Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: So It’s A Pill Concoctor, Everyone Became A Sycophant

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One had to know that pill cultivators were extremely rare. They didn’t belong to the normal awakening profession, so they were rare in number. Their status was very high. Even if they were a low-star pill cultivator, no one dared to underestimate them.

If they were able to refine top-grade pills, even grandmasters would have to give them some face. There were even some who could refine heaven-defying pills. They could extend their lives and revive the dead. Even a grandmaster would have to lower his head when he saw such being.

After all, who didn’t experience calamities? It wasn’t scary to offend a pill cultivator, but what was scary was the big shots behind the pill cultivator,

Moreover, Lin Bai himself was very powerful. Now that he had refined such a medicinal pill, one could imagine his future. Everyone’s gaze immediately became fiery.

“Big Boss Lin, I was blind just now. You’re a very magnanimous person, so don’t be mind people like me.”

“I have the four-star spiritual treasure grass that I just picked here. It’s well preserved. Big brother, do you need it?”

He quickly took out a light green plant from his storage bag. The leaves were tiny and looked like stars. They grew beside the cliff and took a lot of trouble to pick.

Wow, he actually beat me to it!

The person beside him rolled his eyes and said disapprovingly,

“Hurry up and move aside. You only have four-star medicinal plants, yet you still have the nerve to take them out. Big brother, I have five-star demonic beast inner cores here. Take it as an apology for what happened just now.”

Everyone was secretly regretting in their hearts, asking them to be courteous in front of Lin Bai. One by one, they started to rummage through their storage bags.

What was the best way to curry favor with an pill cultivator? Of course, it was to send all kinds of materials. In a short while, colorful demonic beast inner cores and all kinds of medicinal plants were placed in front of Lin Bai for him to choose from.

Even the smiles of the teachers who led the team became especially cordial. They asked if Lin Bai was injured or not.

Laying on the ground, the people from the body cultivation academy looked at the scene in front of them. Lin Bai was like the stars surrounding the moon, while they were covered in dust and dirt. No one cared about them, and they had lost all their dignity and face.

Luo Youlin was angry and anxious. He was so angry that he actually spat out a large mouthful of blood.

His companion beside him exclaimed, “Captain!”

He wiped his mouth to show that he was fine. In a hoarse voice, he said, “Let’s go!” The people from the Body Cultivation Academy had no choice but to help him leave.

At this point, who would help this group of defeated people? Before he left, Luo Youlin turned to look at Lin Bai, his expression becoming more and more ruthless. I won’t let him off just like that!”

No one noticed their departure. Many of the people from the Academy threw olive branches at Lin Bai one after another. With such a big shot around, not only could he fight, but he could also refine pills if they were injured. Who wouldn’t want to be on his good side.

“Big shot, you come to our team. We’ll give you half of all the resources. You have the right to choose any natural treasures or panaceas first.”

There was even someone who introduced himself. “Big brother, although you are very powerful, do you need a helper by your side? I think I am quite suitable.”

There was even someone who licked his face and made up nonsense. “Big brother, actually, I have wanted to invite you since the beginning. Just based on your temperament, you are definitely not someone refined to this pond. It’s just that I have never had the chance to say it out loud. I hope you can give me a chance this time.”

He was really too shameless!

In the face of everyone’s enthusiasm and flattery, Lin Bai naturally knew what they were thinking. It was human nature to seek benefits and avoid harm. When they thought that he was a burden, they would avoid him as much as possible.

Now that there were benefits to be found, they naturally surrounded him. Lin Bai was used to it and said, “There’s no need. I’m used to being alone.”

Seeing Lin Bai’s indifferent expression, everyone turned their noses up. It was no wonder that he was like this. The people who had rejected Lin Bai back then were now so regretful that their intestines had turned green. They couldn’t say anything more as they were afraid that they would annoy boss.

The leading teacher only told Lin Bai to be careful before leading the rest of the people away.

Lin Bai watched them leave and spread out his spiritual sense. After making sure that there was no one else, he turned around and found a quiet valley to transmit his power.

After the satisfying battle just now, the medicinal effect had completely spread out. Lin Bai felt that his entire body was filled with power, and he was like a small furnace.


[The host has passed on a year’s worth of cultivation to Little Green.]

[The 300-fold return has been successfully triggered!]

[The host has received 300 years of cultivation!]

Intense golden light shot out from Lin Bai’s body, and the entire valley was shrouded in the light, emitting a vague pressure. The golden light shot straight into the clouds, as if there was a living being swimming in it. A vague dragon’s roar drifted between the heaven and earth.

If someone looked down from a high place, they would definitely find that the golden light was distributed in a very regular manner, converging into the shape of a giant dragon!

In the mystic essence secretrealm, the boundless mountains were endless. The shadow of the giant golden dragon could be seen among them, as if it was hovering among the mountains, patrolling its territory. Streams of dragon qi slowly gathered and surged in a certain direction.

Little Green was wrapped in layers of golden light, forming a cocoon. Lin Bai could feel the surging energy in its body. He was relieved to know that Little Green was safe and sound.

At this moment, the leading teacher, who had already walked far away, suddenly stopped in his tracks. An unprecedented pressure enveloped his body, making his heart palpitate. However, it was fleeting, as if it was just an illusion.

The other students had not reached that level of cultivation yet, so they did not notice anything.

Seeing him suddenly stop in his tracks, the students around him thought that there was a demonic beast attacking them. They immediately fell into a state of alert and asked nervously, “Teacher, what’s wrong?”

The leading teacher shook his head. “Nothing…”

He turned around and looked. The distant mountains were verdant, and there was a sense of mystery in them, causing people to feel a sense of awe.

“Let’s continue walking.”

Everyone felt that the journey was extremely smooth. “It’s so strange. When we came here, we met many demonic beasts. Why is there not a single one left now?”

“Not to mention demonic beasts, we didn’t even see any ordinary animals. How strange. Where are they hiding?”

The people from the academy were discussing animatedly. What they didn’t know was that those demonic beasts and animals were all cowering in their caves. Those with higher intelligence lowered their heads devoutly, as if they were pilgrims, they were worshipping something.

That direction was where Little Green and Lin Bai were.

The ancient pressure that was engraved in their bloodlines couldn’t be erased even after many years.. Now that it had been awakened, even if this king hadn’t been fully born yet, the pressure that it emitted was still not to be underestimated.

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