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Chapter 46 - Be Like Water – Ruo Shui Sword

Chapter 46: Be Like Water – Ruo Shui Sword

It seemed that as long as Lin Bai wanted to, even a leaf that he casually plucked would be able to hurt someone.

It was also strange to say that even though he clearly did not understand sword techniques, he still naturally picked up the wooden sword and held the sword in his hand. It was as if he was a natural. His mind moved as he wished, but that was all there was to it.

The wooden sword was light and did not have any weight in his hand. However, Lin Bai was able to move like a tiger. As a result, the speed of his movements became faster and faster. The wooden sword became an afterimage in the air. It was so fast that it was difficult for the naked eye to catch any traces of it.

At the same time, a dark light flashed in the center of the wooden sword. A white fog appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around the sword. An ancient aura descended as if something had been awakened.

If someone were here at this moment, they would be surprised to find that Lin Bai seemed to have become one with the sword. He was the sword, and even if his moves did not have any technique, they still carried a supreme pressure.

Lin Bai, who had fallen into a state of forgetting self, did not notice that the light spots earlier had begun to flicker crazily, sometimes bright and sometimes dark, as if they had been greatly stimulated. In the end, they slowly dissipated and hid in the void, even the Green Edge Sword, the Ziwei Sword, and the Dark steel heavy sword were the same.

Everything was submerged in silence. It was as if those specks of light had never appeared in this place. When he slowly opened his eyes, it was still that inconspicuous wooden sword. One could even see the traces of worm-eaten marks on the body of the sword.

It was as if it had just been an illusion.

Lin Bai nodded his head in satisfaction. He had used this sword well. It felt as if it was tailor-made for him.

“If you have a sword in your heart, no matter how ordinary the sword is, it will be able to unleash great power. But if you don’t have a sword in your heart, even if you hold a world-famous sword in your hand, you won’t be able to unleash one-tenth of its power.”

Lin Bai muttered to himself as he touched the body of the sword. It was as if he had done this countless times in his mind. To him, this simple and unadorned wooden sword was like an old friend that he had met for a long time. When Lin Bai saw the wooden sword for the first time, he felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

“It’s just a pity that I don’t have a sword technique to cultivate right now…”

As soon as he finished speaking, a white light appeared. It was so sharp that he could barely open his eyes. The wooden sword in his hand suddenly became extremely hot, like burning charcoal. He almost couldn’t hold it.

The air was filled with the smell of burnt flesh. Even so, Lin Bai still didn’t let go. He looked at the wooden sword in his hand that was like lava and didn’t understand what had happened.

“The old man has slept for too long.”

An ancient voice sounded in the void. Lin Bai was stunned. The countless white fog that came out of the wooden sword transformed into the appearance of an old man with a white beard and white hair.

It turned out that this choice not only suited Lin Bai’s personality, but also the personality of the Great Sword Immortal from a hundred years ago. Before he died, he had left a divine thought in his natal magic treasure, waiting for the fated person.

Now that a wisp of the sword Immortal’s soul had been activated, the current scene was appeared. No one would have thought that the Great Sword Immortal’s Natal Magic Sword would actually be this most ordinary wooden sword.

Lin Bai’s heart skipped a beat, but in a moment, he became calm again.

When the soul thought saw this, it revealed a satisfied expression. “Mount Tai collapsed in front of you, but your expression did not change. Young man, you will definitely have great fortune in the future. Now that you and I have met, it is the best proof. In that case, I will gift you an opportunity.”

“Young man, do you know what this sword is called?”

Lin Bai shook his head to show that he did not know.

The soul smiled. That smile was actually filled with an indescribable mystery. “Look, what is this?”

As he pointed across the sky, a small stream actually flowed past the two of them. The sound of the spring water dripping onto the mountain stream was so clear. The valley was serene, and it reverberated. The lingering sound was endless. It was as if Lin Bai was in the middle of the mountain, there was actually a zen-like feeling.

There were poetry clouds, the bright moon shining on the pine trees, and clear spring stones flowing above.

Lin Bai lowered his head and looked. The water’s surface reflected his own shadow, and the ripples were sparkling. His gaze was calm in the water, but he slowly revealed a smile, just like the expression on the face of a spirit.

He slowly opened his mouth in the water, and golden spots of light emitted from the surface of the water.

These specks of light formed a sentence in the air that carried the Supreme Great Dao and floated in the universe.

The voice of scripture and Sanskrit could be heard in the void.

“The supreme good is like water. Water is good for all things but does not contend with them. It is the evil of all people, so it is the same with the Dao. Living in a good place, the heart is good and the abyss is deep. The heart is kind and benevolent, the words are kind and trustworthy, the right governance is good and can move the good times. There’s only nothing to worry when one does not contend. —— Tao Te Ching

Lin Bai felt that he had fallen into a certain state. He could not describe the feeling, but in short, it was extremely wonderful. In the end, it was the voice of the spirit that pulled him back to reality.

“That is why this sword is called Ruo Shui.”

Being kind and benevolent was like being water.

Lin Bai’s gaze was still a little chaotic. It was obvious that he had not recovered from the state just now. After a moment, he picked up the Ruo Shui Sword and examined it carefully. The original wooden sword actually had some spirituality at this moment.

“Show me your own sword technique and I’ll give you some pointers.”

Logically speaking, a sword immortal should have passed down his own sword technique along with the Ruoshui sword. However, this sword immortal was a maverick. He believed that every sword technique had its own uniqueness. If everyone practiced the same sword technique, wouldn’t that mean that there would be no fun left.

Although it was only soul consciousness now, any sword technique, even the ordinary sword technique, the heavy sword technique, which everyone knew, could reach the level of the great circle of grandmasters with the guidance of the Sword Immortal.

Initially, he thought that what would happen next would be a plot that everyone would be happy to see.

However, Lin Bai and the Sword Immortal’s soul consciousness stared at each other.

Just as the atmosphere became more and more awkward, Lin Bai coughed a few times and said, “Well, I don’t know anything.”

Soul :”? ? ?”

He was most afraid that the air would suddenly become quiet.

The Sword Immortal’s soul thought said dryly, “But you don’t even know the most basic sword technique?”

Lin Bai had just awakened his sword cultivation profession and had never come into contact with it before. Not to mention the most basic, it was already good enough to be able to casually play a few moves. He rubbed his nose and shook his head.

Even if the Sword Immortal’s soul thought was powerful, it was only a soul thought.

According to the Sword Immortal’s plan, the descendants who came to the sword tomb to choose the Divine Sword would definitely have a small accomplishment in their sword arts.

As long as his soul thought gave a little guidance, he would be able to achieve a supreme ultimate art.

The soul thought that he had more than enough time to give guidance to the descendants.

But he did not expect that the plan did not change quickly. Now, he was actually awakened by a youth who did not understand sword arts at all.

“I don’t know if the Ruoshui sword chose you or if you chose the Ruoshui sword. It just so happens that you don’t even know the simplest sword technique. Listen, youth, I only have the time it takes to burn an incense stick before I dissipate. When that time comes, sigh.”

The sword immortal soul faintly sighed. “Perhaps all of this is heaven’s will. Looks like you and I are not fated in the end –”


Before he could finish his words, he heard a painful howl from a beast. Lin Bai’s expression immediately changed.

Something had happened outside!

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