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Chapter 274 - A Fatal Blow

Chapter 274 A Fatal Blow

“It must be in the heart of this forest. The people we sent to the rear didn’t make any movements. There’s absolutely no mistake!”

Chu Shan’s expression became excited, and his hands couldn’t help but tremble. He thought of using these hands to crush Lin Bai’s bones and subdue this demon.

Just thinking of this, the scene of his future glory and rising fame appeared in his mind, and he couldn’t help but be fascinated.

“Mhm! The closer I get to that demon Lin Bai, the more I can’t let my guard down. He was able to escape from my hands… Cough cough, he was able to escape from our search several times. This shows that this demon is extremely shrewd and ruthless! You must be careful!”

He Qingyuan nodded. The closer he got to the hinterland of the forest, the more he felt his heart muttering. Suddenly, he had a special feeling.

Hmph! The City Lord is definitely rushing over. If anything unexpected happens, I just need to buy some time until the City Lord comes with reinforcements. At that time, Lin Bai, this devil, will not be able to escape.

After that… I need to find out from him what Fool Li told him, what Fool Li remembers… No, perhaps I shouldn’t let Lin Bai live in the hands of the City Lord?’? He Qingyuan’s thoughts spun rapidly. In the end, he decided that even if the City Lord captured Lin Bai in the end, he would still think of ways to kill Lin Bai. If that Fool Li wasn’t dead yet, then he couldn’t be blamed!

Immediately, a hint of viciousness flashed across He Qingyuan’s eyes. He looked ahead and his entire aura changed in vain. Only the skinny man and Chu Shan, who were closest to him, could feel this change.

The skinny man secretly wiped the sweat off his forehead. He had thought that things would be smooth sailing, but when he saw He Qingyuan like this, he could not help but become nervous.

Chu Shan’s heart was also shaken. He had originally wanted to ask He Qingyuan about the City Lord’s situation, but now that he saw He Qingyuan’s aura suddenly rise, he automatically shut his mouth.

Sometimes, if you spoke, you would be courting death!

The light rain continued, gradually turning into heavy rain, accompanied by lightning and thunder. All of this indicated that tonight would not be peaceful.

In the dark forest, the Gu worm’s body was completely red, like a scarlet blood moon in the night sky, giving off a demonic aura. This caused the henchmen behind He Qingyuan and the other two to have thoughts of retreating. But if they dared to retreat now, it would be fleeing from fighting against the demon. In the future, not only would they be laughed at by outsiders, they would also be punished by He Qingyuan and the City Lord. They could only brace themselves and go!

“We are not far!”

The thin man saw the dark red light on the Gu worm’s body shimmering so he whispered to He Qingyuan.

He Qingyuan nodded silently, gesturing for Chu Shan and the thin man to continue. After walking for another two hundred meters, they saw traces of people on the nearby branches and the ground, there was also a tree trunk that was stained with blood. It had not been washed away by the heavy rain so it was obvious that it had not been left for long.

He Qingyuan raised his right hand, gesturing for everyone to slow down and proceed cautiously. They circled around from the right side before continuing towards the direction the Gu worms were pointing at. Suddenly, He Qingyuan’s eyes brightened, because he saw a figure sitting cross-legged in a cave a hundred meters away. Could it be that he was injured and was recuperating?

He Qingyuan frowned. He was not used to finding Lin Bai so easily. In his opinion, Lin Bai should have struggled a little more.

“Fatty and I joined forces to fight him. Fatty was injured quite a bit, but Lin Bai was not much better. After all, it was the combined attack of the two of us!”

The skinny man came over again with a flattering look. His shining eyes were full of the intention of seeking credit.

He Qingyuan estimated the strength of the fat and skinny duo’s combined attack and Lin Bai’s strength. They had relied on the skinny man to stab Lin Bai to catch up.

It seemed that he was right. No matter how cunning Lin Bai was, his strength was still there!

He Qingyuan nodded in his heart.

He Qingyuan then ordered his subordinates to sneak over from both sides and slowly approach the cave. He, the skinny man, and Chu Shan approached from the front. When He Qingyuan gave the order, they would catch Lin Bai off guard.

One hundred meters, eighty meters, fifty meters!

He Qingyuan’s heart was thumping for some reason. This was the first time he was so cautious towards a junior.

Chu Shan stood beside He Qingyuan and the thin man. His eyes were like a poisonous snake hiding in a dark corner, staring at its prey!

Fifty meters, forty meters, thirty meters!

He Qingyuan was now sure that Lin Bai was definitely injured. He was now fully focused on healing his injuries and did not pay much attention to his surroundings. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to let them get so close to him. This kind of action was undoubtedly courting death!

Lin Bai, you also have such a day. It’s truly a joyous day!

He Qingyuan could not suppress the excitement in his heart and almost laughed out loud. However, before he could laugh out loud, his smile froze!


Chu Shan could not hold it in any longer. The wind beneath his feet was like lightning as he rushed towards the cave where Lin Bai was hiding. A pair of thick hands were placed in front of him as he grabbed his prey like a pair of eagle claws!

Thirty meters would only take an instant for a martial artist like Chu Shan!

Because of this, He Qingyuan did not have the time to stop him before Chu Shan had already entered the cave!

“Haha, demon Lin Bai, your head is mine! If you want to hate yourself, then hate yourself. Why did you fall into the path of the demon!”

Chu Shan’s eyes shone with a golden light and his face was filled with greed.

He Qingyuan reacted and quickly pulled the thin man along with him.


In the pouring rain, there was a sound that made people feel disgusted and their bodies trembled.

Chu Shan stood in front of Lin Bai who was sitting cross-legged. A pair of thick and sinister hands were grabbing towards Lin Bai’s head, but this pair of hands did not move at all!

“Hehe! Do you really think that I, Lin Bai, am someone that you can deal with? You’re underestimating me too much!”

Lin Bai sneered and pulled out a hand that was covered in blood from Chu Shan’s chest. Following that, Chu Shan’s body splattered with blood as he fell to the ground!

In just an instant! Lin Bai pierced through Chu Shan’s heart with his bare hands and ended him!

Lin Bai shook off the blood on his hands and slowly stood up. He looked at He Qingyuan who was charging towards him in the forest. “He Qingyuan, you’re finally here! I’m going to use your blood as a sacrifice to Fool Li!”

“Arrogant, you’re really a demon! Shameless, you actually pretended to be injured and then attacked others. This kind of thing is impossible for a decent person! The City Lord’s words are indeed true!”

He Qingyuan pretended to slander and pointed his hand at Lin Bai from afar!

Among the people who He Qingyuan had ordered to approach the cave from both sides, most of them were loyal subordinates of Chu Shan. Now that they saw Chu Shan’s face was ashen and his body was covered in blood, they angrily charged up!

“Lin Bai, you demon, hand over your life! How dare you sneak attack our Lord Chu Shan. We will definitely tear you into pieces!”

“Lin Bai, if we don’t get rid of you today, you will definitely bring disaster to the world in the future! Even if we die today, we will bring you with us!”

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