Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Awakening Third Profession, Pill Master

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Little Green and the Scarlet Luan were in a heated battle. It would be difficult to determine the victor in a short time. Lin Bai looked at the half of the mountain that had been scorched and the scorched earth on the ground. If they continued to fight, half of the entire Scarlet Luan Peak would be destroyed.

“Little Green, you retreat first. Let me do it.”

This kind of wild Scarlet Luan was extremely aggressive towards humans, but it was also very vigilant. In addition, it had already left its infancy period, and could not compare to those Little Green who had hatched from a young age. The difficulty of the contract was relatively high. The beast master had to tame it with his own hands.

Little Green flashed to the side, and Lin Bai’s palm turned into a fist. Immediately, sand and stones flew, and like sharp arrows, it sped in the direction of the Scarlet Luan.

It seemed to have sensed the arrival of danger. It leaped up and circled in the sky. Its scarlet beast eyes flickered with a ruthless light. It looked coldly at Lin Bai who had suddenly attacked. Clearly, it had already gained intelligence.

The Scarlet Luan flapped its wings. The hot current in the air surged. The fiery red feathers on its body became brighter and brighter, as if they were about to burn up. In fact, this was indeed the case.

The feathers slowly fell off its body and transformed into tens of thousands of fire swords. They interweaved densely into a large net that pounced toward Lin Bai aggressively.

The sharp arrows that the feathers transformed into were all extremely hot, not to mention that so many of them had gathered together.

Lin Bai shuttled through them. His body was like a ghost that was constantly changing. A burning smell filled the air. Looking at half of his burning hair, he deliberately said,

“Looks like we have something for dinner today. Let’s just eat the roasted bird.”

As expected, when the Scarlet Luan heard his words, it became even more furious. It opened its mouth wide and let out a shrill cry. A huge fireball condensed in the air, wanting to burn this human who provoked him to the point that not even a residue was left.

The temperature around his body became higher and higher. Even the original flowers, plants, and trees had already withered. Some of them had already turned into ashes during the battle just now.

A layer of sweat condensed on Lin Bai’s forehead. Before it fell down, it had already evaporated. His face was red, but his dark eyes were like a ten-thousand-year-old cold pond, not stirring up any waves.

It was as if the situation in front of him was under his control.

The Scarlet Luan in front of him had a ferocious aura. However, after using some energy in its previous battle with Little Green, it was no longer as strong as before. Even the flames were not as exquisite as before.

Lin Bai clenched his fists and shouted loudly, “Octane Blast!”

Invisible air currents gathered in the air and changed in a myriad of ways. It was like a beast tide that was surging endlessly. It was also like an incomparably lofty green mountain that crushed over with unstoppable momentum.

The huge fireball was like a brilliant morning sun. When the two forces collided, huge sparks instantly exploded in the air and swept to the side.

The fireball was actually shattered by the green mountain and turned into countless tiny sparks. They scattered in the air and were no longer a threat to the Scarlet Luan. The Scarlet Luan was stunned on the spot.

The man in front of it was actually so powerful that he was a tough nut to crack. It suddenly felt a little scared and spread its wings, wanting to fly into the sky.

However, Lin Bai saw that the Scarlet Luan wanted to escape, so how could he let it leave so easily? He raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s too late for you to escape now.”

He turned around and grabbed the Scarlet Luan’s wings, throwing a punch at it. The Scarlet Luan didn’t expect Lin Bai to be able to endure the high temperature and get close to it. It flapped its wings and was about to take off, but it was pressed to the ground by Lin Bai.

For a moment, fiery red feathers flew all over the sky. It was a beautiful scene. No matter how hard the Scarlet Luan struggled, Lin Bai’s big hands were like iron pincers that couldn’t break free.

Lin Bai used his spirit energy to open up a transparent protective barrier to block its flames.

The Scarlet Luan hardened its heart and pecked off its tail feathers. It transformed into a stream of light and flew towards Lin Bai.


A loud explosion was heard in the air. Lin Bai was thrown to the side by a momentary carelessness. He looked at the Scarlet Luan that was struggling to fly into the sky and exerted more strength in his hands.

With a miserable cry, the Scarlet Luan fell to the ground, creating a deep pit. He slowly walked over. The originally majestic Scarlet Luan looked extremely miserable at this moment.

However, Lin Bai wanted to subdue it as a beast pet, so he naturally knew what to do. Although the Scarlet Luan looked miserable and had suffered a lot of injuries, it did not have any real injuries.

When the Scarlet Luan saw Lin Bai walking over, it opened its mouth with force. However, it was already exhausted. After holding it in for a long time, it only spat out a small smoke ring. It did not even have the strength to stand up, let alone resist. It watched helplessly as Lin Bai formed a blood bond.

A huge red magic array suddenly appeared on the ground. The wounds on the Scarlet Luan’s body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even the feathers that had fallen off during the battle had grown back.

The Scarlet Luan’s spirit thought also appeared in Lin Bai’s mind. “Since your whole body is red, you can be called Little Red from now on.”

The degree of his naming was really rotten to the extreme. It could be seen from the previous Little Green and then the current Red Luan. It was not difficult to doubt whether he would name red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple in the future.

However, Lin Bai did not notice it at all.

It was probably because it was hard to tame its wild nature, or because he had just experienced a great battle. Even though they had already formed a contract, the Scarlet Luan shrank to the side and stared at Lin Bai and Little Green cultivating.

Lin Bai was not worried that it would bite back. If a pet beast wanted to devour its master, it would have to pay a painful price in addition to having a strong cultivation.

These few days, he had been working day and night. It was almost comparable to the scenery outside for more than ten days. No wonder so many people were rushing to the alternate-heaven blessed land.

“Little Green, Little Red.”

Lin Bai summoned two pet beasts. He did not favor one over the other. Each pet beast received a cultivation of five days.

[ Ding! ]

[ The host has passed on five days of cultivation to Little Green. ]

[ Ten times return has been successfully triggered! ]

[ The host has received 50 days of cultivation! ]

[ The host has passed on five days of cultivation base to Little Red. ]

[100 times return has been successfully triggered! ]

[ Host has received 500 days of cultivation! ]

The system’s voice continued to ring out continuously. This time, he was actually extremely lucky and unlocked another 100 times critical strike!

The Scarlet Luan’s entire body shone with golden light as it broke through to Xiantian level one. Even the tail feathers on its back had grown quite a bit. As it was the first time it had received cultivation, it still did not understand what had happened. It only reacted when it was about to break through.

Although Little Green hadn’t broken through yet, he was only one step away. It had even learned a new skill, [ Spread Mist ] .

Not only did they gain a lot from it, but even Lin Bai had also awakened his third profession — Pill Master.

It was already extremely rare for an ordinary person to awaken two professions, let alone three professions.

Moreover, it was a rare profession like alchemy master that had awakened.

One must know that as consumable items, medicinal pills were always priceless and hard to come by.

And a Pill Master who concocted medicinal pills was a superior existence at all times.

With the aid of medicinal pills, Lin Bai, who possessed the cultivation returning system, was like a tiger with wings. Now that he had awakened his Pill Master profession, he wouldn’t need to buy medicinal pills in the future. He could just directly concoct his own medicinal pills. This was a great thing.

However, there was still an important problem.

Pill forging required a pill formula.. Thinking up to this point, Lin Bai decided to head to the largest medicinal shop in the city to think of a solution for this pill formula.

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