Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Little Green’s Breakthrough, Is It A True Dragon?!

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Lin Bai dodged to the side and leaped forward, dodging the sword qi that was rushing towards him. Even under such a dense attack, his breathing was still calm and there was no rush. It was clear that he was at ease.

“In my eyes, you are no different from them.”

Lin Bai’s words drew the hatred of all the sword cultivator students.

“Damn, this kid is too arrogant and forgot a bit. Eldest martial brother must teach him a good lesson.”

“Do you think that you are invincible after dodging a few moves? Eldest martial brother hasn’t even used his ultimate skill yet. If he had used it, how can this kid would still be so arrogant.”

Bai He’s gaze became even colder. Although he didn’t say anything, the sword in his hand gave an answer.

With a wave of his long sword, boundless sword qi surged over and gathered above him. Suddenly, a vortex appeared and was spreading out in all directions. Sword lights and sword shadows tore apart the surrounding space.

In an instant, the sky changed color. The sky was gloomy, and rustling snowflakes rose. His sword qi could actually affect the weather. It could be seen that he had reached the peak of perfection.

“No one has ever dared to say such words to me. You will pay the price for your actions.”

Bai He’s tone was calm, and no other expression could be seen on his face. However, those who were familiar with him knew that he was angry. Even the other students of the Sword Cultivation Academy revealed expressions of fear.

“Last time, when eldest martial brother was angry, I remember that person’s end was terrible. All of his tendons and ligaments were broken by the sword qi, and his spirit vein was completely destroyed. It could be said that he had no choice but to beg for death.”

“He also seemed to be a solo cultivator. Relying on his high cultivation, not only did he challenge the Sword Cultivation Academy, but he also injured several students.”

Everyone was whispering, and their voices were much lower, as if they were afraid of disturbing some existence.

Snowflakes sprinkled down, and in an instant, the ground was covered in a vast expanse of whiteness. If it was a different scene, it would be fine to enjoy the snowy scenery, but unfortunately, under the cover of the silver clothes, it was full of killing intent.

Each snowflake carried the sword qi of the Bai He. The coldness was bone-piercing, and even the circulation of spiritual power became sluggish.

Lin Bai exerted force from his palm, but frost qi came out. Countless water vapor rose, and the white fog shrouded his entire body. Fortunately, he had the protection of the Grand Sun True Fire, and these gases were instantly evaporated.

“Little Red!”

A bird’s cry suddenly appeared in the sky. At the same time, a huge fireball fell from the sky and smashed a huge pit on the ground. The temperature that had been lowered suddenly rose, and the snowflakes were instantly vaporized, even the thin ice on the ground gradually melted.

The Scarlet Luan dragged its gorgeous tail feathers and appeared in front of everyone. A tuft of hair in the middle of its tail was abnormally gorgeous. It was blazing with flames, and its entire body was emitting golden light.

As it flapped its wings, the surrounding temperature increased by quite a bit. Even the earth seemed to have signs of rejuvenation.

Bai He narrowed his eyes slightly. “This Scarlet Luan is indeed extraordinary, but unfortunately –” his tone paused. With a raise of his hand, his sword was like a dragon. The cold wind blew, and powerful sword qi descended once again.

The world was filled with strong gales that blew so hard that people almost couldn’t open their eyes. The wind was like a bone-scraping knife that ignored the defense of spiritual power. It pierced deeply into the bones and blood, and all the meridians and blood in the body felt as if they were frozen.

Even the flames around the Scarlet Luan were much weaker. White mist rose and wrapped around its wings, limiting the burning of the flames.

Bai He learned from Luo Youlin that Lin Bai had an extremely talented fire-type pet beast. Therefore, he used a top-tier ice-type cultivation technique, so that the strength of the Scarlet Luan could not be fully released.

“One sword parting worlds!”

He only lightly swung it. There was no gorgeous and complicated move, but it gave people great sense of danger. The mighty wind and snow instantly crushed over. It was as if Lin Bai was in an uninhabited wilderness, and all he could see was the vast land.

Suddenly, a sharp sword light attacked. It was a sword that could split open the sky and Earth. The snow mountains collapsed, and the world shook. Lin Bai was locked by the sword light, and he could hardly move.

“This time, eldest martial brother will win for sure. His beast pet is suppressed and can’t do anything at all.”

Just when everyone thought that Lin Bai would lose for sure, a cocoon with a green glow appeared in front of him. It was Little Green, who had not broken through yet.

Bai He’s attack was completely blocked by it. It only left a white mark on it and not even a crack. There was not even a single opening.

A row of question marks floated in everyone’s mind? ? ?

“What the hell Is this thing? Could it be that Lin Bai has another pet?”

“What kind of pet looks like this?”

“From the looks of it, it’s not breaking through is it?”

If a pet was disturbed during a breakthrough, it would at least fail to break through. At worst, it might even lose its life.

The bystanders all knew how powerful Bai He’s attack was. However, after the attack just now, the cocoon didn’t have any wounds. It was obviously uninjured. It looked very stable. Those who didn’t know would think that it was a magic artifact with extremely high defense.

Even Bai He’s eyes flashed with surprise. Although he couldn’t see clearly what the pet beast inside the cocoon looked like, judging from its aura, it should be of the water element.

“So what if it blocks my attack? It’s just a matter of time before it fails.”

Although he said so, Bai He looked at the cocoon floating in the air and Lin Bai, who hadn’t made any moves all this time. He had a strange feeling in his heart. He felt that it was better to end the battle as soon as possible.

“10,000 swords returning to the origin!”

Bai He moved, and the Dragon Spring Sword slashed forward fiercely. Mountains and rivers were cut off, and stars fell. The pressure of destruction made many people shiver.

The sky and earth were filled with sharp sword light. The sword qi raged, destroying everything in its path. The sword that was originally a long sword transformed into countless densely packed swords. The tip of the sword carried a majestic aura as it pointed directly at Lin Bai.

No matter how good his movement technique was, he would not be able to dodge this attack. This was because Lin Bai had no way to escape. In this world made of sword qi, Bai He was the king! He looked down from above, his eyes filled with coldness.

The green cocoon seemed to be unable to withstand the sharpness and began to tremble violently. The green light flickered, as if the creature inside had been affected by something and was extremely unstable.

If nothing unexpected happened, it should be impossible to break through. It was about to fail, but Lin Bai’s gaze remained calm. He believed in Little Green’s strength.

“I told you, eldest martial brother will definitely win.”

“He’s just a clown who overestimates himself.”

The people around looked as if they were watching a good show. No matter what the creature inside the cocoon was, it would not be able to block Bai He’s attack unless it was a true dragon!

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