Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Strongest Person In The Sword Cultivation Academy, Bai He!

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Not only Little Green, but even Lin Bai had undergone a huge change.

One had to know that in his previous life, he had the worst luck. The cards he drew from card-drawing game had always been the lowest level R card, but now that he was the king of luck. He triggered a three-hundred-fold return.

An incomparably huge magic array appeared beneath his feet. The white light and the golden light were on par. In the end, they slowly interweaved together, appearing incomparably noble and dignified.

His meridians continued to expand, and countless amounts of spiritual energy surged into them. If Lin Bai’s meridians were only the size of a lake previously, they were now no different from a huge river.

From head to toe, even his hair was stained with a dazzling divine brilliance. His eyes were like lightning, making it even more difficult for people to look at him directly. It was as if a god from the nine heavens had descended.

First level of the Xiantian state, second level of the Xiantian state… … the speed was like riding a rocket. It went all the way to the fifth level of the Xiantian state before it slowly came to a stop. Finally, it was stuck at the position of being one with the world.

Lin Bai observed the changes in his body and exclaimed, “If I can trigger the few hundred times return a few more times, it won’t be difficult to cross this state of being one with the world.”

It was another great harvest.

Lin Bai, who was immersed in joy, did not know that Luo Youlin had brought the people from the Body Cultivation Academy to seek outside help.

In the towering mountains, a group of people dressed in dark blue robes walked among them. The brooch on the upper left corner of their clothes was shining brightly, showing off its sharpness and radiating cold light in all directions. It was the shape of a sword, clearly the symbol of the Sword Cultivation Academy.

On their waists, there were longswords of different sizes, as if they were enlarged versions of the brooch.

This group of people were the other students of the Sword Cultivation Academy.

They were led by Bai He, the most powerful team in the academy. They could be said to be able to kill Gods and Buddhas when they encountered them.

The man walking at the front was Bai He. He was handsome and had deep facial features. His eyes were extremely cold and carried a sword-like sharpness, as if there was no warmth at all. To be more precise, his entire person was like a treasured sword that had not been unsheathed. However, even if it had not been unsheathed, one could still feel the cold chill coming from the front.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. Before anyone could react, they heard his deep voice. “Be on guard!”

The instant his voice fell, the towering ancient tree not far away suddenly broke apart, giving everyone a fright. The people from the sword cultivation academy were well-trained. They quickly adjusted their formation and prepared to defend and attack.

“Sha — sha –”

The strange sound came from afar and came closer. It was like a blower, but also like the heavy breathing of some creature. Countless birds were startled, and the sound of the tree falling to the ground was accompanied by the sound of it being crushed.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the southeast direction. There were black shadows running through the bushes that were half the height of a person. They could vaguely feel the fishy smell. The creature seemed to have noticed them and quickened its pace.

Someone cried out in surprise, “What, what is that!”

Black scales and a body whose head and tail could not be seen. Its scarlet eyes stared coldly at everyone, as if it was looking at a dead person. It was still hissing and spitting out its tongue.

When it stood up, it blotted out the sky and covered the Sun. It was actually an eight-star black water poisonous python. Its saliva dripped onto the ground and instantly burned a big hole.

As it spoke, the black water poisonous python swung its tail and quickly launched an attack. Although its body was huge, it was extremely agile. It was like a black ghost, and everyone’s heads were instantly covered by a layer of the shadow of death.

“Buzz –”

However, there was someone who was faster than it. A sound of contention came from the air. It was the sound of a sharp blade being unsheathed. A cold light suddenly appeared, and a divine weapon containing supreme divine light appeared in front of everyone.

Bai he held a long sword in his hand and stood in front of them. The sword was about three feet long and extremely thin, but it seemed to be forged from ice and snow. It was impenetrable, and there were mysterious and unfathomable totems carved on it, as if it contained supreme divine power.

The hilt of the sword was actually in the shape of a dragon’s head, and there was actually a crystal clear pearl in the dragon’s mouth. It was shining brightly, and one could tell at a glance that it was not an ordinary item.

It was said that this was a treasure sword that was forged by a master-level blacksmith. It was called Dragon Spring.

The people who were initially panicking gradually relaxed at this moment. “With eldest senior brother’s help, there’s nothing for us to do anymore.”

A hint of hesitation flashed through the Black Water Python’s eyes. Having gained intelligence, it clearly knew that this man in front of it was not someone to be trifled with.

However, Bai He did not give it any time. With a wave of his longsword, it seemed as if even the air could be split into two. The sword qi swept across, and the towering ancient tree cracked. The cut was extremely smooth.


The Black Water Python let out a painful cry. Its sturdy scales were all overturned by the sword qi, revealing red flesh and blood. It was as if black rain was falling from the sky, and scales fell all over the ground.

“Eldest senior brother’s cultivation has improved quite a bit. He looks even more powerful than before.”

Everyone sighed with emotion.

The black water python spat out large mouthfuls of black mucus towards the Bai He. Wherever it passed, the ground would corrode, and the vegetation would rot. Bai He was neither fast nor slow, and the Dragon Spring swept across the sky, bringing with it the power of mountains and rivers. Countless spiritual qi gathered at the tip of the sword, strands of spiritual qi were like a waterfall.

He suddenly swung his sword downwards. The power of the sword was unstoppable. The Black Water Python rolled on the ground in pain. Dust flew into the air and the ground shook incessantly. Many people were almost swept away by its tail.


Bai He was expressionless as it slowly spat out a word. It was already too late for the Black Water Python to escape. The ice-cold blade was already within reach.


After a loud sound, the Black Water Python’s body broke into two. Just like the towering ancient tree from before, its black inner core rolled out.

Bai He did not even look at it. Suddenly, his gaze was like lightning as he looked to the side and shouted sternly, “Who is sneaking around? Come out!”

“It’s me –”

A few people walked out. It was Luo Youlin and the others. It turned out that Luo Youlin was on good terms with Bai He. To be more precise, Bai He was the superior one.

It was also fortunate that they did not encounter any demon beasts on the way. Otherwise, the injured Luo Youlin and the others would not have been able to find Bai He. Who would have thought that they would encounter the scene of Bai He hunting black water poisonous pythons as soon as they arrived here.

Looking at the bodies of the people from the Body Cultivation Academy who were covered in dust and dirt and in a sorry state, the people from the Sword Cultivation Academy were very puzzled. “What happened to you guys? You guys are actually in such a sorry state.”

Luo Youlin revealed a smile that was uglier than crying. “Boss, you have help me. The reason why we are like this is all because of that stinky brat called Lin Bai.”

After listening to his story, everyone became even more baffled. One had to know that even if the Body Cultivation Academy was at the bottom of the four great academies, it was still not something that ordinary people from the ordinary academies could deal with.

But now, they were beaten up by a nobody from the Fifth High School, and they were beaten up to such a state.. If word got out, it would simply be a disgrace.

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