Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Die

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Lu’s scarlet eyes seemed to be spewing flames as he glared at Lin Bai. He wanted nothing more than to slice him into a thousand pieces. The blood vessels on his neck suddenly protruded.

Under Lu’s gaze, the corners of Lin Bai’s mouth curled up slightly. He smiled and said, “I didn’t expect you to be a person who values friendship and loyalty. Or do you have some other hobbies?”

Lu clenched his teeth so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard. He clenched his fists so tightly that they emitted bursts of explosive sounds.

Si was a very important part of his plan. Otherwise, why would he cast the entire Wu Mountain’s array formation on Si?!

However, it was this important part that was killed by Lin Bai. Even the remnant soul was obliterated by Lin Bai using the dao rhythm laws that surrounded him!

Not even the remnant soul was left. Even if an immortal came, there was nothing he could do!

Thinking about the painstaking efforts he had put into the Si, thinking about his step-by-step plans, they were all destroyed today!

“If I don’t kill you today, it will be difficult to resolve the hatred in my heart!”

Lu roared. As he roared, dense black clouds appeared above the entire Black Cloud Stronghold.

A moment later, the stars and moon in the night sky disappeared, and the torches that could be seen everywhere in the Black Cloud Stronghold dimmed.


Lin Bai stood with his hands behind his back, looking down at the world. He looked coldly at Lu’s roar and made his final struggle.

Luo Ningyu and Leng Zhuo stopped fighting and turned around to look at Lin Bai and Lu, as well as the strange phenomenon in the sky.

Luo Ningyu especially saw Lin Bai’s back. He looked like a heavenly monarch with a majestic aura, looking down at the world. It was as if in his eyes, the world was filled with dust.

Luo Ningyu’s heart started to palpitate.

When the remaining small beasts saw Lin Bai like this, they first felt that he was unfamiliar, then they were ecstatic. They all came to Lin Bai’s side and used their bodies to rub Lin Bai’s clothes intimately.

This was no wonder.

Not only was the Black Cloud Stronghold’s demon qi present, even the devil mountain that Lu had painstakingly built, which was also the demon qi on the Wu Mountain, had also formed a huge whirlpool with Lin Bai as the center, crazily surging into Lin Bai’s body.

If it were anyone else, their body would have long been penetrated by a huge amount of demon qi and could not withstand the explosion.

However, Lin Bai was different.

Whether it was demon qi, corpse qi, demonic qi… all kinds of qi in the world were one kind of energy.

He used the divine law on the small cauldron to wash away the shocking demon qi that rushed into his body into pure spiritual energy, turning it into his own.

It could be said that Lu triggered the tainted spiritual energy in Lin Bai’s body and manipulated the secret technique to let the demon qi erode him, which helped Lin Bai greatly.

It was like Lu putting a rare treasure into Lin Bai’s mouth.

Lu also knew what Lin Bai had done. He stared at Lin Bai with his blood-red eyes and said,

“Humph, using the demon qi for your own use? Naive, do you know how powerful the demon qi in this area is? Haha, when your body is filled with spiritual power and your meridians are unable to withstand it, you will self-destruct and die without my help!”

After Leng Zhuo heard Lu’s words, a hint of relief appeared on his solemn face. When he looked at Lin Bai, it was as if he was looking at a walking corpse.

A hint of worry appeared on Luo Ningyu’s stern face. She bit her lips tightly with her pearly white teeth. Her eyes were shining brightly. No one knew what she was thinking about.

“You’re right.”

Lin Bai admitted decisively. However, not only did his tone not show any signs of weakness, there was even a hint of contempt in his tone.

It was as if he was laughing at Lu.

“Ha, you’re just a stubborn duck. I’ve killed thousands of people like you. Which one of them didn’t kneel in front of me when they were about to die and beg for their life?”

Lu clenched his teeth and made cracking sounds.

Lin Bai’s confident look was unbearable to him. He wanted nothing more than to bite, tear, and chop him into pieces.

“If it were anyone else, they might have lost their lives here, but how can I, Lin Bai, be an ordinary person?!”

Lin Bai lightly snorted, and his voice reverberated for thousands of miles. Countless spiritual beasts in the forest trembled when they heard him, and they crouched on the ground, not daring to make the slightest move.

Lin Bai scanned his surroundings. He realized that his five senses had already reached a terrifying level, and his every move seemed to be able to move mountains and fill the seas!

However, Lin Bai knew that this was an illusion. It was brought about by the flourishing spirit energy in his meridians.

It was just that this boundless spirit energy had already opened up the meridians one by one. It would not be long before it was unable to withstand even a single strand of spirit energy surging into his body.

It was almost done!

The corners of Lin Bai’s mouth curled up slightly. Then, he bent down and touched Little Green, who was spitting out its tongue.

“System, I want to impart my cultivation to Little Green!”

[ Ding — ]

[ The host has passed on 400 days of cultivation to Little Green ]

[ Successful triggering of 10 times of return ]

[ The host has received 4,000 days of cultivation]


[ Ding — ]

[ The host has passed on 400 days of cultivation to Little Green ]

[20 times of return has been successfully triggered. ]

[ The host has received 8,000 days of cultivation. ]


[ Ding — ]

[ The host has given Little Red 400 days of cultivation. ]

[ Two times of return has been successfully triggered. ]

[ The host has received 800 days of cultivation. ]


[ The host has given Little Black 400 days of cultivation. ]

[10 times of return has been successfully triggered. ]

[ The host has received… ]

A series of cold voices sounded in his head.

The small beasts under Lin Bai’s feet were surging with energy.

Little Green’s body grew bigger, and the scales on its body were like Jade. It opened its mouth and shouted softly.


A dragon-like roar resounded through the world!

Little Red’s body was covered in flames, as if it was a real sun. It flapped its wings lightly, and the entire black cloud stronghold was set ablaze. A moment later, the entire stronghold was reduced to a pile of ashes.

Little Black’s gaze was deep, and his aura was steady, like a calm sea. His body was surrounded by endless water vapor, and the shell on his back seemed to be flowing with water light.

Little Blue’s body grew bigger and bigger. From a little macaque, he became as tall as an adult. The patterns in his hair actually materialized, and they stuck tightly to his body.



Just as everyone was stunned, a crisp sound rang out, as if something had been broken.

At the same time, a pillar of light appeared around Lin Bai and shot into the clouds. The dense black clouds in the sky were shattered by the pillar of light. In the sky of five hundred miles, only the dim starry sky and the indestructible pillar of light remained.

Not only that, there seemed to be seven-colored flowing lights appearing around Lin Bai’s body. There was also a multicolored glow under his feet. Numerous ancient and simple dao rhythms resounded.

Lin Bai slowly opened his eyes. Following his opening, the strange phenomenon around him disappeared. Lin Bai’s eyes were incomparably deep and his body stood there quietly.

“It… broke?”

Luo Ningyu muttered. She was unaware that her voice had already trembled slightly. There was a watery light flowing within her eyes and her chest was thumping non-stop.

“Lu, die.”

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