Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: One Against Three, Little Green’s Breakthrough

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If it were any other ordinary person, they wouldn’t even have time to run for their lives when facing the explosion three-headed crocodile, let alone fight it. Even if the people from the four great academies joined forces to deal with it, it would still be difficult.

It was simply unbelievable if news of Lin Bai single-handedly destroying it with two pet beasts spread out.

“This explosive three-headed crocodile is indeed difficult to deal with.”

Lin Bai held onto the tree trunk and panted slightly. Other than his slightly tattered body, there were traces of icicles and raging flames on his clothes, but there were no other obvious wounds.

If not for the fact that the explosive three-headed crocodile had underestimated its enemy and lost a head, the fierce battle would not have ended even now.

The biggest reason why this area of water was called the Crystal Lake was because of its beautiful scenery, as if it was a fairyland. The surface of the lake was like a crystal embedded in the forest, hence its name.

However, there were also powerful demonic beasts guarding it at the same time, and ordinary people didn’t dare to enter easily. The four great academies had deep foundations, and they had a part of the map of the Mystic Yuan secret realm, thus they avoided this place.

Lin Bai unexpectedly barged into this place by accident and even met the leader of the demonic beast, the exploding three-headed crocodile.

He meditated for a moment and soon recovered. This place was originally a paradise. Now it was not only riddled with potholes, but even the vegetation had been lifted up, revealing black scorched soil. Beside it were broken trees, it was a complete mess.

The Crystal Lake was even more turbid, stained with an ominous blood color. The huge beast corpse floated in it. Even though the three-headed crocodile was dead, its three heads still retained the malevolence and unwillingness from when it was alive.

Anyone who saw this scene could not help but feel apprehensive.

“Hiss, hiss –”

Next to it, Little Green was anxiously sticking out its tongue. Its entire body was emitting a faint green light as if something was surging within it. It struggled to come out. That ball of light swam all over its body and finally arrived at the seven inches above its head.

It was restles. The tip of its tail slapped the ground hard, stirring up a cloud of dust.

“Little Green, what’s wrong with you?”

Everyone knew that the snake’s seven inches was the most fatal part. It rolled on the ground in pain, giving Lin Bai a fright. He hurriedly took a step forward to check its condition.

Lin Bai condensed spiritual power from his palm and poured it into Little Green’s body, slightly smoothing out the restless spiritual power. Only then did he know that Little Green was actually shown signs of a breakthrough after the battle just now, but it was just a little bit short of an opportunity.

“I see.”

The explosive three-headed crocodile had just died, and the cultivation in its body had not completely dissipated. Lin Bai hurriedly stretched out his hand and absorbed all of this into his body. Then, he passed it on to Little Green, who was in urgent need of a breakthrough.

Little Green, who was still struggling fiercely, suddenly relaxed its body. Even its expression became calm. Lin Bai placed it on the ground. He could only see a huge spell formation covering its entire body, but he could not see clearly what was inside.

At the same time, an incomparably huge phantom slowly rose from Little Green’s back.

Its body was endless. Its head and tail were nowhere to be seen. Its head was like a camel, its horns were like a deer, its eyes were like a rabbit, its ears were like a cow, its neck was like a snake, its abdomen was like a clam, its scales were like a carp, its claws were like an eagle, and its palms were like a tiger. It was a majestic true dragon!

The Scarlet Luan Bird, which was originally circling in the sky, sensed an inexplicable ancient pressure. At this time, it also retracted its wings and stopped on a branch at the side, silently watching Little Green’s transformation.

The True Dragon’s shadow flashed past and quickly entered Little Green’s body. It was so fast that Lin Bai almost thought it was an illusion, but the faint residual power in the air could not fool anyone.

After an unknown amount of time, the light finally gradually dissipated. Lin Bai finally saw clearly that Little Green’s body had become longer. The bulge on its head had finally turned into a small horn.

The claws on its abdomen were still short and small, looking like ornaments. However, the flickering cold light spoke volumes about its sharpness.

Lin Bai received Little Green’s excitement and joy.

This time, not only had it obtained the explosive three-headed crocodile skill, [Icicle] , but it had also leveled up [Emanate Fog] to [Poisonous Fog]. This had the effect of causing the enemy to lose their direction while also dealing a certain amount of damage.

Just as Lin Bai and Little Green were feeling happy, the Scarlet Luan on the other side suddenly opened its mouth wide and spat out a mouthful of pure flame.

The color of this flame was different from what they had seen before. The outside was actually a faint golden color, as if it was surrounded by the light of the Sun. The inside was pure red, as if the red Sun had just been born

The most surprising thing was that the flame did not have any temperature. Even Lin Bai, who was so close to it, could not feel any burning aura.


However, when it landed on the ground, it suddenly burned a huge pit. One could imagine its power.

The Scarlet Luan burped. As if it was showing off, it spread its wings and circled above Lin Bai’s head. From time to time, it would spit out a small ring of fire, and its gorgeous tail feathers would pass through it. Those who did not know the truth would think that it was performing acrobatics.

Lin Bai did not know whether to laugh or cry when he saw it.

It turned out that the Scarlet Luan’s true fire had also absorbed the three-headed exploding crocodile’s [Raging Fire] and turned into a sixth grade [Sun True Fire]. It was much higher than the third grade of fire of the Green Lotus Medicine Shop.

If an ordinary flame wanted to level up, the requirements were extremely harsh. Not only did it have to swallow another type of flame, but it also had many restrictions. The main reason was that the Scarlet Luan had the Phoenix bloodline in its body.

When a Phoenix controlled fire, the true fire would naturally have a different reaction. That was why it was so easy. If it was an ordinary person, whether they could succeed or not would be a problem.

The two pet beasts had both leveled up their skills, but Little Green had also broken through. Based on the principle of not wasting resources, Lin Bai’s gaze fell on the three-headed crocodile’s corpse.

In just a few moments, it was as if he was chopping vegetables and melons. The huge beast body was quickly dismembered and he quickly found the inner core. When he felt it, there he found that there was actually three more, and he was instantly overjoyed.

“Good fellow, it was not in vain for me to fight with it for so long. It was worth three at a time.”

In front of it were three extremely round inner cores. One was covered in green shadows, one was glowing with water and ice-cold air, and the other was a scarlet flame.

“Three inner cores in one go. It saved me the trouble of looking for other demon beasts. I can try that pill recipe.”

This was the territory of the exploding three-headed crocodile. Ordinary demonic beasts would definitely not dare to enter. Refining pills here was a good choice, and there was no need to look for a new place.

Refining pills also had requirements on the environment, and it would also affect the quality of the pills. The spiritual energy here was abundant, and there was the residual power of the exploding three-headed crocodile. It was the most suitable place.

Even so, Lin Bai did not let down his guard.. He let Little Green and Little Red guard him while he began to prepare the pills.

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