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Chapter 45 - The Ordinary Wooden Sword

Chapter 45: The Ordinary Wooden Sword

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The little light dot rested on Lin Bai’s fingertip and rubbed against it intimately before finally revealing its full appearance. Green light suddenly appeared, as if a long green dragon had appeared out of thin air. The dragon’s roar soared through the nine heavens, and even the mystic realm seemed to shake along with it.

The little light dots that were slightly dimmer were pushed aside one after another. The few light dots scattered in the air were not evenly distributed, but they were getting closer and closer to Lin Bai’s position.

Lin Bai looked at the green light sword in front of him. He had thought that Bai He’s dragon spring sword was already the best sword in the world. He did not expect it to be a few levels lower than this. They couldn’t be compared at all.

This sword was sharp and could cut iron like mud. Lin Bai gently pulled out a strand of hair and put it on it. It was actually broken in half. If the Dragon Spring sword was here, Lin Bai would not have had to make a move and the sword would’ve been injured by this sword qi.

“It is indeed a good sword.”

The word “Green Edge” was engraved on the hilt of the sword. It lived up to its reputation and showed its sharpness.

Lin Bai held the Green Edge long sword and his aura seemed to have become incomparably sharp. With an indomitable aura, he cut through the darkness. However, in the end, he actually slowly put down the sword.

“Although you are very good, you are not the sword that I want in my heart.”

The instant he finished speaking, the Green Edge Sword once again transformed into a speck of light. As if it had received an incomparably heavy blow, it disappeared into the darkness with a whoosh.

Lin Bai raised his head to look. The specks of light around him had changed from the numerous stars before to only a few kittens. They were probably influenced by the Qingfeng sword earlier.

Another small speck of light landed in front of him.

In an instant, purple qi came from the east. It was as vast as a waterfall and erupted in the secret realm. Purple mist swirled around, and one could vaguely see the body of the sword. It was brilliant and dazzling.

A purple star slowly rose in the air and suddenly shone with a powerful light. It set off the dim environment around it as if it was daytime. In the end, it condensed into the shape of a long sword.

At this moment, the ruler ruled the world and all the stars submitted to him. The few light spots that were originally close to Lin Bai started to flicker with light and actually became dim. In the end, they disappeared into the darkness.

The sword that was shining with divine light and surrounded by purple qi appeared in Lin Bai’s hand. The body of the sword was three feet long and had a image of the Big Dipper. Each of the stars on it contained the power of the sky. It looked extremely noble and magnificent.

The one in the middle was Ziwei star, the master of Dou Shu, the Heavenly Emperor Star.

The stars twinkled as they welcomed the arrival of the emperor. The Ziwei star twinkled continuously as if it was hinting that Lin Bai would choose him.

“Seven-star Ziwei Sword.”

Lin Bai stroked the body of the sword. His eyes were full of surprise. Even someone like him who didn’t know anything about swords could understand how extraordinary this sword was, not to mention that this sword also had the power of thousands of stars. It had many transformations and its lethality could be imagined.

Unfortunately, he still shook his head. He always felt that the seven stars Ziwei sword was a little too flashy.

The seven stars Ziwei Sword froze in mid-air, as if it couldn’t believe that Lin Bai actually rejected it. If it were anyone else, they would have long been impatient when they encountered such a treasure sword and wanted to worship it as their ancestor.

Although there were very few people who came to the sword tomb to successfully take the sword, there were still a few.

The difference was that they risked their lives and spent a lot of effort to chase after those light spots. It could be said that it was a battle of wits and courage to be able to make a treasured sword submit to them.

There were also those who were unlucky. Even if they passed the test of the sword catacomb, they were disliked by the treasured sword. In the end, none of them were willing to acknowledge their master, so there were even some who returned empty-handed.

Who was like Lin Bai, who stood where he was and did nothing, only to have the treasured sword approach him? The key was that he still refused, and he even rejected two of them! If this news were to spread outside, who knew how many people would be so angry that they would vomit blood.

Comparing people was indeed infuriating.

Lin Bai did not know about the others, and he thought that this was how the treasured sword chose its master.

After rejecting two treasured swords in a row, the few light spots became hesitant, as if they were worried that Lin Bai would reject them. After a moment, a dim light spot appeared in front of Lin Bai.

How could the light spots that were left behind after being in the wake of Green Edge sword and the seven star Ziwei Sword be ordinary.

What appeared in front of Lin Bai was a pitch-black and transparent black iron heavy sword. The body of the sword was more than four feet long, and it was much wider than the other swords. It looked extremely thick and heavy, as if it weighed a thousand pounds.

Lin Bai stretched out his hand and weighed it. It weighed nine, nine, and eighty-one pounds.

Ordinary people could not even pick it up, let alone use it in battle. Most people might think that the black iron heavy sword was too heavy and not as light as ordinary swords.

However, once this sword was brandished, its power would be unrivaled, and it would be able to split heaven and earth. Ordinary weapons could only go back and forth, and they could not withstand the power of the black iron heavy sword at all.

Lin Bai hesitated for a moment and picked up the black iron heavy sword. He actually felt that it was easy to handle. The black iron heavy sword could be used for offense and defense, and it was also more in line with his intentions.

However, he still chose to put it down in the end. For some reason, there was a voice in his heart that told him that these swords were not what he wanted.

The black iron heavy sword did not move at all, as if it was trying to persuade Lin Bai to let him think about it carefully.

“You will also meet a more suitable master than me.”

Having said that, the black iron heavy sword understood that he had made up his mind. It immediately stopped hesitating and turned into a streak of black light that disappeared into the air.

When the other light spots saw this scene, their figures also gradually disappeared. Be it the Green Edge sword, the seven star Ziwei Sword, or the black metal heavy sword behind them, they were all top-notch swords in the sword tomb.

Lin Bai rejected them one after another. The swords had a spirit, so it was inevitable that they would feel that he was too picky. Lin Bai had walked all the way to the end, but there were no new light spots.

Could it be that he was going to return empty-handed this time?

Lin Bai looked around and thought that this trip to the sword tomb was just like that. Suddenly, he stopped as if he had kicked something, and only a “Clang” could be heard.

He picked it up and looked at it. It was actually a sword made of wood. It looked very ordinary, and there was no divine power on the body of the sword. It looked like a piece of junk that someone had casually carved, and it was somewhat sloppy.

However, it was precisely this kind of sword that made Lin Bai unable to shift his gaze away. He slowly closed his eyes. A sword light suddenly disappeared like a shooting star. It was so fast that it almost made people think that it was an illusion.

That mysterious feeling surged into his heart. It was as if everything could be used as a sword. Picking leaves to hurt people, flying flowers to be fierce. This was the sword that he really wanted!

Lin Bai suddenly opened his eyes. His aura changed. It was as if his entire person had become an incomparably sharp sword.. He was not longer confined to his mind nor object.

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