Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 313 - An Unexpected Discovery  

Chapter 313: An Unexpected Discovery


“This spirit beast seems to be very amazing. I wonder what it’ll become in the future!”

The thin man looked at Little Blue, who was jumping up and down, and then looked at Little Black, Little Green, and Little Red beside Lin Bai…


They’re all freakishly talented Spirit Beasts!

If one or two of them were freakishly talented, then Lin Bai could be said to be very lucky to have met such a talented spirit beast. But now, all of the Spirit Beasts were freakishly talented, it reflected Lin Bai’s strength as a beastmaster and his knowledge in this field!

As the thin man thought about it, he wiped the sweat off his forehead, he sighed softly, “It was fortunate that I didn’t use that communication device to summon the City Lord back then. It was fortunate that I was captured by Lin Bai and became his henchman. Otherwise, I would have made an enemy out of such a person right now.”

Ever since the thin man saw Lin Bai’s strength and courage, he made up his mind. No matter what happened in the future, he absolutely couldn’t stand on the opposite side of Lin Bai. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

With just a little time, Lin Bai would definitely become the top in this world.

Bai Xi frowned slightly. Looking at Lin Bai’s figure, she sighed in her heart, “He’s bond to leap out of this world…”

Bai Xi also strengthened her conviction to follow Lin Bai all the way to the end.

Lin Bai was communicating with Little Blue and did not know the thoughts of the two people behind him. After communicating with Little Blue, he found some very useful information.

“What did you find out?”

The thin man saw Lin Bai walking over and saw that he had something to say, so he was happy.

“Is there anything useful for us?” Bai Xi’s eyes also lit up.

Lin Bai nodded silently and said, “There are indeed a few pieces of information that are very useful. Little Blue can often see the same person coming and going in this secret room here.”

“It’s really the City Lord! Is it him?”

The thin man was first excited, but then he lost confidence.

Lin Bai shook his head and continued, “We can’t be sure about this. Little Blue didn’t pay too much attention to the person at that time. In addition, there were some obstacles in communication, so we can’t be sure if it’s the City Lord.”

Bai Xi muttered something and continued to listen to Lin Bai. The thin man was obviously a little disappointed.


Bai Xi and the thin man’s eyes lit up again.

“Little Blue mentioned a cave that connects to another place, which made me a little curious. Since we didn’t find anything here, we might as well go and take a look.”

After Lin Bai said that, Bai Xi and the thin man agreed.

Just a while ago, Bai Xi and the thin man had almost dug this secret chamber three feet deep, but even so, there was still nothing useful.

Since no one had discovered it, they might as well go blind and try.

Little Blue cried out in excitement, then nimbly jumped up and stepped on the tree trunk. It jumped up and landed firmly on Lin Bai’s shoulder, then stretched out a finger and pointed in the direction behind the big tree.

“Looks like it’s that way. Let’s go!”

Lin Bai took out a piece of food and threw it to Little Blue, then walked in the direction that Little Blue pointed.

Little Black rushed forward happily. It was not as calm as a turtle at all. Little Blue was also excited by Little Black’s actions. It jumped up and down to play with Little Black while leading the way for Lin Bai and the others.

“Big Brother Lin Bai… These two little beasts of yours are really unique!”

The corners of the skinny man’s mouth twitched. He wanted to take back what he said earlier. Although these two beasts were absurd, they were a little too…

“Ahem…” Lin Bai smiled awkwardly. “It’s good to be lively. According to their age, they… are still children!”

“Pfft…” Bai Xi stood beside the two of them and almost laughed out loud. However, she covered her mouth in time to stop herself.

The three of them passed by big trees and a lush grassland for a long time. Then, they saw a hole that could only fit one person at a time.

Little Blue jumped onto Lin Bai’s shoulder once again. It looked at the skinny man and Bai Xi while dancing and gesticulating: This Is it, this is it!

“Fu, Big Brother Fu Hu, there are indeed a few things here that I haven’t seen before. Take a look, there’s a pattern on these daggers. I wonder what it is?”

Fatty was panting heavily. He was holding a few small daggers that were completely black. There was a small pattern on the handle of the daggers.

Fatty had never seen this pattern before, and these daggers had it on them. This naturally aroused Fatty’s suspicion.

Of course, this was also something that Fatty had discovered by chance after searching for a long time and was about to give up due to exhaustion. Hence, he immediately ran over to Fu Hu’s place so that he could take the opportunity to rest.

The forest where the battle took place was very wide, and some of the corpses were scattered around. In addition to the fact that this place had been burned down previously, it could be said that it was extremely difficult and slow to investigate. He had only investigated one-third of the place. Fatty was so tired that he almost could not breathe.

“Hmm?” Fu Hu reached out his hand to catch the daggers and spread them out on the ground. Indeed, just like what fFtty had said, there was a pattern that he had never seen before.

“This definitely contains some information. I remember that no one under the City Lord has such a pattern.” Fatty was analyzing as he prepared to sit on a tree stump. However, before he could sit down, he was stopped by Fu Hu.

“Not bad, looks like you have a talent for investigation! It’s not easy to have such a result!”

Hearing Fu Hu’s praise, Fatty immediately let out a long sigh. Looks like he could rest for a while!

“However, the other party might escape or even return to destroy the evidence. Therefore, you have to act quickly and continue to search for evidence. You can’t waste any more time!”

Fu Hu’s words were so meticulous that it was impossible to detect any malice towards Fatty. However, Fatty felt a deep malice in his heart.

“Cough cough… Alright, I’ll go, I’ll go!” Fatty was so angry that he started coughing. With one hand supporting his knee, he slowly stood up. The moment he stood up, he felt his waist ache and his face became ferocious.

After a few more hours, fatty’s clothes were drenched in sweat. He walked heavily to Fu Hu’s side and sat down on the ground.

Fu Hu opened his drowsy eyes. A trace of ridicule flashed in his eyes as he asked, “Are you done searching?”

“Hu…” Fatty was panting. He then took out a few things and threw them to Fu Hu. “These are the only things that are slightly suspicious. There are also a few traces that are slightly suspicious. Take a look at these things first, then I’ll bring you over to take a look!”

This time, Fu Hu did not torture fatty. He forced him to bring him over right now. Instead, he looked at the things that Fatty brought over and remained silent.

“There’s also that pattern inside. Looks like this pattern is the most suspicious!”

Fu Hu started to deduce as he looked.

Fatty nodded weakly. “Right, after the investigation, I discovered that this pattern is the most suspicious. I’m also very sure that when the other party escaped, he did not have the time to take it away.”

“Well… take me to see something else.”

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