Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Where Did This Monster Come From, Is He Really From The Fifth High School?

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“I, I didn’t hear wrongly, did I? What did he say?”

Everyone thought that they were hearing things. Lin Bai, on his own, actually said that he wanted to single-handedly fight the ten people from the body cultivation academy. Even the most powerful people from the Beast Tamer Academy and Sword Cultivation Academy didn’t dare to say this.

One word, arrogant! How arrogant was he.

“Brat, your strength isn’t that great, but your tone isn’t small.”

Lin Bai’s casual expression made Luo Youlin’s fists creak. He wanted to punch him in the face. The other people from the body cultivation academy also glared at him. These words were undoubtedly humiliating them.

“Since you’ve already spoken, as seniors, we’ll teach you the principles of being a person!”

Under the leadership of Luo Youlin, the people from the Body Cultivation Academy surrounded Lin Bai. They burst out with tyrannical power and saw an endless stream of towering green mountains appearing before everyone’s eyes.

Their bodies emitted several rays of divine light that were overflowing with colors. Their auras were extraordinary. With every step they took, the ground would shake. It was as if they were giants from ancient times, walking amidst the vast mountains.

Seeing the deep pit footprints they had left on the ground, the people from the other academies were filled with emotion.

“As expected of the Body Cultivation Academy. They forged their bodies and entered the Dao through martial arts. With such a terrifying aura, I’m afraid ordinary people won’t be able to break through their defenses.”

It was indeed the case. Unlike talisman cultivators and beast masters, the people from the Body Cultivation Academy didn’t need to wear any defensive magical treasures, because their bodies were the strongest armor.

The few of them shouted at the same time, and a strong wind instantly blew around them. A strange fluctuation spread rapidly toward Lin Bai with them as the center. Even the others who were watching the battle at the side also retreated dozens of meters to avoid being affected.

Luo Youlin took a step forward and said, “Move the Five Mountains!”

He drew a strong air current with his hands, and a few giant trees nearby were actually broken at the waist, as if he had really pushed something.

In the next second, a giant palm appeared in the air, covering the sky and the Sun. It mercilessly pressed toward Lin Bai. Under the giant palm, everyone were like ants, unable to resist at all.

Lin Bai’s expression was the same as usual. He stood where he was, and his deep eyes were like a calm ancient well.

“What’s going on? Is he scared silly? He even forgot to resist and escape, and he’s still acting tough even now?”

“Hehe, wasn’t he arrogant just now? If you have the ability, then continue acting so arrogantly.”

“This move is indeed powerful. Body cultivators are able to take a beating and fight. Even we have to spend some effort to deal with them, not to mention this kid.”

Everyone discussed animatedly. They believed that Lin Bai would definitely lose. Even Luo Youlin’s eyes revealed a hint of contempt.

However, in the next second, his expression suddenly became dull.

The towering green mountain and the ancient giant, which were originally unstoppable, were about to crush Lin Bai’s body. However, they seemed to have been blocked by something and were actually unable to advance any further.

When everyone saw the two gigantic creatures stop in mid-air, they looked at each other in bewilderment, not knowing what they were up to.

Little did they know that the faces of the people from the Body Cultivation Academy had turned pale. The powerful spiritual pressure on their bodies made it difficult for them to breathe. Everyone sank into the ground, as if they could still hear the sound of bones breaking, “What, what’s going on?”

In comparison, Lin Bai’s expression was relaxed. Luo Youlin and the others were the ones who had exerted the force, but now it seemed to have been reversed.

The others also noticed that something was wrong with the people from the Body Cultivation Academy and said in confusion, “Why do I feel that the situation a little strange? The one suffering should be this brat, but why does it seem like it’s the other way around?”

Luo Youlin gritted his teeth and persevered. His forehead was covered in sweat. “This brat is a little strange. Let’s end this battle quickly.”

Everyone exerted their strength in unison. The giant finally took a step forward. He suddenly raised his foot with an unstoppable momentum, wanting to trample Lin Bai under his feet. Seeing this, Luo Youlin and the others finally let out a sigh of relief.

However, they only heard a cry of surprise.

“Look at what that is!”

Gorgeous tail feathers streaked across the sky like a brilliant meteor, crashing into the towering green mountains and the giant at an extremely fast speed. A billowing heat wave assaulted their faces, and Luo Youlin and the others were like cooked prawns, their faces were extremely red.

It was as if they saw a red sun slowly rising.

Before they could react, the red light was just inches away from them. Their pupils suddenly constricted, and they finally saw the creature at the center of the flame. It was a Scarlet Luan that was emitting golden light all over its body!

It was as if a Phoenix had descended into the world. It was so piercing that one could hardly open their eyes. The enormous pressure made one’s legs go weak. Forget about escaping, at this moment, their minds were completely blank, and their entire bodies were drenched in sweat.

The towering green mountain and the ancient giant were blasted away. On the other hand, Lin Bai seemed as if nothing had happened.

Everyone smelled a burning smell. The hair of the people from the Body Cultivation Academy was charred black, and their clothes were also burned to the point of holes of varying sizes. They looked no different from the beggars on the streets.

It was truly too miserable.

Even so, there were still people who were unconvinced. “This is nothing. You’re just relying on your pet beast. If you have the power, you can fight on your own.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Bai finally moved. His hands formed a seal, and his entire aura changed. It was as if even his bones and blood were flashing with a golden light. He looked indestructible, and those who did not know him would think that he was the one from the Body Cultivation Academy.


He suddenly punched out, and it was as if the mountains were collapsing and the earth was cracking. The stars fell, and an unstoppable fist intent swept over. Being swept by this strong wind, everyone felt a chill on their foreheads. Countless pieces of hair fell to the ground, and they were instantly overwhelmed with shock.

The people from the other academies were flabbergasted. “What, what kind of fist technique is this? It actually has such a powerful force.”

Luo Youlin and the others were greatly shocked. They had also sensed the power of this move, so they hurriedly gathered all the strength in their bodies and once again condensed a huge shadow in the air.

However, it was only the fist wind, and the shadow had already dissipated before it had fully formed. At this moment, Luo Youlin and the others already had the intention to retreat. They regretted agreeing to Lin Bai’s duel.

Unfortunately, it was too late for them to regret now.


A huge crater was created on the ground. Lin Bai knew his limits and did not want to kill anyone. He was still some distance away from the body cultivator students, but even so, they were still blasted everywhere by the wind from the fist.

Everyone’s expression was blank. There was only one thought in their minds. Where did this monster come from!

“Is he really from Fifth High School?”

“We can’t even defeat his pet!”

“We thought that bird was powerful enough. We didn’t expect him to be even stronger.. No wonder he dares to act alone. We underestimated him before!”

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