Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: This Is Pill Concoction, This Is Eating Food!

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The Scarlet Luan docilely perched on a nearby branch. Its golden feathers and gorgeous tail feathers were like fine gemstones, pleasing to the eye no matter how one looked at it.

However, everyone thought about the flames just now. The temperature was so high that it seemed as if their entire bodies were about to melt. The remaining heat had clearly not dissipated yet, but they couldn’t help but shiver. They only felt their scalps go numb.

A human and a beast had defeated the body cultivator students in such a manner. It was estimated that they would need some time to recover. Now that they had lost their fighting strength, it was obvious that they would not be able to explore the Mystic Essence Secret Realm for a while.

If everyone knew that Lin Bai had a Little Green whose fighting strength was on par with the Scarlet Luan, who knew what they would think.

“I did not expect that the people from the four great academies would be wrong this time. The Body Cultivator Academy has suffered a great setback this time.”

“Exactly. Now that they are in this state, I guess they can only leave the Mystic Essence Secret Realm to recuperate. If they miss this opportunity, they will suffer a great loss.”

“If I had known that Lin Bai was so powerful that even the people from the four major academies couldn’t compare to him, I would have teamed up with him. I would have definitely obtained a lot of benefits.”

The people from the other academies were whispering among themselves. On the other hand, the faces of the four major academies were as ugly as they could be. Although the Body Cultivator Academy was defeated by Lin Bai, they were also implicated.

After all, they had mocked Lin Bai a lot back then. The Body Cultivator Academy’s tragic defeat would inevitably give everyone the illusion that the other academies were no match for Lin Bai.

The people from the Talisman Cultivation Academy and the Beast Tamer Academy could not stand it anymore. They were determined to get back at Lin Bai. Otherwise, if this matter were to spread out, the reputation and honour of the four great academies would be tarnished.

“Don’t be too pleased with yourself. It was just a fluke. You relied on your high-tier pet and Luo Youlin and the others’ carelessness to defeat them.”

The people from the Beast Tamer Academy snorted coldly and stepped forward. When everyone heard this, their expressions were all different. The people from the Talisman Cultivation Academy hurriedly added, “That’s right. It was just good luck. You might not be so lucky next time.”

“I want to challenge you. Do you dare to accept it?”

The people from the Talisman Cultivation Academy and the Beast Tamer Academy spoke one after another. However, Lin Bai’s expression changed, and he turned around and walked to the side.

Everyone was a little confused.

“What? Are you afraid? That’s why you don’t dare to accept our challenge. As expected, you’re a coward!”

Lin Bai’s voice was indifferent. “I’m not free now. My medicinal pills are almost done.”

As his back was facing them, no one could see what he was doing. They only thought that he had found a random excuse to avoid them, and immediately burst into laughter.

“Forget it. Why don’t you find a better reason? Do you really think that we are as gullible as three-year-old children? Why did you suddenly change into a pill concocter?”

Many people had contemptuous looks on their faces, thinking that Lin Bai did not dare to accept the challenge.

Lin Bai appeared in front of everyone with a small broken furnace. By the end of the core formation stage, the Grand Sun True Fire had already become much smaller. Due to the suppression of his aura, it looked no different from an ordinary fire.

When everyone looked at him, they thought that he was cooking with fire.

Someone asked in disbelief, “This is your pill cauldron?”

Lin Bai nodded, and at the same time, he drew out strands of spiritual energy to warm the small broken cauldron.

When the talisman cultivator and the people from the Beast Tamer Academy saw this scene, they almost laughed until their stomachs ached. “You actually call this pill refinement? You’re clearly cooking food!”

The small cauldron was pitch black, as if it had been burned by smoke and fire for many years. If it weren’t for the three legs, it would be hard to tell that it was the shape of a cauldron.

An ordinary pill concoctor, even if they were at the lowest level, would find a way to buy a good cauldron. After all, cauldrons had a greater impact on the quality of medicinal pills.

Moreover, inferior cauldrons were easy to blow up. At that time, the medicinal ingredients and demonic beast inner cores that were put in would all be wasted. In order to avoid great losses and expend energy, they would all pursue a cauldron of good quality.

It was unlike the thing in Lin Bai’s hand. It was pitch-black and did not have any aura. It was as if it had just been dug out from a rubbish heap making it look very shabby.

“And the fire under it? What the hell is all this?”

Everyone looked at the weak flame. They could almost not feel its heat. It looked like it was on the verge of collapse. They were really worried that if a gust of wind blew over, it would be extinguished.

“This cauldron and this little flame, are you here to be a joker. If this setup can be used to concoct a pill, I can even swallow the ashes of the cauldron.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a faint medicinal fragrance came from the air. It felt like a person who had walked in the desert for many days had finally tasted a mouthful of sweet rain. Just this fragrance alone was refreshing and intoxicating.

Lin Bai looked at the person who had spoken just now. The corners of his mouth curled into a faint smile. “What did you say just now?”

“This is impossible! How can you concoct a medicinal pill?”

Everyone did not dare to believe it. However, that medicinal fragrance could not be faked. Everyone knew that if the quality of a medicinal pill was high, there would be a strange phenomenon.

Lin Bai opened the furnace. A faint green smoke instantly burst out like a spring. The withered leaves around him caused from the battle before grew tender green branches once again.

The pure aura of life burst out, and the plants flourished, nourishing all things. In an instant, it was as if one could hear the sound of melting.

The light green fog gradually dissipated, but the inside of the cauldron flickered with spots of golden light, like the pearl of the vast sea, appearing incomparably mysterious.

Inside laid four round medicinal pills. The surface was smooth, without a trace of crack. There were also a few circles of golden patterns surrounding it, making it seem even more precious.

Just by looking at them, one could feel a powerful energy, let alone consuming them.

“Great Fortune Pill!”

Some people who knew the value of the pills shouted out the name of the pill. It was an existence that was even more powerful than the small fortune pill.

Lin Bai was actually not joking. He was really refining pills, using the broken furnace and the unremarkable fire that they had just mocked.

“He actually took advantage of the fight just now to concoct a batch of pills?”

“No way, no way. He just casually concocted it like that, and he even concocted four extreme-grade pills that are in perfect condition.”

As everyone knew, everyone knew that refining pills was extremely dependent on the environment. In the environment just now, when Lin Bai was fighting with the body cultivator students, his aura was mottled. If it was accidentally absorbed, it would easily affect the quality of the pills.

From the looks of these pills, they were not affected at all.. It could be seen how much control he had over the cauldron.

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