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Chapter 41 - Little Green’s Breakthrough, The Emergence Of The Azure Dragon

Chapter 41: Little Green’s Breakthrough, The Emergence Of The Azure Dragon

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Countless dragon spring swords appeared in the air. They weren’t ethereal at all. They possessed the full power of their true forms. The powerful sword qi almost tore the entire world apart. The tip of the swords pointed straight at Lin Bai.

He was enveloped within them and would be pierced into a hornet’s nest in the blink of an eye. Even if the green cocoon tried its best to protect him, he was still an insignificant existence amidst the sword light that filled the sky.

Bai He seemed to be conscious, and his eyes were filled with a sharp aura. “It’s time for everything to end now.” He waved his sword gently, but a huge wave surged into the sky, and the entire world was about to be devoured by the majestic sword intent.

The head of the Dragon Spring Sword transformed into a dragon, swallowing clouds and exhaling mist as it whizzed away.

“Crack –”

A crack finally appeared on the green cocoon, and it spread rapidly around like a spider web. Everyone could vaguely see the green scales on it flash and disappear like Jade.


The dragon’s roar resounded in the sky. Everyone’s bodies trembled, and they actually had the urge to kneel down.

No one saw that not far away, the birds and beasts that were originally hiding in the cave had all walked out. Their expressions were pious as they lowered their heads toward where Lin Bai was.

Even those who had yet to develop their intelligence could feel an extremely terrifying aura.

If someone were to walk in this area, they would definitely discover an extremely strange scene. Even those enemies species were able to coexist peacefully at this moment, looking in the same direction.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the mystic essence realm.

The students who were fighting with some demonic beasts suddenly discovered that those demonic beasts seemed to have gone mad. They desperately wanted to break out of the encirclement, but they didn’t want to continue fighting. They ran into the distance, and then quickly disappeared into the dense mountain forest.

“What’s wrong with these demon beasts? They seem to have suddenly gone mad. Their combat power has become so high.”

“Why did they all suddenly run away?”

“This year’s Mystic Essence Mystic realm is really too strange. We either can’t find them at all, or they run away after finding them with much difficulty.”

Everyone was discussing among themselves. Some curious people used their fast flying magic treasures or cultivation techniques to chase after the beasts to see what was going on. However, they encountered many magic beasts on the way, and it seemed that they were all heading in the same direction.

Among them, there was no lack of high star magic beasts. Out of safety considerations, they did not go any deeper. When they came back, they told their companions about it, which caused the crowd to be puzzled.

“Could it be that some spiritual plants of heaven and earth are about to bloom, which is why these demonic beasts are like this?”

After thinking about it, the crowd could only think in this direction.

The magic beasts rushed to the valley where Lin Bai was. When they were still some distance away, they stopped in their tracks. It seemed that they were afraid of disturbing some kind of existence, so they did not dare to go any further.

The people in the valley did not know what was happening outside and thought that it was caused by the Dragon Spring Sword.

“The Dragon Spring Sword is indeed extraordinary. From the sound of it, it doesn’t seem to be any different from a true dragon.”

The people from the Sword Cultivation Academy looked at Bai He enviously. Their hearts were filled with respect and awe. However, they did not see Bai He’s ugly expression.

Although the Dragon Spring Sword in his hand was powerful, it had never been like this. His suspicious gaze landed on the cracked cocoon. Bai He actually felt that the dragon’s cry was coming from inside.


A loud, earth-shaking noise was heard, startling everyone. A huge light was emitted from the cocoon, illuminating the entire sky.

At the same time, the dragon’s cry became even clearer.

The wind and clouds in the sky changed. The dark clouds slowly gathered together. There was actually a rhythm of rain. Even the sky could not bear the huge weight, and it felt like it was about to collapse.

The sky became darker and darker, and a fierce wind suddenly blew, making everyone waver. In an instant, the sky and Earth fell into darkness, as if chaos had descended. They couldn’t even see their own fingers.

After a while, everyone finally realized what was going on. “Looking at this scene, it doesn’t seem like the dragon spring sword can cause it. What on Earth is going on?”

Their voices were blown into pieces by the fierce wind, and they couldn’t hear clearly at all. Bai He held the Dragon Spring Sword in his hand, and his expression was no longer as relaxed and relaxed as before. At some point, his palms started to sweat.

“He’s just pretending to be mysterious.”

After saying that, he swung his sword without hesitation.


A thick bolt of lightning suddenly streaked across the sky. With a thunderous sound, the lightning almost tore the sky into two halves. With the help of this light, Bai He could vaguely see the eyes of two beasts. They were filled with supreme pressure, as if an ancient beast had awoken.

Bai He’s heart palpitated, so much so that he almost lost his grip on the Dragon Spring Sword in his hand and dropped it on the ground. It must be known that it was a big taboo for sword cultivators to be unable to hold their swords steadily.

In the darkness, everyone seemed to sense that something had passed by. They could barely see the cold scales and the endless body, and cold sweat broke out on their backs.

Everyone’s vision was blocked, but Lin Bai could see it clearly. The dragon head in the clouds gave people an inexplicable sense of familiarity. It was none other than Little Green, who had already broken through.

Its body was more than 300 meters long, and it could not be seen at a glance. It seemed to be able to encircle the entire world and soar in the sea of clouds,

It became strong when it encountered a strong opponent…

Panic came in waves. He clearly wanted to escape, but because of the power of this unknown creature, he could only stay where he was and could not move.

“Sword swallowing mountains and rivers!”

Bai He did not give up. He wanted to swing his sword again.

However, this time, the darkness finally dispersed. The green cocoon in front of Lin Bai was no longer there. Instead, it was replaced by a small green snake.

Looking at the pair of green eyes, his hand suddenly stopped in mid-air. For some reason, he suddenly thought of the beast’s eyes in the darkness just now.

At this moment, Lin Bai’s aura was getting higher and higher. After reaching a peak, his aura had undergone an earth-shaking change. There was no aura at all, and he looked like an ordinary person. His aura had completely dissipated.

However, it was Lin Bai, who looked like an ordinary person in front of him, who made Bai He take half a step back. For the first time, Bai He, whousually had no expression on his face, showed a shocked expression.

He had reached the Heaven Man Unity state, which was the grandmaster state. Bai He hadn’t even been able to break through to the eighth level of the Xiantian state, yet Lin Bai had just broken through.

“I lost.”

The Dragon Spring Sword in his hand fell to the ground with a crisp sound, as if something had been broken.

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