Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Sparring Mode

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After returning home, Lin Bai did not even bother to eat. He immediately went into his room and impatiently flipped open the “Octane Blast” to study it in detail.

If it were not for the fact that the “Octane blast” was too difficult to cultivate and the starting threshold was too high, it definitely would have not been placed on the first floor. After all, the further he went, the greater the spiritual qi and cultivation required to open up the meridians.

However, with the system in hand, it shouldn’t be difficult for Lin Bai to open up eight meridians. He glanced ten lines in one go and quickly browsed through the entire cultivation technique.

Following the first page’s introductory guide, he made a strange pose. In just a few breaths, he felt an inexplicable pulling force, and countless spiritual energy drilled into his body through his pores.

Light circulated around his body, and countless divine rays revolved around him. One could vaguely hear the cracking of his bones and tendons, as if a pair of invisible hands were stretching his meridians.

It was as if he had drunk a mouthful of cool water in the heat of the day. In short, the feeling was indescribable, and he could not wait to immerse himself in it.

The amount of spiritual power that he had cultivated today was probably even more than the amount of these few days combined.

“I wonder how much will be returned this time.”

Lin Bai muttered to himself and waved at Little Green next to him. “It’s time to pass on the power.”

Little Green swam to his side very spiritually. Its pea-sized eyes seemed to have a lot of spirituality. It raised its head and hissed, looking very expectant.

[ Ding! ]

[ The host has passed on a day’s cultivation to Little Green. ]

[ Twenty-fold return has been successfully triggered. ]

[ The host has received twenty days of cultivation. ]


The majestic spiritual energy was incremented by several times and flowed like a surging river feeding back into Lin Bai’s body. It was as if he had been enlightened. He slowly exhaled, and a divine light flashed in his eyes. For a moment, no one dared to look directly at him.

The “Octane Blast” began to circulate spontaneously, absorbing all the spiritual energy and attacking the acupuncture points that had not yet been opened.

“This cultivation method is indeed unusual.”

The meridians that were originally somewhat blocked and stagnant in the body actually became unprecedentedly smooth. This was the effect of being opened up. In the future, whether it was absorbing spiritual energy or medicinal pills, it would become easier.

“This time, there is actually a return of twenty times. It seems that my luck is not bad.”

That stream of air came menacingly. It only slowly calmed down after a few seconds, like a gurgling stream. In the end, it returned to its calm state and was stuck there.

The Octane Blast had actually directly opened up the first three blasts!

Sensing the changes in his body, Lin Bai was somewhat surprised. This speed was simply comparable to riding a rocket. If this news got outside, he was afraid that it would shock everyone.

One could not be this fast even if one was taking drugs. Level three was a small milestone. If one reached the next level, there would be a qualitative leap, and the effects would be incomparable.

Seeing that there were only a few hours before daybreak, Lin Bai finally fell asleep. He rested up to prepare to go to class the next day.

As long as each awakened individual paid a small amount of money, they would be eligible to enter the school. However, people like Lin Bai, who came from a poor family, could only go to the ordinary class.

The teachers in the elite class were more powerful, and the things they taught were more comprehensive and detailed. However, it was a pity that they were expensive.

Lin Bai came to the front office to register. When the Dean saw his information, he could not help but take a few more glances at him. After all, it was rare for someone to successfully awaken after five times.

He asked in a professional manner, “What is your cultivation level?”

“Third level of the Houtian.”

For a moment, the Dean thought that he was hearing things, and his expression immediately became serious. “Young people, don’t joke around.”

After all, he had just awakened a few days ago, and now he was already Houtian level 3. If word of this got out, it would simply be unimaginable. It was almost comparable to those outstanding geniuses in the Imperial City.

Lin Bai said with a serious expression, “I’m not joking.”

The Dean looked at the results of the spirit energy test and was momentarily stunned. His gaze fell on Lin Bai, as if he was looking at a monster.

Then, he was incomparably excited and decided immediately, “You can report directly to the elite class!”

Under the Dean’s warm smile, Lin Bai took the report card and walked towards the elite class. Looking at his back view, the Dean couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

With such a good seed in his hands, one could imagine the achievements he would achieve in time. He would be able to add luster to the upcoming academy competition.

By the time Lin Bai arrived at the elite class, most of the students had already arrived. The classroom was bustling with activity. Everyone was in groups of three to five, conversing with each other.

Seeing the appearance of a new face, everyone cast curious looks at him.

“He looks so unfamiliar. I’ve never seen him before.”

“Why are there new students coming in at this time?”

The elite class started earlier than the regular class, so most of the students had already signed up. It was the first time that Lin Bai was an exception.

The Dean had already greeted the teacher. The teacher was a middle-aged man named Li Chang ‘an. He looked amiable and his cultivation was at Xiantian level 5.

Li Chang’an nodded at Lin Bai and said, “You can sit here.”

He cleared his throat and said, “Students, please be quiet. I will explain to you how to better use cultivation methods or martial techniques in actual combat in these few classes.”

Compared to the normal classes, the elite class valued actual combat techniques more. Everyone had to be assigned a sparring partner.

Soon, Li Chang ‘an sent out pieces of paper with everyone’s name on it. It was drawing a lot.

“The sparring exercise this time is to randomly form teams. It’s good to go all out. Everyone must act according to their own abilities. At the same time, remember to not hurt your partners.”

Some people were happy while others were worried. Some people were happy as they felt they could find their weaknesses in actual combat. Those who were scared about facing stronger opponents and just getting beat up one sidedly.

“Please bless me that I draw someone with average strength.”

“I drew Zhao Rui.”

“I’m on the same team as Qian Hongxuan!”

Sighs could be heard from time to time.

Lin Bai unfolded the paper ball in front of him and saw the name on it — Chen Wu? He could not help but raise his eyebrows. It sounded like a girl’s name.

At this moment, someone curiously came over. It was a chubby little fatty with a chubby face. He looked very festive.

“Who did you draw?”

When he saw the name, the little fatty immediately showed a sympathetic expression. “I thought I was unlucky enough. I didn’t expect you to be even more unlucky than me. You actually drew her.”

“Is Chen Wu very powerful?”

The fatty looked around before he lowered his voice and said,

“You don’t know. Her identity is mysterious, and I don’t know what her background is. Her weapon is a fan, which makes her extremely powerful. In short, she’s not someone to be trifled with.”

“When you meet her, you’ll know how powerful she is.”

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