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Chapter 314 - Destroying Corpse And Evidence  

Chapter 314: Destroying Corpse And Evidence

The forest was silent. It was very quiet. In the distant sky, a burning cloud gradually appeared.

Fu Hu swaggered in front. He looked and checked things left and right. He checked the places that Fatty said had traces left behind.

As for Fatty, he followed closely behind without saying a word. He only told Fu Hu from time to time which direction he should go and where there were suspicious traces.

The two of them walked in the forest one after the other until the sky gradually darkened. Only then did they finish inspecting this ‘battlefield’. Moreover, they also found quite a number of weapons with that special pattern.

“This is how you check. Put in more effort! If anything happens and the City Lord blames us, both of us will not be able to bear the consequences!”

Fu Hu lectured the Fatty without looking back, and the Fatty could only quickly apologize.

Today, the Fatty could be said to have worked hard all day, doing all sorts of dirty and tiring work. At this moment, his waist was sore and his legs were aching, and his entire body was weak. Even his clothes were emitting the stench of sweat.

If possible, he only wanted to find a piece of grass lay down without worrying about anything. Even if the sky fell, he would sleep until he woke up naturally.

However, it was unknown whether this Fu Hu was doing it on purpose or unintentionally. Every time Fatty made up his mind to rest for a while, he would call Fatty to his side.

“Fatty! Follow closely.” For some reason, Fu Hu’s tone became serious. He looked around with his tiger eyes, as if he was on guard against something in the dark.

“It’s coming, it’s coming!”

Fatty lifted his butt that was about to land on the ground and followed behind him. The weapon in his arms was rattling.

I should have given this motherf * cker a whack a long time ago. I really regret it!!!

Fatty cursed in his heart and greeted Fu Hu’s eighteen generations of ancestors.

Fu Hu looked at Fatty and seemed to have seen through his thoughts. This made Fatty stop his thoughts immediately and a smile appeared on his face.

Fu Hu slowly said, “The sky is turning dark. There’s no guarantee that the other party will choose this time to turn back because of the traces and weapons left behind.”

“If they really come… at that time, the two of us combined might not be their match. Therefore, we have to be fast. We have to rest until this is over.”

After Fu Hu said this, Fatty’s body stiffened slightly for a moment, and a thin layer of cold sweat formed on his back. He felt that Fu Hu’s words were not without reason!

When he had just arrived at this forest today and saw the wounds on the corpses on the ground, Fatty had determined that these were not the work of Lin Bai.

That meant that Lin Bai had not been discovered by the City Lord. That also proved that Lin Bai and the others were in a safe situation.

Fatty let out a sigh of relief when he thought of this. In addition to Fu Hu’s tortures, Fatty had neglected a very important matter.

Since all of this was not done by Lin Bai, then who was the one who killed the corpses in the forest? Why did the other party lure the City Lord here and leave so many traces behind…


Fatty sucked in a breath of cold air. The drowsiness in his head disappeared, and he became full of energy.

“Do you think it was done by Lin Bai?”

Fatty carefully asked for Fu Hu’s opinion.

After interacting with him for a day, although he had doubts about Fu Hu’s character, he did not doubt Fu Hu’s head at all.

Fu Hu looked at Fatty in surprise. There was a deep meaning in his eyes. This was the first time Fatty had taken the initiative to talk to him.


Fu Hu pondered for a while, sorted out his words, and said, “I can only say that it’s not certain… There’s one thing that I really can’t figure out. What is Lin Bai’s purpose for doing this?”

“If he wants to escape, or rather, to deal with the City Lord in the dark, he only needs to quietly hide in the dark. There’s no need to make a big fuss at all. Doing so will only put him in a passive position…”

Fatty nodded in agreement and said with a frown, “I think that there must be another group of people who have some unspeakable secret and joined the muddy waters of the capital city.”

“But the muddy waters of the capital city are not something that ordinary people can wade through. It might be a case of robbing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Not only will they not get any benefits, but they will also have to hand themselves in.”

Fu Hu looked at Fatty in surprise. His gaze was as if he was looking at a retard who had suddenly become intelligent.

Fatty was a little embarrassed and angry. “Why are you looking at me with that gaze? Are you doubting my intelligence?”

“No, absolutely not!” Fu Hu suppressed his smile and was silent for a short while. “I don’t know. I don’t want to know what secrets are in this matter. Sometimes, if you know less, you can live a relaxed life.”

After saying this, Fu Hu didn’t want to talk about the previous topic anymore. He pointed at a flat ground in front of him and said, “Put all the weapons that were looted just now on the ground.”

Fatty didn’t think too much about it and placed them in front of Fu Hu.

“The materials of these weapons are ordinary, but their forging skills are superb. Ordinary people can’t afford to use them… and these patterns also contain secrets…”

Fu Hu began to analyze seriously, which made Fatty think of something. He asked, “Why don’t we copy the patterns and show them to the City Lord?”

Fu Hu decisively refused, “No need!”

After saying that, Fu Hu carefully packed all the weapons and confirmed that he didn’t miss anything. Then, he threw all the weapons without any special patterns into the forest.

After doing all this, Fu Hu turned his back to Fatty and said, “Fatty, step back a little.”

Although Fatty did not know what Fu Hu was planning, he did not think too much about it. He followed Fu Hu’s orders for an entire day and did not waste time on this one. He tactfully took a few steps back.

At this moment, a ball of fire appeared out of thin air in Fu Hu’s palm. The flames rolled and scorched the surrounding space until it began to distort. The grass nearby even started to spontaneously combust.

Fatty cried out in his heart. He wanted to dodge to the side, but he did not expect that Fu Hu’s goal was not him. Instead, he threw the ball of fire towards a towering tree nearby.

The ball of fire devoured the large tree in the blink of an eye. The aggressive flames spread in all directions, causing the bushes, grass, and even the corpses to start burning!

In an instant, the entire forest turned into a sea of fire!

“You’re destroying evidence, why are you doing this?!”

Fatty was stunned at first, but he quickly recovered.

A thought appeared in his mind. Was this Fu Hu someone from a third party? However, after thinking about it carefully, Fatty dismissed this thought.

If Fu Hu was someone from a third party, then there was no need for him to wait until now to take action. Once the City Lord left, he would be able to move.

Also, wasn’t Fu Hu corrupted by the City Lord’s demonic aura?

Why would he betray the City Lord now? Could it be that he knew that the City Lord was a demon like us, and had specially prepared a method to block the erosion of the demonic chi.

Plop Plop Plop…

Fatty’s heart beat violently.

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