Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Scarlet Luan With Phoenix Bloodline

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In the early morning, clouds and mist lingered above the Scarlet Luan Peak. Rays of multicolored light shot out in all directions, and one could vaguely see purple clouds gathering in this place. At times, ten thousand immortals came to pay their respects, and at other times, immortal beasts cried out in unison. All kinds of strange phenomena flocked over, as if one was in the Nine Heavens Immortal Palace. It was like a dream and a fantasy.

Under the Song tree, Lin Bai sat down cross-legged. Beside him was a precipitous cliff. The wind was biting cold, and the slightest carelessness could cause one’s body to shatter into pieces. However, he was like an old monk in meditation, unmoving.

With the colorful clouds covering his body and the spiritual energy gathering here, he had reached an extreme. Lin Bai slowly opened his eyes, as if a god had descended, and his eyes were full of divine light.

Lin Bai could not help but exclaim, “Cultivating here is indeed twice the result with half the effort.”

[ Ding! ]

[ The host has passed on thirty days of cultivation to Little Green. ]

[ Thirty times the return has been successfully triggered! ]

[ The host has received nine hundred days of cultivation! ]

Boom! Lin Bai felt as if something inside his body had loosened up. It was as if a tightly shut door had suddenly been pushed open, and his entire body felt lighter and lighter.

At this moment, golden light flickered on Lin Bai’s body, and even his blood and bones were coated with a faint layer of gold. The small stream-like meridians had also been widened into a river, and spiritual energy swirled and gathered.

He had broken through to Xiantian state first level, and that feeling was completely different. It was as if he could reach out his hand and pluck the stars and embrace the moon. Lin Bai gazed into the distance. The mountain ranges and the boundless mountains were nothing more than this feeling in his eyes.

Needless to say, in terms of cultivation techniques, he had made a small achievement in the Octane Blast, and he had even made a breakthrough in the Heaven Devouring Myriad Phase Art.

“I have few cultivation techniques, and they are both offensive types, so the type is relatively simple.”

He only had two cultivation techniques in his hands. Although they were both quite powerful, they were still not enough to face a truly powerful enemy.

Just as Lin Bai was thinking, he heard a clear cry.

The sound grew closer from afar and finally became clearer.

Little Green, who was originally beside him, had unknowingly arrived on top of the huge rock. Its taut body was like a taut bowstring, ready to be drawn. Its beast eyes were also stretched out in a narrow straight line, flickering with a dangerous light.

It stared at a certain direction in the sky. The hissing sound from its mouth became more and more obvious. A huge shadow suddenly swept over Lin Bai’s head, bringing with it a powerful airflow that made it almost impossible to open one’s eyes.

At the same time, the temperature in the air became somewhat higher.

“What is this thing?”

Lin Bai was secretly vigilant. However, the speed of that creature was really too fast, so he did not see it clearly at all.

The shadow once again flew over. Its gorgeous tail feathers were like flames, each and every one of them was distinct. It drew a blazing arc in the air, almost burning people’s eyes.

He finally saw clearly that it was a Scarlet Luan. It was approaching Little Green. Its sharp claws were like hooks. It was obvious that it had considered Little Green as food.

Little Qing had a two-star talent, and obviously could not compare to the Scarlet Luan. However, it had awakened the Azure Dragon bloodline in its body. It had not yet evolved to the mature stage, so it could be said to be a great tonic for the Scarlet Luan.

Clearly, the Scarlet Luan’s actions had angered Little Green. It hissed and spat out its tongue, transforming into a green light as it charged forward. A red and a green shadow instantly intertwined together.

Lin Bai sat on the wall and watched. He did not intend to interfere in the battle between them. He took this opportunity to let Little Green train.

The Scarlet Luan was different from what he had seen in the past. Its body was exceptionally huge. As it flapped its wings, a hot current surged. Countless sparks burst forth as it rushed over from the clouds. Even the morning glow on the horizon seemed to be burning.

The multicolored glow was like fire, paired with the azure blue sky. It was like a dream and a fantasy. However, behind this scene, there was a powerful killing intent.

Countless fire meteors fell one after another. The scorching temperature was so hot that even mountain rocks could melt. Little Green shuttled through them, and the emerald green scales all over its body faintly emitted a red light.

The bulges on both sides of its body became more obvious, and a pair of small wings suddenly grew out. The Scarlet Luan probably did not expect it to be able to fly, and for a moment, Little Green wrapped itself around the Scarlet Luan’s neck.

A powerful air current swept up the huge rock and fell, but Little Green was like a thousand-year-old iron chain, tightening its body in circles.

The Scarlet Luan struggled with all its strength, and its body emitted a huge flame, burning like a fireball. Little Green had no choice but to dodge to the side.


A loud sound could be heard, and sharp claws fell on the steep cliff, instantly hollowing out a large piece. If this landed on a human body, even if he did not die, he would at least lose a layer of skin.

Therefore, the Scarlet Luan’s target was Little Green.

Although the Scarlet Luan was huge and Little Green’s body was smaller, it was agile and dodged most of the attacks. From time to time, it would turn around and give it two bites, causing feathers to fly in the air, however, it didn’t cause any substantial damage to the Scarlet Luan.

The two beasts fought back and forth, and they were evenly matched. The situation was in a stalemate, and neither could do anything to the other.

Seeing this, Lin Bai couldn’t help but look sideways. One had to know that Little Green was still one level away from reaching the Xiantian state after passing on its cultivation. At that time, it wouldn’t have changed much. The powerful true dragon bloodline would make it stronger than many Xiantian state masters.

But this Scarlet Luan was actually so powerful, and it was able to fight evenly with Little Green. It could be seen that its strength couldn’t be underestimated. Its cultivation level should be between the Houtian ninth level to the Xiantian first level.

“Does Little Green need help?”

A thought came to Lin Bai’s mind. Although Little Green couldn’t speak, it could communicate simply through the sea of consciousness.

“No need. Watch how I teach it a lesson. This little bird actually treats me as food. Isn’t it afraid of breaking its own teeth?”

Little Green’s fighting spirit was also completely stimulated, and it rushed forward again.

Since this alternate-heaven blessed land was called the Scarlet Luan Peak, it might have been its nest in the past. Lin Bai looked carefully, and saw that the feathers in the middle of the Scarlet Luan’s tail were particularly gorgeous, longer than the others. At first glance, it looked like, it was like a phoenix tail feather.

There was a high possibility that there was a trace of the Divine Beast Phoenix bloodline in its body.

Lin Bai reminded, “Little Green, don’t be ruthless. I want to take this Scarlet Luan as a beast pet.”

“Master, you don’t know. This Scarlet Luan’s phoenix tail feather is a blessing and also a curse. If it don’t cultivate as soon as possible, it will die in the flames. Although it has some Phoenix bloodline that makes it especially powerful, it is also like a life-threatening talisman.”

Because Little Green’s Azure Dragon Bloodline had awakened, it had inherited a part of its memories at the same time, so it knew a lot of things.

It was no wonder that this Scarlet Luan would target Little Green.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pass on my cultivation. All the problems can be easily solved.”

It just so happened that one dragon and one phoenix.. When they both evolved into mature states in the future, one could imagine how cool it would be if they were brought out.

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