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Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Three-Headed Explosion Crocodile!

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The strong trees were intertwined, like ancient dragons sleeping on the land. The exposed branches and leaves were its pulse, and rings of growth rings bore witness to the traces of time.

Lin Bai walked among them. The light became dimmer and dimmer. He could barely see the huge marks on the ground, as well as the traces of some kind of creature passing by. He could not help but fall into deep thought.

It looked like the footprints of some kind of reptile.

Just as Lin Bai was thinking, he vaguely heard the sound of water. He carefully pushed aside the grass that was half the height of a man in front of him. Not far away, there was a white light refracting.

When he got closer, he found that it was a lake. Little Red was hovering in the sky.

The lake was so big that it had no boundaries. It was so clear that one could see the bottom. It was like a transparent crystal embedded in the forest. The towering boulders surrounding it were like the most loyal guards guarding this place.

Lin Bai looked around and did not find anything unusual.

“Could it be that we made a mistake?”

He frowned slightly and saw that the surroundings were quiet. There was no trace of any small animals on the green grass. Logically speaking, there would more or less be the shadow of demonic beasts next to such a water source.

However, other than the giant footprints that he had just found, there was nothing unusual in the area. It was quiet and peaceful, as if he had entered a fairyland by mistake.

That wasn’t right!

This place was too quiet, which was why it seemed so strange.

Lin Bai did not see the ripples that formed in the middle of the water surface. In the end, they grew larger and larger, as if something was about to come out.

Little Red’s cry became even more urgent.


With a loud explosion, water that was half the height of a person surged up from the surface of the lake. Countless water droplets shot up into the sky, as if it was raining, blocking Lin Bai’s vision. A huge head emerged from the water.

The serrated teeth were arranged in a neat and orderly manner, as if it could swallow a person whole with a single bite. The faint beast eyes stared at Lin Bai in a straight line shape, causing one to shudder at the sight.

This was actually an incomparably ferocious explosion crocodile!

It suddenly opened its bloody mouth, and a fishy wind blew against his face. At the same time, the air was filled with an indescribable strange smell, and a dark green fog surged over.

This fog was obviously poisonous. Lin Bai hurriedly swallowed the detoxification pill that Chen Wu had given him earlier. The flowers and plants that came into contact with the dark green gas instantly withered, showing how powerful the poison was.

The explosive crocodile only popped out its head, and most of its body was hidden under the water. Therefore, Lin Bai did not know how big it was, but judging from the movement just now, its body was definitely not small. It should be at Xiantian level one.

Lin Bai himself was also at Xiantian level one, so it was not difficult for him to deal with it. As long as he did not go into the water, it would be fine. After all, the water was not his home ground.

Seeing that Lin Bai had easily dodged its attack, the alligator exerted its strength again. The dark green fog turned into poisonous arrows that almost covered the sky and earth.

The dark green light carried a strong wind and came over. It was an almost impenetrable existence.

Lin Bai shuttled through it. His figure was like a ghost. Spiritual energy spread out, forming a transparent protective barrier that enveloped his entire body.

Little Red would occasionally harass the explosive crocodile in the sky and give it a claw. The explosion crocodile’s skin was rough and its flesh was thick. Although Little Red could not break through its defense, it was able to disturb its mind.

Clearly, the explosion crocodile was also annoyed by Little Red. However, Little Red had wings after all and its speed was agile. The two of them could not do anything to each other.


The alligator roared and took advantage of Little Red’s attack. It suddenly stood up and bit towards Little Red. Little Red was like a red flame as it quickly flew through the air and dropped a few bright red feathers.

Lin Bai could vaguely see that there was a shadow under the water, but it was not clear. It seemed that there was something stirring inside. He immediately had a bad premonition and secretly raised his vigilance.

Because Little Green was small and the explosion crocodile was in the water, it was temporarily not of any use to the situation. The explosion crocodile was currently fighting with Little Red.

As for Lin Bai, it didn’t consider Lin Bai a threat at all. To the crocodile, Lin Bai was just an ant, but it didn’t notice that the ant in his eyes had already quietly approached.

Lin Bai gathered the strength of his palms with both hands and found the most vulnerable part of the explosive crocodile’s head. A dazzling white light shot out from his hands. It was brilliant and incomparably powerful.

By the time the exploding crocodile noticed it, it was already too late.


The Octane Blast and the Heaven Devouring Myriad Phase Art were activated at the same time. It was as if a mountain was toppling over. Heaven and earth were turned upside down as they hit the head of the exploding crocodile. It was as if fireworks had exploded. One could even hear the sound of bones breaking.

The head of the explosion crocodile fell straight into the water, creating a huge splash. What was strange was that its body was floating on the surface of the water and did not sink.

Little Red circled low, wanting to find out what was going on.

Lin Bai looked at the place where he found the shadow. The two shadows were no longer there. Sensing that something was wrong, he hurriedly shouted, “Be careful!”

Almost at the same time, the water splashed in all directions. Another head popped out. Its sharp fangs were about to bite Little Red’s neck, but they were suddenly interrupted by Lin Bai.

It opened its mouth unwillingly and shot out a few ice arrows in Little Red’s direction. Wherever they passed, even the temperature dropped. Little Red’s flying speed slowed down when its wings touched it.

The explosion crocodile’s gaze landed on Lin Bai. This time, its beast eyes flickered with a scarlet and brutal light. Its gaze was as if it wanted to skin Lin Bai and pull out his tendons.

The explosive crocodile just now actually had two heads!

If it wasn’t for Lin Bai’s reminder, Little Red’s head would have already been chopped off.

The man and the beast were both a little surprised, but Lin Bai felt that things weren’t over yet.

A chill came from behind him, as if something dangerous was approaching. Lin Bai hurriedly rolled to the side, and a huge fireball descended from the sky, instantly creating a deep pit.

Another head popped out from the side.

Three headed explosion crocodile!

Even Lin Bai couldn’t help but gasp.

It head there heads, one poisonous fog, one icicle, and one raging fire. Each head was at Xiantian Level One, and together, they were above level three.

If it weren’t for the fact that a head had been knocked off just now, it would have been even more troublesome to deal with.

The explosion crocodile had suffered quite a number of injuries from its previous carelessness. Although it hated Lin Bai to the bone, it did not act rashly. Clearly, its intelligence was not low either.

Lin Bai stood on the mountain by the shore while the explosive crocodile was in the water. The man and the beast looked at each other, and the atmosphere became even more tense.

He had a premonition that a fierce battle would follow.

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