasts. Although she could not harm the person holding the sword, there’s was no rule that she couldn’t use external help.

Lin Bai’s eyes were dark and his expression was ice-cold, but his face was terrifyingly red. At the same time, a wicked fire seemed to rise up from his lower abdomen, wanting to burn his entire body to ashes.

Hearing Leng Yue’s words, he immediately understood the source of the inexplicable heat. It turned out that she had drugged him.

Indeed, the heart of a woman was the most poisonous. Even if she was beautiful, it was the same. Perhaps her thoughts were even more poisonous.

“I just accidentally barged into the side of the pool and saw you taking a bath. You’re actually so vicious. If that’s the case…”

Lin Bai did not hesitate to bite down on the great fortune pill hidden in his teeth. Its effect was to quickly conjure power within him. He hid one on each side.

“What can you do to me? You’re just a trapped beast –”

Before Leng Yue could finish her words, the Ruo Shui sword in her hand had been snatched by Lin Bai. His dark eyes were dyed red, and his entire aura had become completely different.

Seeing that Lin Bai had actually broken free from the confinement, Leng Yue exclaimed, “How could you!”

At this moment, because of the great fortune pill’s effect, the spiritual power in Lin Bai’s body was constantly rising, and he actually seemed to be on the verge of breaking through again. However, although it could replenish spiritual qi and cultivation level, the other medicinal effects could not be undone.

Lin Bai only felt that there was an endless amount of energy in his body. At the same time, the evil fire was also growing stronger and stronger. He urgently wanted to find a breakthrough point. His gaze fell on Leng Yue.

His gaze, which was originally like a cold pond, was now emitting sparks. The scorching temperature was so hot that even Leng Yue could feel it. She actually subconsciously took a step back and cautiously asked, “What do you want?”

Lin Bai slowly revealed a smile. At this moment, the power of the Ruo Shui sword was even stronger. It transformed into countless streams of light and sped towards Leng Yue.

“Of course, the person who is responsible for it must be held responsible.”

Leng Yue only felt a great pressure approaching her. As a sword slave, the Ruo Shui sword had a suppressive effect on her. At this moment, Lin Bai had consumed the great fortune pill, so he was no longer the same as before.

She shot out a stream of spiritual power, but it was blocked by Lin Bai. She plucked the leaves and flowers as a sword, but she was still no match for the Ruo Shui sword. Instead, she was forced to retreat.

The two seemed to have switched positions. Leng Yue was gradually at a disadvantage, but Lin Bai’s attack became fiercer and fiercer.


Astonishing sword qi condensed in the air, as if there were hundreds or thousands of them, each one full of power. Leng Yue frowned slightly, gritted her teeth, and took Lin Bai’s attack, but she retreated a few steps.

If this continued, the situation would not be good, and Leng Yue had the intention to retreat.

However, there was someone who was faster than her.

Lin Bai saw through her intentions and blocked in front of her like a ghost. Ruo Shui sword slashed across the sky and an invisible water wrapped around Leng Yue, but it did not have any intention of hurting her. It directly pulled her into a boiling hot embrace.

Leng Yue’s expression was a little flustered. It was not known whether she was angry or embarrassed, but her cheeks were a little red. “I am a preliminary martial grandmaster. If you offend me, I will definitely not let you off.”

To Lin Bai, it was no doubt that the volcano had encountered ice and snow. His body temperature was finally showing signs of slowing down. He let out a sigh of satisfaction.

However, this was far from enough. He looked at the clothes that were in the way. With a shake of his spiritual power, he instantly turned them into countless snowflakes that scattered down. Her snow-white naked body was completely exposed in front of him.

At this moment, his eyes were completely red. There was chaos in his eyes. He had clearly lost his consciousness.

“Then let’s talk about it in the future.”

He did not hesitate to approach her. Leng Yue wanted to resist, but it was to no avail. Instead, she was caught by him.

At some point, a gust of wind blew. The fallen flowers bloomed and covered the entangled figures. Vaguely, one could still hear the ambiguous sounds.

The red blood under Leng Yue’s body dripped on the petals, and the seal in her body also loosened.

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