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Chapter 273 - Should Slap My Mouth

Chapter 273 Should Slap My Mouth

He Qingyuan and Chu Shan’s eyes lit up. The Lin Bai they were searching for was right in front of them. It would be a lie if they said they were not excited.

They also did not think the thin man had any reason to deceive them. The blood light emitting from the Gu Worm’s body spoke for itself.

He Qingyuan’s gloomy face revealed a smile. He commanded the twenty people who came with him: “Go around the two sides of the forest, go all the way to the back of the forest. When the time comes, coordinate with us and take down this demon Lin Bai! Remember, if we have not made a move, you do not move!”

“Yes! We will not fail our mission. Taking down demon Lin Bai’s head is our hope!”

The twenty people’s figures flashed as they sneaked into the forest from both sides. They did not enter the hinterland of the forest, and they would not be discovered by the people in the forest.

“The two of you follow me in. There are still some people left. Remember what I said. Without my orders, no one is allowed to act on their own!”

He Qingyuan gave another order to the thin man and Chu Shan, and the two of them hurriedly nodded.

Chu Shan had long lost his patience and was rubbing his fists. It had already been quite some time since He Qingyuan sent a message to the City Lord. He counted with his fingers and calculated that the City Lord had almost gained confidence and was already rushing over, if he did not finish off Lin Bai before the City Lord arrived, then the credit would be…

Thinking of this, Chu Shan excitedly said to He Qingyuan, “I’ll scout ahead. That demon Lin Bai will definitely not be caught so easily by us. He might even use some ruthless moves. If you, Mr. He, are injured, it will be a great loss to us!”

Although Chu Shan was big and burly, and his face was rough and rough, there were still some smartness in his brain. He knew what to say and when to charge. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have achieved what he did today.

“Okay, fine. Thin man, follow behind him!”

He Qingyuan nodded. How could he not know Chu Shan’s thoughts? However, he didn’t take it to heart. If it were him in Chu Shan’s position, he would also do the same.

“That… Lin Bai was able to escape unscathed under Mr. He. His strength is not ordinary. We can really…”

The thin man deliberately interrupted at this time, and his voice was very loud.

When Chu Shan heard this, the corners of his eyes twitched. Did he rush in too early?

He Qingyuan pursed his lips and silently glared at the thin man. The thin man’s words sweep away He Qingyuan’s face!

He Qingyuan suppressed his anger. After all, Lin Bai was right in front of him. There was nothing more important than him at the moment. He said, “With me here, are you still worried?!”

“No, no, I’m not worried, I’m not worried! I should slap my face! I should slap my face!”

As the skinny man spoke, he raised his hand and slapped his face twice.

“It’s good that you know! There’s no time to lose, let’s hurry in!”

He Qingyuan rolled his eyes at the thin man, but his mood was better than before. He urged the thin man and Chu Shan to lead the way.

Under the thin man’s control, the Gu Worms went into the forest. This forest was full of trees and weeds, in addition to the dark sky and the rain, t was hard to see. If the Gu Worms had not forced their way in, they might have missed Lin Bai.

Chu Shan took the lead, thin man followed closely behind, followed by He Qingyuan and the rest of his subordinates.

The Gu worm turned left and right, circling around the outside of the forest, coming to a small slope before drilling into the heart of the forest.

The blood red light on the Gu Worm’s body was very bright at this moment, and it made people feel that fresh blood would drip down from the Gu Worm’s body at any moment. People felt strange.

As the Gu worm got closer to its target, it would find a fresh scent that had just been left behind, and this kind of phenomenon would occur.

This was also the reason why many people would not use this type of tracking Gu Worm, many times the Gu worm’s light would disturb the target, causing the target to escape far away.

Fortunately, this forest was dense enough, He Qingyuan could not help but think of it in his heart.

Ever since Fool Li and Lin Bai escaped from his hands, and someone said that Lin Bai was from the Alchemist Association, he had been gnashing his teeth in hatred towards these two people.

Moreover, Fool Li also knew many of his secrets. If Fool Li was still alive, he had already made up his mind to kill Fool Li first. He definitely couldn’t let him continue to live in this world. That would only make He Qingyuan’s position more and more dangerous!

At the back of the forest, twenty people were scattered and guarding. They were constantly tense and paying attention to their surroundings. They did not dare to relax in the slightest. “Second brother, do you think that Lin Bai is really here? He is such a cunning demon. Could he have already run away? Or is this just a pretense?!”

A young man asked the robust middle-aged man beside him. His voice was very low and only the two of them could hear him.

“Whether Lin Bai is here or not, it’s not good for us. How about… It’s better if demon Lin Bai isn’t here, and we won’t get into trouble. Who knows how strong this demon Is? What if… So, third brother, if you encounter Lin Bai, you must not rush forward. Don’t think about the merits and reputation. Only when you are alive can you enjoy it! Second brother.”

The middle-aged man called second brother began to instruct his third brother cautiously.

The young man’s face was filled with unwillingness. “Sigh, if we capture Lin Bai, then…”

“Don’t think about that, it’s all fake!” The middle-aged man interrupted the young man. “Alright, stop talking. Go to the people nearby and walk around. Report the situation here and see if there’s any news from them.”


The young man reluctantly said that he understood. Then, he stomped on the branch with his calf and jumped up high.

There were twenty of them, and there were two people guarding every 100 meters in a row.

The young man shuttled through the forest silently like a ghost. Soon, he arrived at the place where the east side should be guarded.

“Where are you?! Zhang Zhi, Wang Meng!” The young man shouted softly, but his voice echoed in the night sky, but no one responded.

The dark forest fell into silence. Perhaps it was because of the continuous rain, but the young man only felt goosebumps on his back.


Suddenly, a hand patted on the young man’s shoulder. The young man’s hair stood on end, and he hurriedly ran forward! However, just as his figure flashed forward a few times, a black shadow appeared in front of him and blocked him.

“Hehe, kid, I can only say that your luck isn’t good. However, I recognize you guys. You guys are also a group of people who act for profit. I think that you guys were attracted by He Qingyuan’s heavy reward, right?” The fatty’s figure appeared from the darkness. That slap just now was from him.

“Then I’m sorry. Go to hell!”

Bai Xi said coldly. Her expression did not change in the slightest.

The young man originally wanted to escape, but this time, before he could even take a step, his body fell to the ground, spilling hot blood. “Continue. There should be eight or nine more. He Qingyuan is meticulous and careful. As Lin Bai said, there are people hiding here!”

Bai Xi said and once again disappeared into the darkness with fatty.

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