Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 312 - Little Blue  

Chapter 312: Little Blue

“That’s right!”

Fatty patted his chest without hesitation. His voice was loud and confident, “That’s exactly what I thought of. The City Lord has given us a great opportunity, a great fortune. Who knows if someone might want to come out at this time and ruin your good opportunity, old brother Fu Hu!”

Fu Hu sized Fatty up from head to toe, and an indescribable emotion flashed in the depths of his eyes, causing Fatty’s heart to involuntarily tremble.

If it was before, the Fatty would still have the confidence to injure Fu Hu and then take the opportunity to flee for his life. From then on, he would never return to the capital and would never see the City Lord again.

He knew that this place was a swamp. If he were to sink into it, there would be no possibility of coming out.

But now…

If he was to fight with Fu Hu, the two of them might end up suffering heavy injuries. At that time, the Fatty would not even need to flee. If he wanted to escape, he would not have the strength to do so.

Thinking of this, Fatty could not help but want to give himself a slap.

He had suspected that Fu Hu was pretending to be meditating to break through, but in reality, he had set up a trap. He waiting for Fatty to take the bait.

Therefore, Fatty hesitated for a long time, pacing left and right, but he could not make up his mind and missed this great opportunity.

As for Fu Hu, he might have utilised Fatty’s mentality to successfully break through his cultivation.

Fatty decided that he would never look down on Fu Hu in the future. Although Fu Hu was big and thick, and looked like he only had muscles but no brains, he was actually very shrewd and was good at scheming. Furthermore, it was perfectly hidden by his appearance.

It was only now that Fatty finally reacted.

Previously, Fu Hu had made his escape plan fail several times. Initially, Fatty thought that Fu Hu was bluffing, but from Fu Hu’s shrewdness, Fu Hu was really relying on a pair of eyes in the dark. He saw through Fatty’s wrongdoings and deduced Fatty’s plan.

Not only that, Fu Hu also chose a method that would not arouse the suspicion of others and would not cause him to fall into a difficult situation.


Fatty sucked in a breath of cold air.

If it were not for him not escaping previously, this Fu Hu might have informed the City Lord. After all, if Fatty still did not escape, then Fu Hu would never be able to find evidence.

And if Fu Hu told the City Lord about this matter when he didn’t have any evidence, he would reporting Fatty, who was a “Big favorite” beside the City Lord. If the City Lord believed it, then it would be fine. But if the City Lord didn’t believe it, then his ending would be obvious.

Therefore, Fu Hu didn’t act rashly. Instead, he was waiting for Fatty to reveal himself.

While Fatty’s thoughts were flying around, Fu Hu stretched out his fists and legs. With a light clench of his fist, a cracking sound could be heard. With a slight force under his feet, it was as if his body had turned into a wisp of light wind, leaving behind afterimages. He had already appeared more than ten meters away.

Feeling the joy brought by the breakthrough, Fu Hu did not just immerse himself in it for a moment. He even purposely made it look like it was for Fatty to let down his guard.

Fatty secretly wiped off the beads of sweat on his forehead. Seeing Fu Hu’s series of actions, he became more and more convinced that if the two of them fought, both of them would definitely suffer heavy injuries. Hence, he dispelled this unrealistic thought.

Fatty used a flattering tone and said, “Then, old brother Fu Hu, we are now…”

Halfway through his words, Fatty stopped and sized up Fu Hu’s expression. His fierce face squeezed out a smile.

He was not sure of Fu Hu’s true thoughts. He was not sure if Fu Hu had left him by his side to vent his anger or to find evidence of him defecting to the City Lord, or if he had some other secret that he could not tell others about.

Therefore, Fatty tried his best to be cautious with his words and actions. He said less and observed more.

Fu Hu stopped, still not satisfied. He let out a long breath and sat on a rock. He wiped the sweat on his forehead with one hand and beckoned Fatty with the other.

Fatty immediately bent his waist slightly and walked to Fu Hu’s side. He said in a flattering manner, “Big Brother Fu Hu, tell me. I’ll settle everything for you.”

Fu Hu rubbed his chin with one hand. “Let’s investigate and see if there are any traces left here. The other party left in a hurry and definitely didn’t have the time to erase the traces. If we look carefully, we will definitely be able to find some.”

“Smart! Really smart!” Fatty gave a thumbs up and praised without any shame.

Fatty looked at Fu Hu. Federal University Hu didn’t say a word, nor did he have the intention to stand up and investigate. The corner of his mouth twitched.

What a great way for us to investigate!

Fatty turned around and investigated this forest alone. He felt bitter but couldn’t say it out loud.

In the Secret Chamber of the City Lord’s Estate.

“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!”

The blue monkey was gesturing with its hands, as if it wanted to share something with Little Black.

Little Black’s jet-black eyes looked at the blue monkey’s actions, and its eyes immediately lit up. Then, it opened its mouth and revealed a human-like smile. Then, it began to dance as well.

“F * ck…”

The skinny man who was watching the two spirit beasts couldn’t help but burst out. How could they communicate without any obstacles?

“There’s nothing special here other than this tree. This spirit beast probably absorbed spiritual energy here and survived.”

Bai Xi slowly walked to the huge tree that was emitting light. She stroked the tree trunk and reported to Lin Bai.

“It’s just that I don’t know how this little beast got here. Could it be that there’s a passage leading to the outside world? If that’s really the case, then the problem that gives us a headache will be solved!”

The problem that Bai Xi mentioned was precisely how to avoid attracting attention when they left the secret chamber. They had no way of confirming whether there was anyone outside.

Lin Bai frowned slightly and nodded. “We can’t rule out this possibility.”

“Then this spiritual beast?” Bai Xi looked at Lin Bai and nodded knowingly.

Then, Lin Bai gently walked to Little Black’s side and squatted down to look at the two little beasts.

The little blue monkey looked at Lin Bai with curiosity in its eyes, but it did not reject his approach. Instead, it had an inexplicable closeness.

“I have to give you a name. It can’t be too special. It’s best if you’re like them… I’ll just call you Little Blue!”

Lin Bai gave the little monkey a name after careful consideration. Little Blue.

Bai Xi and the skinny man stood quietly not far behind Lin Bai. One of them raised his eyebrows, while the other almost opened his mouth to say something. However, he forcefully restrained himself.

While forming the pact with Little Blue, Little Black kept comforting Little Blue, and Little Blue did not reject it at all. It naturally accepted the contract.

After feeling the pact, Little Blue raised its hand excitedly and turned around on the spot. A human-like expression of happiness appeared on its face, and Lin Bai could not help but pat Little Blue’s head affectionately.

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