Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Lin Bai Dead?

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After an unknown period of time, the sky returned to its original state of silence.

The huge Black Cloud Stronghold had returned to its original state of flat ground. The forest within a radius of a hundred miles was also affected and completely destroyed.

Luo Ningyu stood up from the ground with great difficulty and looked at her surroundings in great shock.

She looked ahead. As far as her eyes could see, there was only a flash of realization, but she could not see a single holy spirit.

Luo Ningyu seemed to have heard something. She lowered her head and quickly ran over:

“How are you guys?!”

The moment Leng Zhuo was self-destructed by Lu’s secret skill, Lin Bai had his four spiritual beasts escort Luo Ningyu away.

Little Green and Little Red were the fastest. They carried Little Black, Little Blue, and Luo Ningyu up, allowing them to escape to the edge of the explosion.

Little Black was even more powerful. He helped the remaining three small beasts and one person to withstand the power of the explosion.

After Little Black was exhausted, Little Blue hurriedly withstood the aftertaste of the explosion.

Otherwise, the current Luo Ningyu might have been blasted into pieces.

Lin Bai’s four spirit beasts collapsed not far away.

Little Black, who was spitting out water mist, had a shocking dent on its back.

Little Black and Little Red collapsed on the ground weakly. After hearing Luo Ningyu’s words, they wanted to get up, but they were exhausted.

Little Blue stood up shakily and stood in front of Luo Ningyu, looking at a pitch-black mountain in the distance.

Luo Ningyu followed Little Blue’s gaze and looked over. In the sky above the pitch-black mountain, there was a demon figure standing proudly in the air, roaring towards the sky:

“Hahaha, Hahaha, Lin Bai, do you think that you have victory in your hands? Do you think that I was doing work in vain and benefitted you instead!

Little did you know that you humans are just like ants. You can only be eroded by the demon race and become the stepping stone of our demon race!”

“Lin Bai!”

Luo Ningyu did not believe Lu’s words and roared towards the desolation in front of her.

However, what responded to Luo Ningyu was endless silence.

“Haha, do you still think that he can exist in this world? Not only his physical body, but even his soul should be destroyed by me. He has truly been destroyed in body and soul!”

Lu stood high in the sky and looked down as he said arrogantly.

Little Blue’s two rows of fangs only bit down, emitting a series of cracking sounds. After turning into a ray of blue light, it soared into the sky and attacked Lu who was standing proudly in the sky.

“A mixed-gened little beast dares to attack me?!”

Lu snorted coldly, and from top to bottom, he swung out the demon lord’s palm.

Just as this palm was sent out, the sky seemed to be pressing down. Little Blue only felt as if Mount Tai was pressing down on him, but he did not have any intention of retreating.


The patterns on Little Blue’s body began to light up.

At this moment, a human figure appeared behind Xiao Lan. He stood there quietly, exuding an imposing aura without being angry.

Little Blue used only its physical body to punch at the sky.

Crack! Crack!

The sound of shattering rang out.

The palm that Lu threw out completely dissipated.


Lu then looked at Little Blue with interest and said, “I didn’t expect that I would be the one who made a mistake. However, you are only so-so!”

As Lu said this, demonic qi surrounded his palm and he threw out another palm strike.

This palm strike seemed to be light, but it contained endless power. As soon as it was struck out, the shadow behind Little Blue dimmed a little.

Little Blue struck out once again, but this time, its body was like a weed as it crashed heavily into the ground.

“Hmph, just become my demonic pet. You must have a heart of gratitude. After all, being able to serve by my side should be a supreme honor for a mixed blood beast like you!”

After Lu said that, he did not even look at Xiao Lan as he turned his gaze towards Luo Ningyu.

“Do you think that Lin Bai can still survive?”

Lu’s voice was very calm as he gently glanced at Luo Ningyu.

Luo Ningyu, on the other hand, felt as if the heavens were pressing down on her body. She almost knelt down, but Luo Ningyu stubbornly fought back. She gritted her teeth and looked straight at Lu:

“Of course!”

Luo Ningyu said with absolute confidence.

Even Luo Ningyu couldn’t tell where this confidence came from.

“Ignorance, ignorance. In this world, ignorance is the most terrifying!” Lu said. He slowly stretched out a hand and gently clenched it in the air.


Luo Ningyu spat out a mouthful of blood. She felt as if she was grabbed by something, and her bones began to crack.

Luo Ningyu wanted to break free, but the force was so strong that she could not move at all. She could only be carried into the air by the force and slowly floated towards the direction of the ground.

Little Black glared angrily and wanted to help Luo Ningyu, but at this moment, a black light appeared out of nowhere above Little Black.


The black light smashed onto Little Black’s body.

It made Little Black sink into the ground, not moving at all. It was unknown whether it was dead or alive.

“If I didn’t have any use for you beasts, do you think I would show mercy? You don’t know what’s good for you!”

Lu snorted and no longer looked at Lin Bai’s beasts. Instead, he looked at Luo Ningyu, who was as beautiful as a fairy.

“I’ve exhausted too much this time. You can become my dual cultivation partner and help me nurture my demonic qi. In the end, let me pick it!”

When Lu said this, his eyes swept over Luo Ningyu.

Lu laughed excitedly.

It didn’t matter how strong Lin Bai was. It didn’t matter how many tricks Lin Bai had. Wasn’t he just a pile of dust now?

And this woman who was attached to Lin Bai had already become his exclusive possession!

“Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha!”

Lu laughed loudly at the sky, his laughter reverberating for hundreds of miles.


But right at this moment, another laugh rang out.

Lu, who was originally roaring towards the sky, suddenly stiffened. His laughter also came to an abrupt end, leaving only another laugh.

“How, how, how is this possible?!” Lu looked down in disbelief.

“Lin Bai?!”

Tears appeared in Luo Ningyu’s eyes as she looked down in excitement.

The Black Cloud Stronghold, which had been in ruins, had turned into a flat ground. A man in white stood on top of it.

The man stood there quietly, but he was not angry at all. The surrounding space seemed to be under his control.

“You said I’m dead?!”

Lin Bai looked at Lu indifferently.

Lu couldn’t help but shiver.

He was the one who made Leng Zhuo self-destruct, and only Lu knew the power of that self-destruct.

Even when Lu was at his peak, he couldn’t withstand that kind of self-destruct.

But why, why was Lin Bai Standing there?!

Lu was stunned, Lu was confused, Lu was terrified, and Lu roared,

“Impossible, impossible, impossible!!!”

Lu stood high up in the sky and waved his palm down one after another. Each palm contained Lu’s full strength.

A strong wind blew in the surroundings, sending sand and rocks flying. Even rocks that were half the height of a person were blown into the sky by the strong wind.


Lin Bai laughed lightly. “With me, Lin Bai, what’s impossible?”

With one hand behind his back, Lin Bai pointed a few fingers in the air with his other hand. At the same time, a few rays of white light appeared and easily dispersed Lu’s attack.

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