Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: It’s Too Difficult, You Can’t Grasp It

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When Lin Bai opened his eyes again, the sky was already the color of a fish’s belly. Unknowingly, he had been cultivating all night. Not only did he not feel tired at all, he felt refreshed instead.

“Hiss –”

Little Green, who was at the side, was like a green branch and leaf that was embellished on his wrist.

Su Yun had already prepared the meal. She left it at the door because she was afraid of disturbing Lin Bai’s cultivation. After he finished his meal, he returned to his room to continue meditating.

This feeling of becoming stronger was too good. He took advantage of his opportunity and continued working hard. Night fell once again. Little Green’s eyes flickered with green light in the darkness.

Its entire body disappeared into the night. At first glance, it looked like two fireflies floating in the air

Lin Bai slowly woke up and covered its body with his big hand. The warm current in his palm touched Little Green’s cold body, and that mysterious feeling appeared once again.

Although he was imparting his power to little green and the spiritual energy in his body was slowly flowing out, the feeling only lasted for a second.

Then, a large amount of warm current squeezed back into the meridians in his body like a tidal wave, almost drowning Lin Bai. A mysterious power washed through his body powerfully.

[ Ding — ]

[ The host has passed on a day’s worth of cultivation to Little Green. ]

[ Fifteen times of return has been successfully triggered. ]

[ The host has received fifteen days of cultivation. ]

After a moment, Lin Bai let out a deep breath. He could feel that the meridians in his body were expanding. If the spiritual meridians in his body were only the size of a hair before, they should be as thick as a pinky finger now.

“It actually increased so quickly…”

Sensing the change in his cultivation, Lin Bai couldn’t help but be surprised. Even though he knew the system was powerful, he didn’t expect it to be so heaven-defying.

Lin Bai looked at Little Green and said with some doubt, “Why do I feel like you’ve grown up a little?”

Little Green seemed to be showing off and kept circling in the same place. Even its scales seemed to have become smoother, like a piece of top-quality jade. The water-green color was pleasing to the eye.

He couldn’t help but touch it. It was cool to the touch, but it didn’t freeze people. If it was in the middle of summer, it would definitely be a very good heat-extinguishing divine weapon.

“You actually learned a skill so quickly.”

A light screen appeared in front of Lin Bai again, just like the online games he used to play before. All Kinds of information about little apple appeared at a glance.

He had only passed his cultivation to Little Green twice and it had directly leveled up to Houtian level 2. Moreover, it had comprehended “Bind”, which was a skill that could temporarily control the opponent.

This skill was extremely practical, and the battlefield was constantly changing. If he could bind his opponent, even if it was only for a few seconds, he would be able to do many things.

Meanwhile, he himself had also reached Houtian level 3 through the buff. One had to know that two days ago, he was just an ordinary person. If others were to know about this speed of advancement, they would probably be scared to death.

For ordinary people to advance so quickly, they would have to rely on a large number of spiritual treasures. However, if one didn’t have a powerful family background, they wouldn’t have such a huge amount of resources.

“This is really insane…”

Lin Bai couldn’t help but sigh. He was only in the Houtian state, and he could only impart this little cultivation. If he reached the Xiantian state, Grandmaster state, Great Grandmaster state, and so on, through the 10,000 times return system, one could imagine how much cultivation would be returned.

With his current progression speed, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to use the basic cultivation method very soon. He had to find a cultivation method that suited him as soon as possible.

The next day.

Lin Bai woke up early and brought his awakening verification and identification to the library pavilion.

The ancient building was located in the east of the city. It had a vermillion-colored green roof, and its slanted eaves looked like an eagle that was about to fly. The trees on both sides of the street were lush and verdant, and the growth rings on the trees were round. It was unknown how many years had passed.

There were many cultivation techniques and martial arts techniques collected here, and every awakened person could obtain them for free.

This was consideration for some of the awakened people from poor families were cash-strapped. After all, whether it was to buy pet eggs or cultivation techniques, they needed to spend a lot of money. It could be said that money was needed everywhere.

Therefore, this benefit was set in a humane way. Of course, it was only limited to one time as they would have to spend their own money later on.

However, most of the cultivation techniques placed in the library were extremely ordinary. After all, there was no truly cheap lunch in the world.

“You can go in now.”

After verifying his identity, Lin Bai came to the hall on the first floor. The library was divided into three floors. The first floor was filled with Houtian state books.

The bookshelves made of high-quality agarwood emitted a faint strange fragrance. They were carved with simple patterns. It was said that they could keep the books from rotting for a thousand years and protect them from being eaten by insects.

The books on the shelves were dazzling. Lin Bai looked at them carefully. Although they were not very top-tier cultivation methods, they were very complete and had everything.

Generally, medium-grade cultivation methods required a lot of money. High-grade cultivation techniques were rare and collected by some ancient families, so they were not easily shown to others.

However, even if the cultivation methods here were ordinary, it was enough for people who had just awakened not long ago to cultivate them.

Yin-Yang Harmony Technique, Tri-flower Tripod Technique, Five Elements Supreme Fist… … These were all good, but they were not what Lin Bai wanted. These cultivation techniques were easy to get started with, and it was not difficult to cultivate them.

He wanted one with a high threshold. It would be best that it took a long time to cultivate, so that he could use the system to return the cultivation.

Lin Bai really didn’t expect that he would find it in the corner.

It was a light blue book with a cover. Probably because no one was interested in it, it was placed at the bottom of the shelf. If it was not for Lin Bai’s good eyesight, he would have almost ignored it.

He pulled it out. The words on the cover were drawn with iron and silver hooks. The strokes were like dragons and snakes, giving off a domineering aura. It was as if there was a man who could hold off ten thousand enemies.

Perhaps it had been a long time since someone had touched it, the cover was covered in a layer of dust. Lin Bai did not care, and casually flipped through it.

“Octane Blast”

As the name implied, this required one to open up the meridians in eight directions in order to be able to cultivate.

However, for ordinary awakened ones like them, it was already very good enough to open up two. Opening four was considered very excellent. If they did not rely on external forces, such as the effects of medicinal pills, they would not be able to open up these meridians at all.

If they were unable to open it, they wouldn’t be able to cultivate it. Even if they were able to open half of it, the effects would be extremely poor. Even though the ‘Octane Blast’ could be considered a mid-grade cultivation technique, very few people were able to successfully cultivate it.

After all, the threshold was really too high. It made people feel intimidated by it so much so that it was piled up in a corner and no one paid attention to it.

When the librarian saw that Lin Bai actually wanted to borrow this book, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. “Are you sure?”

He kindly reminded him, “This cultivation technique is too difficult and you can’t grasp it. Why don’t you change it to another one?”

Lin Bai shook his head. “Thank you, I’ll borrow this one.”

To outsiders, cultivation techniques that were very difficult were tailor-made for him.

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