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Chapter 409

Chapter 409: Daybreak

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When Lu saw Lin Bai easily destroy his attack with a few fingers, it was as if he had seen a real ghost. The terror on his face could not be hidden at all.

Lu gritted his teeth and waved his hand toward the ground.

Luo Ningyu, who was originally high in the sky, was heavily thrown to the ground.

At the same time, Lu threw out two more palms toward Luo Ningyu, who was falling to the ground.

After doing all this, Lu ran towards the direction of Wu Mountain.

“Don’t mind me, catch him!!!”

Luo Ningyu yelled at Lin Bai.

Although she didn’t know what Lu was going to do, a bad feeling welled up in her heart.

She looked at the ground that was gradually approaching and the few palms that were slapping down from above, but there wasn’t a hint of fear on her face. Instead, she smiled faintly.

Was death scary?


She did not know why, but when she saw Lin Bai standing there and looking down at the world, she felt that it was not so scary anymore.

However, at this moment, Luo Ningyu saw a white light appear in front of her eyes. Following which, a warm and strong body gently carried her up.

Accompanied by the whistling of the wind and the backsliding of the surrounding scenes, she saw a person with a smile on the corner of his mouth, a determined gaze, and a confident appearance.

Luo Ningyu was stunned for a second. Then, she thought of something, and her beautiful face flushed red. She pulled her hands together, and her calves could not stop jumping. She was like a small beast that was being captured and wanted to escape. She said,

“Don’t let him escape. He definitely doesn’t have good intentions!”

“Okay!” Lin Bai nodded with a smile. “You stay here.”

Luo Ningyu wanted to say that she would go with him, but she stopped. She took out a jade pendant and threw it to him. “Okay.”

Lin Bai glanced at the jade pendant and held it in his hand without saying anything.

In the next second, Lin Bai left some medicinal pills behind. His figure turned into a white light and ran toward Wu Mountain.

The entire Wu Mountain was pitch-black. Even the moonlight could not shine in, and it was unusually quiet.

Lin Bai stood on top of the mountain and looked down. All he could see was dense demonic qi. The dense demonic qi covered the surface of the mountain, so dense that even the grass and trees could not be seen.

Lin Bai suddenly seemed to have sensed something. He picked up the jade pendant in his hand and only heard a cry of alarm:

“Not good, not good, not good! Luo Ningyu, are you still there? Run quickly, don’t even look back, run quickly!”

“That is not an ordinary array formation, that is an array formation that allows the devil domain to reappear. There is another place that is connected to the real devil world, and that mountain has endless devil qi!”

“And this array formation is able to mobilize endless demon qi for his own use. Although there is a corresponding price to pay, it can be said to be an easy price to get rid of all of you!”

At the same time that exclamations sounded from within the jade pendant, a towering palm suddenly appeared on the surface of Wu Mountain, grabbing towards Lin Bai.

Lin Bai’s figure flashed and he moved a hundred meters away.

He grabbed an empty palm and smashed it heavily on Wu Mountain. The entire Wu Mountain started to tremble and almost collapsed.

“It’s too late,” Lin Bai said to the jade pendant.

“It’s too late?!” The voice on the other side of the jade pendant sounded confused.

“The person who set up the array has used his last resort.” After Lin Bai said this, no matter what the jade pendant shouted, he still put the jade pendant away.

Lin Bai looked in the direction of the altar on Wu Mountain. There was a terrifying aura surging there.

“Haha, do you understand? It’s a pity that it’s too late!”

Lu’s voice rang out. This voice was like the might of the heavens, resounding through the heaven and earth, but the source of the voice could not be caught.


The entire Wu Mountain trembled, trembling.

A demon figure that was at least 100 meters tall slowly stood up from the direction of the altar on Wu Mountain. It wore a cloak that was condensed by endless demonic chi, and its pair of blood-red eyes were like a full moon!

This shadow looked exactly the same as Lu.

The shadow was like a real demon king that looked down on the world, as if it could destroy everything with a single move.

“I didn’t want to use it at first,” Lu’s voice rang out, and it seemed to have demonic power. Even Lin Bai’s was affected. “Unfortunately, you forced me to.”

Lu stretched out his hand in Lin Bai’s direction and clenched it.

More than ten towering hands appeared on the mountain of sorcery, grabbing towards Lin Bai’s direction.

Lin Bai pointed out several fingers consecutively, causing those towering hands to collapse.

“Haha, how many times can you use such an attack? Meanwhile, I’m currently communicating with the demon realm. The real demon realm has an inexhaustible amount of demonic qi!”

“Ha!” Lin Bai shook his head and laughed lightly. “Do you think I don’t know the price you have to pay? Don’t try to talk your way out of this. Use whatever tricks you have. Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t have the time to use them again.”

Lu Yi’s face was livid, and his huge fangs made cracking sounds. His blood-red eyes shot out a red light that was dozens of meters long.

“Then I’ll grant you your wish!”

Just as Lin Bai had said, every second that Lu maintained this state, his body and soul would be corroded for a second. His previous attacks were only to force Lin Bai back, and he did not really want to use the power of this spell formation.

Demon qi gathered above the Wu Mountain, and the demon shadow formed by Lu turned into a demon shadow that seemed to go straight into the clouds.

Lin Bai stood in front of the demon shadow like a drop of water in the vast ocean.

Lu’s enormous figure took a step forward, and as he took that step, thousands of demon shadows appeared on the Wu Mountain, howling and roaring as they swept towards Lin Bai.

However, this was not the end.

Lu held his breath and focused his mind. He retracted his arm and suddenly pushed forward once again. A palm that was like the divine might of the heavenly dao was struck out, as if it wanted to destroy everything in this world.

At the same time, the red light in Lu’s bloody eyes enveloped Lin Bai.


Lin Bai felt his body being restricted by the red light, and the circulation of spiritual power in his body slowed down.

Just as Lin Bai was about to make a move, he seemed to have sensed something. He raised his head and looked up. At some point in time, a mountain-like palm appeared in the sky, crushing toward Lin Bai.

“This is more like it!”

Lin Bai said faintly.


The golden light of the small cauldron burst out like sunlight breaking through the darkness, enveloping Lin Bai’s body.

Immediately after, Lin Bai’s body turned into a ray of golden light. This golden light illuminated a radius of tens of miles, making the night seem like it was daytime.

The golden light bloomed from the inside out.

At this moment, the sky-reaching palm from Lu in the sky attacked also attacked.


The earth shook, the mountains shook, and the mountains and rivers collapsed.

The strong wind, which was dozens of times stronger than before, caused Luo Ningyu and the small beasts to fly high into the sky. They wanted to open their eyes, but they were forced by the strong wind to the point that they couldn’t open their eyes.

Everything around them seemed to have been destroyed, except for the whistling of the gales.

After an unknown amount of time.

The gales gradually dispersed.

The horizon of the east wind had a hint of fish-belly white, illuminating the endless night, illuminating the pitch-black Wu Mountain, and illuminating a white robe that looked down on the world.

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