Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Are You F * cking Playing Fire With A Phoenix?

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The explosion three-headed crocodile glared at Lin Bai. Even though one of its heads had already been destroyed by Lin Bai, the remaining two were still not easy to deal with. Instead, they had fallen into a frenzy.

Bubbles began to appear on the originally calm surface of the lake. They grew larger and larger. A dark vortex began to condense in the middle of the lake. The clear and transparent waters gradually became darker, and the scene inside could not be seen clearly,

Half of the exploding three-headed crocodile’s body appeared above the surface of the water, and its two heads looked even more ferocious. It looked like a prehistoric giant beast as it opened its mouth aggressively.


A water dragon descended from the sky and charged toward Lin Bai. The dragon’s eyes were bright, and it bared its fangs and brandished its claws. It gave off a supreme dignity, as if it was a real dragon.

A dense and cold water vapor rushed towards him, instantly freezing one’s blood. Just as it was about to approach, a green light flashed rapidly and blocked in front of Lin Bai.

It was Little Green, who had not made a move all this while. As it turned out, when it saw the Scarlet Luan bird and the three exploding crocodiles fighting, its heart had long been itching for an opportunity to show itself. Naturally, it could not wait to rush forward.

Although Little Green’s figure was smaller than the water dragon, it was agile. It was like a green chain that instantly wrapped around the water dragon, trapping it within and preventing it from moving.

The dragon’s roars continued, but it was useless. After all, it was still an illusion, so how could it compare to Little Green, who had the bloodline of a true dragon.

The water dragon’s figure became dimmer and dimmer until it finally disappeared in the air. The water droplets that filled the sky suddenly fell back to the surface of the lake. The three headed exploding crocodiles saw that their attack was easily neutralized by Little Green, and their beast eyes became more and more irritable.


With a sharp cry, the entire surface of the lake became boiling like boiling water. However, the temperature in the air became lower and lower, and light blue ice crystals condensed on the grass and trees. It was difficult for them to defend agains the severe cold, and they gradually withered.

This layer of ice crystals rapidly expanded outward at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was obviously very hot in midsummer, but the temperature in the water area was terrifyingly low, as if they were in the middle of winter.

Lin Bai felt a bone-piercing chill and immediately opened his defensive barrier, enveloping him, Little Green, and Little Red.

It was unknown when it started to rain, but when the raindrops fell on the ground, they created a deep pit.

Lin Bai had an ominous premonition in his heart. He saw the explosive crocodile spew out cold air. In the blink of an eye, the raindrops formed an ice cone floating in the air, surrounding the man and the two beasts.

He didn’t expect it to have such an ability.

Seeing the explosive three-headed crocodile slowly approaching, Lin Bai would have to expend a lot of energy if he were to fight it head-on, not to mention whether his defensive barrier would be able to withstand it.

“Little Green, distribute fog!”

It was damp here and there was a water area nearby. The three-headed explosion crocodile relied on its advantage here to be able to summon wind and rain. Little Green was also of the water attribute and had the bloodline of a true dragon. It could also do the same.

As soon as it finished speaking, the Green Mist slowly rose and swallowed Lin Bai’s figure. The three-headed alligator immediately lost its attack direction, and the icicles fell to the ground.

It walked around restlessly. It knew that the enemy was here, but it lost its direction. Its heavy and hurried breathing could be heard, like a huge bellows.

Lin Bai was nearby. A stream of divine power slashed at the three-headed explosive crocodile’s body like a sharp sword. The originally indestructible scales suddenly split open, revealing the flesh inside.

The three-headed explosive crocodile suddenly bit down, but missed. Lin Bai arrived on another tree like a ghost.


Unable to bite down, the three-headed explosion crocodile was like a headless fly. It began to rampage. It kept feeling that Lin Bai was right beside it, but missed.

Lin Bai relied on his ability to see and use of sneak attacks on the three-headed explosion crocodile from time to time. Even though it could not cause fatal damage to the crocodile, it had broken through its defense.

Its strong tail swept behind it like a hammer. It was like a merciless bulldozer that knocked down towering trees one after another, trying to find traces of Lin Bai.

Seeing that the three-headed explosion crocodile had once again revealed its weak point, it was just about to go forward when one of its heads turned around and almost caught Lin Bai off guard.

It turned out that the three-headed explosive crocodile had also learned its lesson and wanted to bait him, so it deliberately revealed its weak point.

The temperature suddenly rose, and its bloody mouth was just inches away from Lin Bai. A stinky wind blew over, and countless flames were like lava. For a moment, it was as if a volcano had erupted.

Fortunately, Lin Bai suddenly bent down and rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding it. Even so, his clothes and hair could not help but be stained with sparks, and the faint smell of his hair being burnt could still be felt.

Damn it, three heads with three elements.

The huge flames soared into the sky, as if the entire forest was about to be set ablaze. The moisture in the air was evaporated, and at the same time, the green fog was dispersed.

The three-headed explosive crocodile finally saw Lin Bai’s figure. It was like a cannonball, and its scarlet beast eyes were filled with bone-deep hatred. After all, all the wounds on its body were caused by this person in front of it.

Along the way, it kept spitting out flames like a volcano erupting. Wherever it passed, the ground was scorched. The tongues of fire raged, giving rise to countless manic fire beasts that crazily destroyed everything in front of it.

The raging flames were about to swallow Lin Bai whole. A clear cry could be heard. The Scarlet Luan was blocking in front of it. It flapped its wings, and its entire body shone with golden light.

Looking at the raging flames, it actually swallowed them in one gulp.

With the Phoenix Bloodline, why would Little Red be afraid of these things? After all, who had the ability to compete with a Phoenix in fire?

Even if the bloodline in its body had not been activated, it was more than enough to deal with the three-headed explosion crocodile’s flames.

The Scarlet Luan pecked at its feathers. After swallowing the flames, it became even redder and brighter, as if it was plated with a faint layer of golden light. It seemed as if it still had some unfinished business.

The three-headed explosion crocodile was extremely unwilling to accept the fact that its attacks had been neutralized again and again. It let out a long cry, and a huge fireball slowly condensed in the air, just like the Sun.

The Scarlet Luan bird’s eyes were also burning with fighting spirit, and it also opened its mouth widely. It was the true fire that contained the power of the Phoenix.

The two forces collided in the air, and a huge airflow swept to the side. Fire meteors fell from the sky one after another, creating a dreamlike scene.

Lin Bai gathered the spiritual power in his hand and followed closely behind. Along with the power of the true fire, it hit the body of the explosion three-headed crocodile.


The remaining two heads of the explosive three-headed crocodile were also hit.. They rolled into the water and dyed a part of the water red.

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