Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: 10 Times Return!

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Perhaps the meaning in Lin Bai’s eyes was too straightforward, the peddler smiled foolishly and did not feel embarrassed.

“You don’t understand, right? The most high-end pet beasts usually appear in the most ordinary form. How about this? Since we are fated, you can choose any of these eggs. The price is 500,000 yuan.”

This was too greedy!

For a moment, Lin Bai wanted to turn around and leave. He even suspected that the system’s instructions were wrong.

After all, the quality of the pet beast eggs at the stall was really hard to guarantee. Moreover, the hawker’s tone was obviously unreliable.

His gaze swept past the egg on the left. It was gray and only half the size of a palm. It was not even enough to fill the gaps between his teeth,

it was very inconspicuous and could not be found in a crowd.

No matter how he looked at it, it had nothing to do with the Azure Dragon.

Seeing that Lin Bai did not respond for a long time, the peddler was a little anxious. “Forget it, forget it. We haven’t opened up yet today. I’ll give you a discount. This is a high price for spitting blood. 400,000!”

Lin Bai was expressionless. “50,000.”

This time, the peddler was really going to vomit blood. He probably did not expect Lin Bai to be so ruthless. He slashed down with the dragon slaying saber and stunned the hawker.

He revealed a smile that was uglier than crying. “You can’t be joking, right?”

Lin Bai asked in return, “Do I look like a fat sheep to you?”

Only then did the hawker clearly see Lin Bai’s attire. It was half-old and not new, and there were balls at the edges. It was obvious that it had been worn for a long time. Even his shoes were the cheapest type of cloth shoes.

As if he had lost his temper, he sat back down in the corner and answered very sincerely, “You don’t look like one.”

Lin Bai spread his hands and said, “Then that’s it.”

“Sigh, what bad luck. I hadn’t made a sale the entire day. Forget it, let’s just treat it as a good relationship today. Fifty thousand it is.”

Seeing the dispirited peddler suddenly become lively, Lin Bai even felt that the price of fifty thousand was a little high.

He glanced at it casually and pointed at the one on the left. “Then I’ll take that one.”

The peddler swiftly passed the pet egg to Lin Bai and did not forget to brag. “Sigh, I’m not lying to you. Although I sold it cheaply, this divine beast bloodline is real.”

Lin Bai looked at him strangely. He thought to himself that this peddler was addicted to bragging. If he really knew that this egg had the azure dragon bloodline, he did not know how he would feel.

When Lin Bai got home, Lin Ruhai and Su Yun weren’t there. They must have gone out to work. He closed the door and went to the bedroom.

According to the system’s instructions, he took out a knife from the side and cut a wound on his hand. He dripped it on the pet egg and muttered something.

A golden array appeared on the pet egg. There were obscure words carved on it, as if it had been passed down from ancient times. All kinds of beast patterns were faintly discernible and surrounded the entire egg.

The room was filled with a mysterious aura. At the same time, Lin Bai could feel an ancient pressure, as if something had been awakened by him.

That feeling was fleeting. Soon after, the blood was completely absorbed by the pet egg. Lin Bai slowly opened his eyes, and the contract was completed.

He had seen other people’s contracts before, and they were completely different from his. Presumably, it was because he had the system. When he thought of the pet beast that could have the Azure Dragon bloodline in the future, Lin Bai was still a little excited.

There was probably no other person in the world who had this.

After the contract was completed, he only needed to wait for the beast pet egg to hatch. Taking advantage of this time, Lin Bai began to practice the basic technique that was given out.

Although it was a basic technique, it did not mean that it was very ordinary. Whether it was a martial artists, a beasmaster, or other professions, they all needed to practice it.

Only after reaching the second state would one cultivate other techniques according to one’s talent and focus.

Lin Bai sat cross-legged and formed a sign with his hands. His expression was somewhat cautious. After all, the most important thing was to build a good foundation. If one did not build a good foundation, there would be more or less problems in the future cultivation.

A bit of spiritual energy gushed out from his dantian like a small stream. It swam between the eight extraordinary meridians and finally converged into a small river, shuttling through the major acupoints.

First, it was Taiyuan, Shenque, Qihai, then crooked bone, Zhangmen, and Guan Yuan. Lin Bai only felt the warm current surging, as if he was soaking in a hot spring. All the pores on his body expanded and dispersed.

As he breathed and breathed, the spiritual energy between heaven and earth seemed to be pulled by some invisible force, drilling into his body and expanding.

Lin Bai had never felt like this before. It was extremely comfortable, and at the same time, the impurities in his body were constantly being expelled. The air was filled with an indescribable smell.

“Is this the effect of the refining the body with spirit energy? It is indeed extraordinary.”

Lin Bai could not help but sigh. Unknowingly, more than ten hours had passed. When Lin Ruhai and his wife saw that he was cultivating, they did not disturb him.

“Kacha –”

A slight movement came from beside him. Lin Bai suddenly opened his eyes. It was already dark and late outside the window. His gaze fell on the table next to him.

He saw a small crack on the pet egg. If he wasn’t careful, it would be easily overlooked.

“It’s about to hatch.”

Seeing this scene, Lin Bai hurriedly stopped meditating and stopped cultivating. He observed the movement of the pet egg.

Then, the fine lines gradually expanded like the dense lines on a spider web. A green shadow quietly drew out and quickly climbed onto Lin Bai’s arm.

“Hiss — hiss –”

He looked at the little green snake that was circling around his wrist, hissing and spitting its tongue. Its eyes were like little black beans embedded on it. They were full of intimacy and trust, making it look exceptionally lively and cute.

Lin Bai raised his eyebrows. “Azure Dragon bloodline?”

There was still a long way to go. There was still plenty of time in the future.

The tiny scales felt a little cold, but they were extremely smooth. They were like jade, as if they were exquisitely crafted.

The little green snake was not even as thick as his thumb. At a glance, those who did not know would think that Lin Bai was wearing a small green bracelet.

Lin Bai thought for a moment and said, “I’ll call you little green from now on.”

Little Green was even more excited. It clearly liked this name.

Although little green looked very weak now, Lin Bai believed that with the system in hand, it was only a matter of time before it grew. After all, Little Green had the Azure Dragon bloodline. In the future, it would be easy for it to evolve and regress to its ancestors.

“Let’s try out the system’s functions now.”

It just so happened that Little Green hatched. H could test the system’s 10,000 times return.

Lin Bai placed his hand on Little Green’s body, and with a thought, he said, “Transfer power.”

Something invisible connected him and little apple together, and an inexplicable power poured into Little Green’s body from his body.

Whether it was a human or a snake, both of them felt a strange feeling.

[ ding — ]

[ You have transferred a day’s worth of cultivation to little apple. ]

[ You have successfully triggered the 10 times return. ]

[ The host has received ten days of cultivation. ]

Lin Bai could clearly feel that his cultivation state had increased, and it was a completely different level from before. This was only the basic cultivation method that he had been given when he had awakened, but it had already had such an effect. If he were to swap to a better cultivation method, one could imagine how effective it would be.

Right now, the most pressing matter was where to obtain a better cultivation method.

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