Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Alternate Heaven Blessed Land Scarlet Luan Peak

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Chen Wu slowly walked over. “Thank you so much this time.”

Her cheeks were flushed red, and even her watery eyes were unbelievably gentle. It was as if a pond of lotus flowers had bloomed, making people unable to look away. No one had ever seen Chen Wu show such an expression before.

Even the people from the Wind and Cloud Dojo were flabbergasted when they saw this. Their gazes landed on Chen Wu and Lin Bai, and they immediately revealed ambiguous and mischievous smiles.

However, Lin Bai seemed to be blind. With a calm expression, he said, “There’s no need to be so polite. This is the agreement we made before.”

He had gained a lot from this trip. Not only had he solved the problem of the cultivation grounds, but even Little Green had also broken through in the battle just now and reached the ninth stage of the Houtian state. It was now only one stage away from reaching the Xiantian state.

The person from the Green Lotus Medicine Shop opened his mouth and asked, “Elder Xie, are we still going to fight?”

Elder Xie raised his hand and gave him a big slap, not caring that the people from the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce were still present. “You blind thing. If you have the ability, go up on stage and fight with him.”

Now that the competition venue had been destroyed by Lin Bai, if they continued to fight, who knew what kind of scene would be created.

When Wan Chaozong heard these words, his heart immediately felt a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, although the Broken Sword Escort Agency didn’t express their attitude directly like elder Xie did, they just looked at their nose. Their actions had already explained everything.

The people from the three major powers weren’t fools. They all knew that if Lin Bai was just geniuses from the younger generation, they might be able to nip the bud.

However, Lin Bai’s strength wasn’t below the elder level. One had to know that he was only in his early twenties, and his future was already limitless at such a young age.

There was no point in killing him. If they didn’t eradicate him, they might even offend a terrifying enemy. It was better to be on good terms with him. In short, it was best not to become an enemy.

The people from the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce were still at a loss on how to face Lin Bai. After all, they had been itching to get rid of him just now. If they went up to him now, it would be a slap in the face.

Before they could make up their minds, elder Xie from the Green Lotus Medicine Shop was already walking towards Lin Bai with a smile on his face.

“Little brother, you have such strength at such a young age. The younger generation is indeed formidable. May I ask what school you are from?”

When the people from the broken sword escort agency saw this, they cursed in their hearts. Elder Xie was a little too quick to act.

However, before Lin Bai could speak, Chen Kun directly said, “The one who won this match is my son-in-law.”

Lin Bai:”? ? ?”

Not to mention him, even Chen Wu was dumbfounded. The redness on her snow-white cheeks became more and more obvious. It was as if layers of Rouge had spread out, making her look extremely beautiful. She did not refute, but just lowered her head and did not say anything.

Seeing Lin Bai and Chen Wu’s reactions, the others immediately understood. In order to rope in Lin Bai, Chen Kun had actually gone to such great lengths, even pushing out his own daughter.

They had never seen such a shameless person. He was even more shameless than elder Xie!

A deep sense of crisis welled up in the hearts of the leader of the Broken Sword Escort Agency. They had already been taken advantage of by the Green Lotus Medicine Shop, and with Chen Kun’s words, there was no room for them anymore. They could no longer sit still.

“What do you mean your son-in-law? He’s my son-in-law when I see him!”

Everyone:”? ? ?”

Someone could not help but question, “Well, isn’t your three children all sons?”

Fortunately, the escort leader’s son had gone out to escort a mission this time, so he did not participate in the competition.

If he knew that his father would even say such words in order to win Lin Bai over… He didn’t know how he would feel.

The escort leader coughed a few times to cover up his awkwardness, as if nothing had happened.

Lin Bai looked at them, feeling a little speechless in his heart.

When the members of the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce saw that the Green Lotus Medicine Shop and the Broken Sword Escort Agency had defected one after another, they didn’t know what to do for a moment. They carefully opened their mouths and asked, “Elder Wan, about that, do we still want to take revenge?”

The Wan Chaozong glared at him fiercely. Looking at Lin Bai who was in the limelight, they could only sigh helplessly and harrumph, “Let’s go!”

Staying here was also a joke. They could not afford to offend Lin Bai, so they might as well leave as soon as possible.

Compared to the high profile they had before coming here, the departure of the members of the Thousand Beast Chamber of Commerce did not attract anyone’s attention. They walked out of the back door dejectedly.

After bidding farewell to the people from the Wind and Cloud Dojo, Lin Bai prepared to go back and move the house.

This trip could be said to be a great harvest. Not only did they obtain the alternate-heaven blessed land, but Little Green had also broken through during the battle.

It was already at the Houtian state level nine. One more level and it would be able to break through to the Xiantian state.

Just as they reached the door of their house, Lin Ruhai and Su Yun had already prepared food. When they saw Lin Bai’s figure, they could not help but reveal joyful smiles.

“I participated in a competition and was rewarded with a new place to live. Let’s pack our things and move there in a while.”

The couple looked at each other and felt extremely gratified.

They did not ask where their new home was. The family of three did not have much to pack. After packing their luggage, the couple followed Lin Bai on the road.

Only when they reached their destination did they realize that their new place was actually a paradise.

They had thought that it was just an ordinary house when they saw Lin Bai’s carefree appearance just now. They had never expected that it would give them such a big surprise.

This place was called the Crismon Luan Peak and was worth five million crystals. Even if Lin Ruhai and Su Yun worked day and night for several lifetimes, they wouldn’t be able to earn the money.

Su Yun stammered, “Xiao, Xiao Bai, we didn’t go to the wrong place, right?”

Lin Ruhai pulled the two of them and was about to leave. He was afraid that he might accidentally barge into the territory of a high-level cultivator, and he was afraid that he might offend someone, but he was stopped by Lin Bai, “From now on, this will be our new home. The two of you can stay here in peace. You don’t have to go out anymore in the future.”

The scenery here was clear and beautiful. Not far away, the mountains were lush and verdant. There were layers upon layers of mountains, and the scenery was beautiful. The chirping of insects and birds could be heard endlessly. It was as if they had arrived at the peach blossom paradise.

Even the air here was incomparably fresh. One could only feel relaxed and at ease.

Lin Bai sized up the place in front of him, and was very satisfied. It was indeed a place with good feng shui. It was no wonder that the four major factions were fighting so fiercely. The spiritual energy here was abundant, and the scenery here was also unique.

Not to mention that a cultivator like him would be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort if he cultivated here, even an ordinary person like Lin Ruhai and Su Yun could be nourished by the spiritual energy here if they lived here. Their meridians would be cleansed and their life would be prolonged too

The couple felt as if they were in a dream, but they could not believe it now. They could not help but ask again, “Will this be our home in the future?”

When they saw Lin Bai nod his head affirmatively, their hearts were extremely excited, and they were so happy that they could not say a word.

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