Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Pill Concoction Success, Minor Extreme Grade – Essence Returning Pill

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Lin Bai took out the cauldron that he had bought from the Green Lotus Medicine Shop from his storage bag. Rather than calling it a cauldron, it was more like a small broken furnace. Its entire body was pitch black and no different to a cooking furnace. It was also missing a corner.

He had tried to clean it before, but it had no effect. He did not know what the black thing on the body of the cauldron was, but he could not get rid of it no matter how hard he tried. Therefore, Lin Bai just let it be.

No one had ever taught Lin Bai how to concoct pills, so he had to fumble around on his own. In addition, elder Xie had casually imparted a few words of knowledge to him, as well as a beginner-level pill concoction book.

After reading for a long time, Lin Bai suddenly lost interest. “It’s all theory without any practical knowledge. Why don’t I try it out myself?”

He threw the book to the side and looked at the three round and smooth inner cores before putting them in without hesitation. It was as if he was throwing something worthless. If an ordinary person saw it, they would definitely scold him for wasting heaven’s gifts.

This kind of demonic beast inner core could be considered high-grade. No matter what, it needed a precious cauldron to refine it in order to be able to release its full effect. But now, Lin Bai was using such a small broken furnace.

The key was that it was his first time refining pills. It was already a blessing for a novice to be able to keep the furnace from exploding, let alone succeed. Generally, they would take worthless herbs to practice, and then use inner cores after they were familiar with the procedure.

Yet, Lin Bai started with three precious inner cores.

Lin Bai sat cross-legged with a small broken furnace placed in front of him. Because of the contract, he could share the pet’s skills, so he didn’t need Little Red to light a fire for him.

A ball of flame slowly condensed in his palm. It seemed mild and harmless, but it could burn everything. Thinking of the power of the Sun True Fire, Lin Bai couldn’t help but worry if the small broken furnace could withstand it.

If it burned through, how would find another cauldron in such a short time. Lin Bai carefully controlled the fire and approached the small broken furnace. If there was anything wrong, he would immediately take it back.

Unexpectedly, the small broken furnace did not respond. He tried to increase the flame’s power again, but it was still the same.

“As expected, my judgment is not wrong.”

Even though the small broken furnace looked unremarkable, like a useless cauldron, it was able to withstand the temperature of the Sun True Fire. Just from that, one could tell that the cauldron was extraordinary.

Lin Bai carefully examined it a few more times and found that other than being able to withstand high temperatures, there was nothing special about it. The body of the cauldron did not change much, so he immediately focused his attention on refining the pill.

Although he was still unable to understand the mystery behind it, he would find out about the origins of this small broken furnace sooner or later. The most important thing now was to refine this pill properly.

Lin Bai focused all his attention on the three inner cores in the cauldron. White mist rose from the body of the cauldron and swirled around it. He increased the intensity of the fire and the Sun True Fire lit up his face, causing it to turn slightly red.

At the same time, he used his spiritual power to control the three inner cores to fuse together. Green, white, and red rays of light interweaved together. However, Lin Bai was extremely patient. It was as if he was peeling a cocoon, allowing them to gradually fuse together.

After a moment, he added in a few more herbs that he needed to use. The moment the herbs were put in, they instantly turned into green juice that slowly flowed and dripped onto the three inner cores.

Although the body of the cauldron did not seem to have any burning aura, the temperature inside was terrifyingly high,

the contact between the herbs and the inner core seemed to produce some kind of mysterious reaction. The originally indestructible inner core actually collapsed quickly, and something seemed to have melted.

Lin Bai controlled the juice. It was as if a light rain had fallen inside the cauldron. Countless green liquids gathered in it, almost drowning the original inner core. Their original color had become a little dim.

The three inner cores finally showed signs of merging. They slowly approached and stuck together. Even so, there were still three colors on the body of the pills. They looked a little mottled, and there were still some impurities that had not been expelled.

Seeing that the time was almost right, Lin Bai closed the lid of the cauldron. The Sun True Fire in his hand suddenly shot up high and instantly swallowed the small broken furnace. A faint black shadow could be seen.

“I wonder if I succeeded.”

Lin Bai muttered to himself. His eyes were burning as he stared at the small broken furnace. At the same time, the Grand Sun True Fire was maintained at the same level of power to avoid being too high or too cold, which would affect the final quality of the pill.

After an unknown period of time, a faint medicinal fragrance that was refreshing to the heart and mind was transmitted over. Lin Bai’s spirit was roused as he saw several rays of divine brilliance suddenly blossoming on the small broken furnace. They were like multicolored clouds that swept across the sky, dazzling and colorful.

Those medicinal fragrances condensed and took shape. For a moment, they transformed into countless rare and precious herbs. All sorts of marvelous sights caused people to sigh in amazement.

If those who knew how to concoct medicinal pills were here and saw this scene, they would definitely know that Lin Bai had succeeded. This was because only if he had succeeded would this happen. Moreover, it was a high-quality medicinal pill that would cause abnormal phenomena to appear.

“Is it going to work?”

“Buzz –”

A clanging sound came from within the cauldron. Even the lid was blown away by the powerful airwave.

Even Little Red and Little Green, who were on guard by the side, were attracted by this. They looked at the cauldron that was floating in mid-air with the words “I want to eat” written all over their faces.

Lin Bai extinguished the Grand Sun True Fire and carefully opened the lid of the cauldron. He saw that there were dozens of small pills laying quietly inside. Their shapes were round and their five stripes of pill patterns were shining brightly.

Minor extreme grade essence return pill! It could directly bring in half a year’s worth of cultivation.

One had to know that this was Lin Bai’s first time refining pills, and it was unexpectedly smooth. There was no sign of an explosion in the furnace, and the quality of the pills was still of the highest grade.

If others were to find out, their jaws would probably drop in shock. After all, even an experienced alchemist would occasionally have the risk of an explosion in the furnace, let alone guarantee the grade of the pills.

However, this was the first time Lin Bai concocted pills and he had almost reached the peak of others.

Lin Bai swallowed it without hesitation. Soon, a warm current surged up, and countless spiritual power surged into his meridians. He did not expect the medicinal effect to be so fast.

He was once again dumbfounded. He did not know that ordinary essence return pills, no matter how high the quality was, would need some time to take effect. However, this batch that he concocted was actually able to come into effect in an instant.

He did not know if it was because of this little broken furnace.

Lin Bai’s blood qi surged all over his body, and his cheeks were slightly red. His entire body had gained a few years of cultivation out of thin air, and it was as if his entire body was unable to exert its full strength.

After consuming the essence return pill, there was a special characteristic that required the user to spread its effect. Moreover, this pill was of minor extreme grade quality. After all, it could bring about half a year’s cultivation in an instant. He had to stretch out all the muscles and bones in his body in order for the medicinal properties to be able to disperse and achieve the best effect.

The best way was to fight a battle.

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