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Chapter 42 - Birth Of A Real Dragon! Six Skills Upgraded!

Chapter 42: Birth Of A Real Dragon! Six Skills Upgraded!

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Before anyone could react, they saw the Dragon Spring Sword in Bai He’s hand fall to the ground. Then, he lowered his head and admitted defeat without any struggle.

“He… he admitted defeat just like that? Did I hear wrong?”

“What’s wrong with eldest senior brother? Admitting defeat so easily isn’t his style.”

No one noticed that Bai He’s hand, which was hidden in his robe, was trembling violently. At this moment, not to mention fighting, even wielding a sword was a problem for him.

The gazes of the Sword Cultivation Academy and the others fell on Lin Bai. Only then did they realize what had happened. “Damn, how did he advance!”

Everyone could see the obvious change in Lin Bai’s aura. Although they didn’t know what his true cultivation level was, someone who could make Bai He lower his head must have already reached the state of Heaven Man Unity.

One had to know that even Bai He had been stuck at Xiantian eighth state for a long time, yet he had never broken through to the next state. Lin Bai had only fought for a while, but he had an epiphany. It was simply amazing.

“I’ve heard that some people become stronger when they encounter someone stronger. They are able to constantly break through in battle, especially when they are in a life-and-death situation. When they are in danger, they are even more able to stimulate their own potential. I have always treated it as a joke, but who would have thought that I would get to see it now?”

As everyone knew, one had to be fully focused in a battle. After all, swords and sabers had no eyes, and every strike was lethal. A sudden breakthrough sounded easy, but it was extremely difficult to put it into practice.

If one did not break through at that time, they would end up suffering backlash. That would not be worth the loss. Everyone sighed with emotion. They looked at Lin Bai as if they were looking at a monster.

The gap between people was really big.

Bai He’s expression was gloomy. He was no longer as high-spirited as before. He revealed a mocking smile. “There’s always someone better than you. I admit defeat.”

He took out a roll ofkKraft paper from his storage bag and handed it to Lin Bai. “This is the map of the sword tomb.”

Lin Bai didn’t stand on ceremony. He picked up the map and walked away, feeling as if he didn’t care about anything.

Bai He stared at his retreating figure for a long time. Finally, he let out a faint sigh. The disciples of the Sword Cultivation Academy gathered around him and asked in confusion.

“Eldest senior brother, even if he has made a breakthrough, he has just entered the threshold of the Heaven Man Unity state. Why don’t you fight with all your might? The outcome is still unknown. It doesn’t seem like your style to admit defeat so easily.”

Bai He revealed a bitter smile. As Lin Bai walked away, the pressure on his body seemed to have finally dissipated. However, there was still a lingering shadow in his eyes.

“Do you think I don’t want to?”

He slowly picked up the Dragon Spring Sword on the ground. It was clearly a simple action, but he seemed to have spent a great deal of effort to do it.

“This is!”

Everyone cried out in surprise. They finally saw clearly that the originally flawless dragon spring sword actually had a bone-deep crack on its body. It looked extremely dazzling.

This crack extended from the hilt to the end of the sword. There was no doubt that if it were to suffer even the slightest bit of damage, it would probably be completely broken into two.

It seemed that this extremely precious Dragon Spring Sword, which was forged by a master, was completely crippled.

Even if it was repaired, its foundation would be destroyed, and it would not be able to unleash the power of its former peak.

“He hasn’t even made a move yet. My sword has already been destroyed, and my dao has already been defeated. How can we talk about fighting anymore?”

Everyone stared at the crack. A gust of cold air assaulted their faces, and they were speechless for a long time.

For sword cultivators, the sword was one with the person. If the sword was dead, the person was dead too. Now that the Dragon Spring Sword was destroyed, it was no wonder that Bai He directly admitted defeat. This was the only way to preserve his last bit of face.

Otherwise, if he really waited for Lin Bai to make his move… everyone subconsciously shivered, not daring to imagine that scene.

Lin Bai still did not know what kind of shock he had brought to the people of the sword cultivation academy. He waited until he found a quiet place before he stopped and summoned Little Green.

A green light flashed and an ancient pressure descended, as if a true dragon had awakened. Previously, in order to avoid being too high-profile, Lin Bai had allowed Little Green to use the illusion technique in front of everyone. Only when it made a breakthrough could its true appearance be seen.

Only now did he take a good look at Little Apple’s appearance. The two small bumps on its head had completely grown out. It was obvious that they were in the shape of a dragon horn, and the claws on its abdomen had become even sharper. Its body had grown much bigger than before.

At least it was not as long as a hemp rope, and no one could look down on it. It was awe-inspiring. Although it was not fully mature yet, it was already in the form of a baby dragon.

What surprised Lin Bai the most was that all six of its skills had been upgraded.

The headbutt had been upgraded to [ True Dragon Playing With Pearl ] .

The Iron Tail had been upgraded to [ Divine Dragon Swinging Tail ] .

The poisonous fog had been upgraded to [ Soaring Clouds And Mist ] .

The water cannon had been upgraded to [ Tornado Rain Strike ] .

The binding had been upgraded to [ Dragon God Seal ] .

The bloodline suppression had been upgraded to [ Dragon Roaring In The Nine Heavens ] .

Just the names of these skills sounded cool enough. Lin Bai didn’t know what it would look like when he used them. He was looking forward to the next battle.

“Gulp — gulp –”

He didn’t notice that he was hungry just now, but now that he was free, he could feel it. After all, it was a battle and a breakthrough. The consumption was too much. Even an iron man wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Lin Bai didn’t carry much dry food with him. He planned to get some ingredients on the spot, catch some game or roast some fish to eat. He looked around and found that this place wasn’t far from the Crystal Lake.

After going around in circles, he came to the original place and found that the Crystal Lake from before seemed to have changed its appearance. The surface of the lake that was previously as clear as a mirror was now muddy, as if a mirror had been broken, it was stained with all kinds of stains.

The shore was full of aquatic plants, some stinky fish and rotten prawns, and there was an indescribable strange smell in the air. Lin Bai could not help but frown.

If not for the surrounding environment and the few trees, he would have really thought that he had gone to the wrong place. “What’s going on?”

It turned out that the three exploding crocodiles were originally the kings of the Crystal Lake. They usually relied on their high cultivation to bully other weak magic beasts, so their subordinates were especially arrogant.

Now that the three exploding crocodiles had fallen, their subordinates did not dare to seek revenge. After all, their boss had just ended up like that. If they ran over, they would undoubtedly be handing themselves overlf. They dispersed in a hubbub, and the Crystal Lake was also extremely chaotic.

“Oh right, this crystal lake is its nest. The three exploding crocodiles should have hidden a lot of good things.”

Lin Bai rolled his eyes and immediately thought of a plan. He called Little Green to suck away the water in the lake.

Little Green soared into the air and directly hit the lake with a tornado. A huge vortex appeared on the surface of the lake like a tornado. The lake water was also sucked in, and the level of the water dropped rapidly. In a short while, the bottom was reached.

If there was anything good, it would have been divided up by the three exploding crocodiles’subordinates. This time, apart from a few aquatic plants, there were also some rotten rocks and pearl clams, but there was actually nothing.

Lin Bai looked around and called out his bad luck.. Suddenly, his gaze paused. “Eh, what is that?”

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