Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Just In Time For Dispersing The Medicinal Effect, Attack Me Together

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Seeing that there were still some materials left, Lin Bai, on the principle of not wasting them, threw them all into the small broken furnace. He estimated that he should be able to refine another batch.

Lin Bai divided out a small portion of the Sun True Fire to warm the pill furnace. He sensed that the qi in his body seemed to have become hotter, and he knew that he had to start dispersing the medicinal effect as soon as possible.

Otherwise, once the medicinal effect had worn off, the effects would be greatly reduced.

“I reckon there wouldn’t be any demonic beasts here.”

This area was the territory of the three-headed exploding crocodile. He still needed to walk a little further. As expected, after Lin Bai walked out of the Crystal Lake, he encountered a few more demonic beasts. It was just that they no longer had a cultivation as high as the three-headed crocodile, so it was too easy to deal with them.

At the same time, some of the students from the four great academies also bumped into each other by chance.

Compared to the high-spirited state they were when they first entered the secret realm, they were now in a sorry state. There were more or less some wounds on their bodies, and it was obvious that they had experienced a lot of beatings.

“When I first entered the secret realm, I encountered a demonic beast at the first level of the Xiantian state. I spent a lot of effort to cut off one of its hands, but in the end, I actually let it escape. Not only were there heavy casualties, but we also didn’t get anything. It’s really unlucky.”

The people from the Sword Cultivation Academy were dejected, and the people from the Body Cultivation Academy beside them couldn’t help but show sympathy.

“Then we are even more unlucky. We originally wanted to pick the exquisite fruit, but who would have thought that its guardian demonic beast was actually at the third level of the Xiantian state, the Howling Moon Ice Wolf. If we didn’t run fast, I’m afraid we would have become dinner by now.”

“We are the same. Those demonic beasts are each harder to deal with than the last. Until now, we haven’t even taken a breather. Even if we don’t die in the mouths of those demonic beasts, we would die from fatigue.”

The people from the several large academies ridiculed one after another. After hearing the other party’s encounter, they were like brothers in distress. No one revealed a gloating and mocking expression. After all, they weren’t any better off.

“I don’t know if you have felt it, but the overall level of the demonic beasts we encountered in the Mystic Essence Secret realm this time has increased quite a bit.”

Compared to the students who were in a sorry state, the leading teachers seemed much more relaxed. Unless the safety of their lives was truly threatened, they wouldn’t make a move.


A beast roar came from not far away. The students who had just experienced a fierce battle were like frightened birds. They looked over in astonishment and saw countless flying birds hovering in the air.

They vaguely heard several loud noises. They looked at each other, not knowing what had happened.

“Could it be that another demonic beast has run over?”

“Can we even catch our breaths?”

Everyone was talking at the same time. Unlike them, the leading teacher had a high cultivation level, and his spiritual sense could cover a wider area. He could feel that there was a powerful spiritual power in front of him besides the demonic beasts.

“There seems to be someone over there. Let’s go over and see what’s going on.”

The moment he finished speaking, a beam of fire shot into the sky, almost burning half of the sky. Even the white clouds had turned bright red, and there was a faint heat wave coming from it. This was definitely not something that demonic beasts could cause.

Everyone looked surprised. “No way. which big shot could cause such a big commotion? Could it be from the Sword Cultivation Academy?”

After hearing this, the people from the Sword Cultivation Academy hurriedly shook their heads and said, “It shouldn’t be from our academy. Our academy focuses on swords. This spiritual power is more likely caused by the battle techniques of pet beasts.”

The other people’s gazes fell on the Beast tamer Academy one after another. They were also completely confused, without any thoughts.

“From our academy? That doesn’t seem to be the case. I remember that although there are a lot of fire-type beast pets, none of them are as powerful as this.”

“Could it be that some low-key big shot has been hiding his strength all this time, so we don’t know.”

It was needless to say that those who cultivated in talismans mainly relied on talismans. Although their spiritual energy wasn’t strong, there was a possibility that they had all sorts of strange talismans.

As for the people from the body cultivation academy, they could be excluded. After all, they were all training their bodies and using objects to enter the Dao. They didn’t have much contact with spiritual power.

From the looks of it, it didn’t seem like anyone from any academy. When everyone got closer, the more they looked, the more shocked they were.

Along the way, countless towering trees were broken at the waist, and the ground was in a complete mess. One could imagine what kind of battle this person had gone through, and everyone gasped in amazement.

When they rushed over, a seven-star demonic beast, the heaven-piercing pangolin, fell down with a loud crash, and a figure stood in front of them.

After seeing its appearance clearly, everyone said in unison, “It’s him!”

It was Lin Bai, one of the three people who had been despised previously. Looking around, he did not see any other people, and an unbelievable thought appeared in everyone’s mind.

Could it be that he had dealt with the sky-piercing pangolin alone?

Seeing that Lin Bai was the only one around, the leader’s expression changed slightly. “Why are you alone? Where are your other teammates?!”

One had to know that the secret realm was fraught with danger, which was why they had asked everyone to form a team. If danger arose, there would be people who could look for an opportunity to seek help.

Lin Bai was alone. If he really encountered something that could not be solved, he might not even know how he died. If there were really casualties, the leading teacher would also take responsibility.

Lin Bai shrugged helplessly. “I’m by myself. I’ve mentioned joining other teams, but no one is willing to take me. Moreover, you never said that no one is allowed to act alone, right?”

The leading teacher was rendered speechless by him. His gaze fell on the people from the other academies.

Seeing that Lin Bai wanted to blame them, the people from the Body Cultivation Academy had a bad temper. They could not stand it immediately.

“What do you mean by no one is bringing you along? Don’t you know what you’re capable of? Don’t you know to take the initiative to quit so that you won’t drag others down?”

“That’s right. You still have the face to blame others for not bringing you along. Now, it’s our fault .”

Lin Bai looked at the arrogance of this group of people and sneered, “I’m just a burden to others. Since you guys are so powerful, then just make your move. Don’t complain.”

Everyone thought that they were hearing things. This person was at the tail end of an ordinary academy and had just broken through to the Houtian state, was actually so arrogant and wanted to challenge them. What was the difference between this and an egg hitting a rock.

They had always been the only ones who were insolent. Now that they had met a person who was even more insolent than them. The people from the big academies were instantly in an uproar.

“Agree to him! Beat this arrogant brat to the ground and let him know how powerful we are!”

The captain of the Body Cultivation Academy, Luo Youlin, did not hesitate. He directly rolled up his sleeves and said, “Since you want to die, I will fulfill your wish!” After saying that, he was about to walk forward.

“Wait a moment.”

Seeing that Lin Bai suddenly spoke, Luo Youlin revealed a contemptuous smile. “Why are you afraid? It’s not too late to regret now. As long as you kneel down and kowtow to me three times and call me ‘Grandpa’, this matter will –”

Before he could finish his words, Lin Bai spoke slowly.

“All of you can attack together.”

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