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Chapter 44 - The Extremely Dangerous Sword Tomb

Chapter 44: The Extremely Dangerous Sword Tomb

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Lin Bai followed the directions on the map and walked toward the southeast direction. The vegetation became less and less. When he stepped into the yellowish-brown land, his field of vision was completely open. The sky was low and there were no clouds. It was as if heaven and earth were connected in a single line.

Not far away, there was a stone tablet. It looked like it had been there for many years. After experiencing the wind and rain, it stood there. What was surprising was that the handwriting on it was still clear, as if it had just been written.

“Sword Tomb –”

The iron hook and silver painting were filled with a murderous aura. It was as if one could really see countless sword lights and shadows. In an instant, countless chills assaulted one’s face. Even though Lin Bai was slightly surprised, he knew that he had already reached the boundary of the sword tomb.

Lin Bai continued to walk forward. He could see a large tomb. There were all kinds of swords on it. They were of different shapes, sizes, and all kinds of different shapes. In short, there was nothing that he couldn’t think of and nothing that he couldn’t see.

He kept his eyes fixed on the tomb and continued to walk inside. The swords placed outside were all ordinary. The real good swords should be in the inner part of the tomb.

However, the deeper he walked, the more he could feel the cold wind scratching his bones. It was as if countless swords were cutting his body back and forth, and he could still hear the sound of golden spears. Fortunately, Lin Bai’s body was strong, and he had opened up his spiritual defense shield in time.

His entire body was covered in a layer of faint golden light, and he looked extraordinary. Even so, after walking for a while, his body was still slightly stinging.

His originally light footsteps gradually became heavy, as if he had bound 500kg of black iron. If an ordinary person were to walk in it, they would probably be reduced to a skeleton halfway through.

Lin Bai finally understood why there were no traps outside the sword tomb. So the true power lay in this place. Now, there was already such a great pressure just at the outer perimeter. He did not dare to imagine what would happen what the scene would be like if he were to go deeper into the sword tomb.

It was also strange. The sword tomb seemed to be close at hand, but it was far away in the horizon. After walking for so long, there was still quite a distance, no more, no less. It was exactly a hundred steps away.

Lin Bai knew that he must have fallen into some kind of spell formation, but he was even more surprised. He actually did not notice anything. It was enough to show the mastermind of the person who set up the spell formation.

This spell formation was natural, but he could not find any flaws. It was as if it had merged with the sword tomb. Lin Bai originally wanted to break the spell formation, but after thinking about it, he still felt that it was a little inappropriate.

Putting aside the fact that he could not find the core of the spell formation, if he broke the spell formation so rashly, he might trigger other mechanisms in the sword tomb and fall into an even more dangerous situation. That would not be worth it.

Lin Bai continued to walk forward calmly. The strong wind around him grew stronger, and tens of thousands of sword shadows wrapped around him, making it almost impossible for people to open their eyes.

His steps were moving even slower. At this moment, he was actually like a snail. At this speed, who knew when he would be able to reach the sword tomb.

“Crack — crack –”

A faint cracking sound rang in his ears, as if something was collapsing. Lin Bai felt a chill on his face, and blood dripped down from it. He did not know when the defensive barrier had been broken, but a cold wind was blowing.

The strong winds finally found a way to break through, pouring in one after another. The defensive barrier was on the verge of collapsing, like a small boat that had been knocked over by the waves in the wind and rain. It was completely submerged in the deep sea, finally turning into countless pieces.

The golden light on Lin Bai’s body had dimmed quite a bit. When it was completely destroyed, he was afraid that he would also be torn into pieces by the strong winds around him.

“Retreat and live, advance and die!”

A voice came from the void, sounding like a clap of thunder. The road ahead was still far away, as if it would never end. The gales became even stronger, as if anyone who stepped into it, would be beheaded.

However, an exit appeared behind him. As long as he turned around, he would be able to stay away from danger.

Lin Bai only stopped in his tracks and walked forward without any hesitation. Seeing that he did not know what was good for him, the voice laughed coldly. A fierce wind whistled over and opened its bloody mouth towards him, it swallowed his entire body.

In the next second, Lin Bai slowly opened his eyes. His vision gradually became clear. Not far away was the entrance of the sword tomb. It was an extremely ordinary feeling. There was no divine light bursting out, nor was there any sharp sword intent.

Those who knew that this was the sword tomb, and those who did not, thought that it was no different from those caves that covered the mountains and plains.

Lin Bai had passed the test himself, but he had never thought that it would be so dangerous. He had fallen into the formation without detecting anything. If he was not strong, or if his mind was not firm, he would be cut into pieces by the sharp sword intent in the surroundings.

He could not hold on until now. Even the choice to turn back just now was a trap. If he had chosen to turn back then, he would have been cruelly swallowed by the formation. Not even a bone of him would be left.

Sword cultivators should press forward and face difficulties head-on. It was despicable to retreat halfway. They were not worthy of holding a sword. That option seemed to give people a chance to live, but in fact, it was a dead end.

From ancient times until now, there were actually quite a number of people who reached the sword tomb. However, the number of people who were able to successfully take the sword was very few. Most of them were defeated here. There was not even a complete corpse left of them, so very few people knew the secret behind it.

“Little Black, you guard the outer perimeter of the sword tomb. If there is any movement, report immediately. Little Green, Little Red, you guys guard the door for me.”

Considering that the black turtle’s defense was excellent, Lin Bai let it guard the door.

After arranging everything, Lin Bai walked into the sword tomb without hesitation.

The sword tomb buried many treasured swords. It was said that even the sword immortal who was the best in the world buried his sword here before he retired. Many people hoped to obtain this sword.

However, after many years, there was no news. Some people said that this sword had already been taken away. Some people said that this sword was not here at all. Some people said that this sword had already gained sentience and had left the sword tomb a long time ago, it had gone to follow its master.

In short, there were many different opinions. No one was sure if the sword existed in the sword tomb. Even so, there were still many people who came one after another. After all, if one obtained the sword, it meant that one would obtain the sword immortal’s inheritance. That was a great opportunity. Even if it was a dragon’s den or a tiger’s den, one would still have to go through it.

“I wonder if I will have this opportunity today to see the true appearance of the divine Sword.”

The interior of the sword tomb was a little dark. One could not see the surrounding environment clearly. However, there were some small specks of light floating in the air. They were like fireflies, filled with stars. They looked very beautiful.

“What are these specks of light…”

Lin Bai observed for a moment. After confirming that there was nothing harmful, he could not help but approach to take a look.. Who would have thought that at this moment, a small speck of light swayed over.

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