Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 275 - The City Lord Won’t Be Coming

Chapter 275 The City Lord Won’t Be Coming

“Little Black, Little Green, Little Red! Come out!”

Lin Bai quickly released his subdued beasts. He was a martial artist and beastmaster dual cultivatior and could be said to be blessed by the heavens. He could control his subdued beasts from a distance, and he could also engage in close combat!

Therefore, even in the face of dozens of people, Lin Bai’s face didn’t show a hint of fear. It should be said that he didn’t take those people into consideration at all.

There was only one person in his eyes, and that was He Qingyuan!

He Qingyuan continuously flashed and shuttled on the ground, charging straight at Lin Bai. His momentum was unstoppable, and his killing intent soared to the sky. Before the two of them began to fight, the air was filled with a strong smell of blood. “Lin Bai, today, you can’t escape even if you have wings. Luck won’t always stand on the side of a demon like you!”

When He Qingyuan said this, he secretly pulled the wooden cylinder that was exactly the same as the thin man’s.

Fortunately, he had already sent a group of people to hide at the back, ready to coordinate with him at any time. When they arrived, Lin Bai wouldn’t be able to escape no matter how heaven-defying he was!

“Chu Shan, that fool who disrupted the plan, is dead. I just need to use his headless subordinates to distract Lin Bai!”!

He Qingyuan’s lips slowly curled up, and a sinister smile appeared on his face, making his already antagonistic face even more sinister.


And He Qingyuan’s smile froze once again…

He only felt a sharp pain from his right abdomen, which made his body go limp for a moment!

He never expected that the skinny man would actually use a dagger to launch a sneak attack and stab into his right abdomen. Blood splattered out as the dagger was taken out!

“Damn it, I knew there was something wrong with you. You traitor, die!”

He Qingyuan endured the intense pain and flipped his palm to smash the skinny man’s glabella. This palm strike was fierce and contained a cold aura!

The skinny man cried out in his heart. He quickly folded his hands in front of his body, bent his legs, and kicked hard, sending his entire body flying backward!

He Qingyuan’s palm landed squarely on the skinny man’s arms. Fortunately, the skinny man had the battle experience of a veteran, so he used the momentum of flying backward to deflect some of the force of the palm. Otherwise, his hands would have been smashed into pieces, he would become a cripple in the future!

Even so, the strength of this palm was not something an ordinary person could withstand. The skinny man spat out a mouthful of blood, and his legs went soft as he fell to the ground. After he recovered, he hurriedly ran into the darkness!

“You’re a traitor. Even if you run to the ends of the Earth, I’ll cut you into a thousand pieces!”

He Qingyuan stared fiercely at the direction in which the thin man had disappeared. Lin Bai was right in front of him, so he naturally knew which was more important. He could only let the thin man go for now.

Moreover, the thin man’s attack just now was very deep, and He Qingyuan could not catch up for the time being. “Hahaha, He Qingyuan, just keep your mouth shut. If you can escape from here today, I’ll kneel on the ground and stretch out my head for you to chop!”

The skinny man’s voice came from the darkness, full of mockery. However, He Qingyuan could only listen with a dark face!

He Qingyuan saw Lin Bai charging towards him from the corner of his eye, and his expression changed slightly.

Immediately, He Qingyuan’s body was like a ghost. As he retreated, he took out two healing medicines and crushed them into powder before smearing it on the wound.

The blood finally stopped. Although the wound was deep, it was not fatal!

He Qingyuan estimated in his heart. He was a member of the Alchemist Association, so he naturally had quite a number of medicinal pills on him. If the few healing medicines that he had smashed were to be sold on the market, it would cause people to fight over them!

Therefore, half of He Qingyuan’s body was dyed red by blood at any moment. However, his eyes were still filled with killing intent and his aura was a little stronger than before!

Of course, his strength was still about 30% weaker than before.

“I didn’t expect you to actually make the thin man willingly become your subordinate. I believe the fatty and Bai Xi have also become your subordinates!”

He Qingyuan said coldly, maintaining a certain distance from Lin Bai.

Following Lin Bai’s figure, he saw dozens of people behind him fighting with three spirit beasts. He could be considered to have let out a long sigh of relief in his heart. If he were to encounter Lin Bai and his subdued beasts while his vision was impaired, that wouldn’t be good!

“Bai Xi actually believed the bewitchment of a demon like you. No, Bai Xi must have been affected by your demonic aura. It’s not normal. She might even be controlled by you!” He Qingyuan spoke with conviction, but he didn’t fight with Lin Bai at all. The effects of the medicine on his wound were rapidly taking effect. He needed some time!

Moreover, the City Lord was rushing over!

Thinking of this, He Qingyuan secretly sneered. Indeed, it was the right choice to send someone to inform the City Lord!

“Lin Bai, why didn’t I see Fool Li? Hehehe, is he already dead?”

He Qingyuan wanted to infuriate Lin Bai so that he would not notice that he was stalling for time.

He Qingyuan only needed to stall for time so that Lin Bai could not escape. After that, Lin Bai would face the City Lord’s monstrous fury!

Not only that, when He Qingyuan saw that Fool Li was not with Lin Bai, he had already guessed Fool silly Li was most likely dead!

This made He Qingyuan more or less heave a sigh of relief.

He had a very strong sense of self-confidence. Fool Li had activated all the strength in his body, and he had also used the mountain protecting array. With the two kinds of burdens stacked together, coupled with He Qingyuan’s attack, even if he escaped, Fool Li would be at the end of his rope!

It was only when he saw that Lin Bai was not with Fool Li that he was finally convinced.

“I will bring you to see him later!”

Lin Bai said calmly, but his tone was filled with killing intent. If it was not for He Qingyuan’s firm heart and his profound cultivation, he might really have been shaken by Lin Bai’s words and revealed a moment of weakness!

For people of their level, as long as their opponent revealed a moment of weakness, life and death would be decided.

As Lin Bai spoke, his figure quickly approached He Qingyuan. His punch was like a landslide as it blasted towards the wound left behind by the thin man. This punch caused the rain to form a vacuum in the surroundings, and it was extremely terrifying!

He Qingyuan’s body moved to the side, and he kicked out his left foot, using his knee to smash towards this punch!


A loud sound rang out, and the rain splattered, and leaves rustled!

One punch, one kick, the strength was neutralized!

However, due to the injury on his abdomen, He Qingyuan’s face turned a little pale! “You’re still too young to want to avenge Fool Li for you. Have you forgotten how he saved you with his life? Yet, you still dare to bring yourself to me. As expected of someone who has already fallen into the demon path!”

He Qingyuan once again pulled away from Lin Bai. In his heart, he estimated that the City Lord and the others should be close to this forest.

They only needed to drag it out for a little longer!

But at this moment, two figures appeared. One of them had a fierce face full of smiles. He was holding a ball-shaped object in his hand. When he saw He Qingyuan, he threw it at him.

“He Qingyuan, are you waiting for that lousy City Lord to save you? Hahaha, grandpa is telling you that the City Lord can’t come! Because your news hasn’t been sent out!”

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