Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Don’t Deserve To Be Human

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“Do you think you can do anything to me just because you’ve broken through?!”

Lu clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. His eyes were fixed on Lin Bai.

He had never thought that his hard work and his secret skill would become someone else’s wedding dress.

An endless stream of complicated emotions emerged.

Shock, regret, anger, ruthlessness, killing intent, and fear!

The demon wolf next to Lu Bai was also staring at Lin Bai. Two rows of white teeth flashed out, and it couldn’t wait to rush up and tear Lin Bai into pieces.

“Even a beast like you dares to look at me like that?”

Lin Bai’s voice was very calm, but in Leng Zhuo and Luo Ningyu’s ears, it was as heavy as a thousand pounds.

At the same time, Lin Bai pointed at the demon wolf from afar. An unparalleled aura emerged from Lin Bai’s fingertips, and that aura turned into a ray of white light.

The demon wolf’s eyes changed from anger to surprise, from surprise to fear, and finally to endless despair.

Light walls appeared around the demon wolf’s body, and its body doubled in size. Its two front claws were like two crescent moons, and it suddenly clawed at the ray of light.


The white light easily pierced through the demon wolf’s front claws. Even its sharpest and sturdiest claws were pierced through by the white light as if it was cutting through tofu.

Lu was furious. He struck out palm after palm, and deep ravines appeared on the ground in front of him and the demon wolf, turning the other side of the world into ruins.

The grass and trees were crushed into powder, the houses collapsed and shattered, and the small hills were razed to the ground.

However, the speed of the white light did not stop, nor did it slow down.


In the blink of an eye, the white light pierced through the forehead of the demon wolf.

The body of the demon wolf was like a broken balloon. It collapsed bit by bit, and soon, it collapsed into a pool of demonic qi.

“It’s dead?” Luo Ningyu looked at the demon wolf in disbelief.

She had seen the means of the demon wolf, and of course, she knew how difficult it was to deal with. However, at this moment, the demon wolf was defeated by Lin Bai’s finger.

“No, it’s not that simple!”

Luo Ningyu looked ahead. The demon wolf’s body that had collapsed into demon qi gathered together again, forming a tall shadow. Then, it solidified bit by bit.

However, in the next second, not only Luo Ningyu, but even Leng Zhuo was shocked.

The demon qi wanted to gather into the demon wolf again, but for some reason, every time it wanted to materialize, the demon qi would collapse again.

After a few times, the phantom of the demon wolf collapsed again. This time, it was unknown whether the demon qi had disappeared into the night or into this world.

“You still want to materialize, but you’re just a small fry, a beast!”

Lin Bai stood with his hands behind his back. His expression was calm as he glanced indifferently at the demon wolf and Lu Bai, whose eyes were about to pop out.

Even when the demon wolf was the closest to materializing, Lin Bai’s face didn’t show any fluctuations.

“Lin Bai!!!”

Lu’s eyes were about to split open, and his hair stood on end in anger. His blood-red eyes shot out two beams of thirty-feet-long blood-red light, and the demonic qi around him gathered like a cape, gathering behind Lu.

Lu stretched out his hand and waved it in the air. The demon qi was like armor, sticking close to his body, and cracks began to appear on the ground dozens of meters around him.

Following Lu’s angry roar, the ground of the entire Black Cloud Stronghold shook.

At this moment, Lu was like a devil God descending.

“Looks like that beast is very important to you!”

Lin Bai smiled gently.

Facing Lu who was like a demon god, his gaze could not help but remain calm. It was as deep as a deep pool.

“Conceited and ignorant!”

Leng Zhuo’s expression turned serious. He looked respectfully at the demon-like figure of Lu. He even bowed deeply to Lu and said,

“Lin Bai, even if you killed the demon wolf, do you think you can deal with Lord Lu? You’re arrogant and ignorant. At this moment, you’re like a toad looking at the sky from the bottom of a well! You don’t know how terrifying Lord Lu is!”


Lin Bai turned around and glanced at Leng Zhuo.

Leng Zhuo, who was caught by Lin Bai’s gaze, seemed to have been struck by lightning as he took a few steps back.

At the same time, Lin Bai gently raised one of his hands and said,

“You’re from the human race, but you’ve submitted to the demon race. You deserve to be killed!”

After saying that, Lin Bai’s raised hand gently descended. A white light that looked like the waning moon appeared out of thin air and slashed toward Leng Zhuo with lightning speed.

The space around the waning moon started to distort.

“This move can distort the space?!” Luo Ningyu felt her scalp go numb as she stared at the white light that looked like the waning moon.

A single strike could distort the space…

Distort space..

Only these two words remained in Luo Ningyu’s mind.

Since ancient times, only people who were like gods on land could distort the space. However, there might not be a single person who could do it every few hundreds of years.

And once it appeared…

A terrifying thought appeared in Luo Ningyu’s mind.

“Do you think that you can still make a move in front of me?!”

Lu roared angrily. His body turned into a black shadow and appeared in front of the white light that was like the waning moon in the blink of an eye. He suddenly struck out with his palm.


The white light of the waning moon shattered!

A deep ravine that was dozens of meters deep appeared on the ground between Lin Bai and Lu. This ravine extended from the top of the Black Cloud Stronghold to the foot of the mountain.

When Leng Zhuo saw the white ray of light approaching, he had completely given up on resisting. However, when he saw the white ray of light collapse, he became extremely excited.

“Lord Lu is extraordinary…” Leng Zhuo was just halfway through his sentence when he could not finish his words.

He caught a glimpse of Lin Bai, who was dozens of meters away, suddenly disappearing. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Lu.

A huge palm appeared in the deep space of Lu and pressed down from above.

“Arrogant, too arrogant!”

Lu shouted and slapped out his palm. A palm with five fingers closed appeared above him and collided with the illusory palm that was pressing down like Mount Tai.

Strong winds blew in all directions, causing sand and rocks to fly everywhere. The top of the Black Cloud Stronghold shifted to the flat ground.

Although Luo Ningyu and Leng Zhuo wanted to help, they had no choice but to retreat in the face of the strong winds and the aftermath of the battle.

10 meters, 20 meters, 40 meters, 80 meters…

After retreating 100 meters away, Luo Ningyu finally stopped in front of a house that had been burned to ashes. She looked forward with worry in her eyes.


Leng Zhuo also retreated to the side of a cliff and let out a deep breath.

He thought that he would be seriously injured if he was hit by the aftershock just now. If that was the case, then the difference between him and Lin Bai and Lu was like the difference between heaven and earth!

While Leng Zhuo’s mind was spinning rapidly, he felt a cold wind coming from his neck. In the next second, he had goosebumps and his body was covered in cold sweat.

Leng Zhuo couldn’t care less. He rushed towards Lu without turning his head, “Lord Lu, save me, save me!!! ”

Leng Zhuo screamed in fear. He wanted to run towards Lu with all his limbs. From the corner of his eye, he could see Lin Bai in a white robe appearing behind him.


Lin Bai stepped lightly on the ground and appeared beside Leng Zhuo.

“You don’t deserve to be human.”

Lin Bai said indifferently. His hand turned into a knife and waved towards Leng Zhuo.

“Lord Lu, Lu…”

Leng Zhuo couldn’t care less. He immediately burned all the blood essence in his body and activated his natal spiritual qi. A fierce spiritual power emerged. He could only clench his teeth and attack Lin Bai again and again, but his feet didn’t stop for even a second.

After doing all this, Leng Zhuo raised his head and looked at Lu.

He saw that Lu was smiling. A sense of security rushed into Leng Zhuo’s chest, and the fear disappeared in an instant.

Lu smiled cruelly. “You are my slave to begin with. It is your honor to die for me.”

As Lu spoke, he formed a hand seal with his ten fingers, and the demonic qi turned into threads that connected his ten fingers to Leng Zhuo’s body.

“Lord… Lord Lu, what are you saying? I am willing to be your pawn…”

Lu squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying, but his body expanded little by little, turning into a round meatball with a diameter of three meters.

“Lin Bai! Run!!!”

When Luo Ningyu saw this round meatball, she cried out in surprise.

“It’s too late!”

Lu threw his head back and laughed loudly, showing that he had the victory in his hands. Then, his little finger turned downwards at a strange angle…

At this moment, the entire Black Cloud Stronghold fell silent.

Everything in the surroundings seemed to have come to a standstill.

In the blink of an eye, a huge amount of demonic qi was compressed into Leng Zhuo’s body.

The demonic qi was compressed to the extreme.


A loud explosion sounded in the sky.

A beam of light shot up to the sky from the top of the Black Cloud Stronghold, and the ground within 500 miles shook.

The sky trembled as if the stars and moon were about to fall.

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