Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 328: Lifeforce Origin Drained

Chapter 328: Lifeforce Origin Drained

The Four-Legged Crown Snake made a string of attacks, not giving Xiao Chen time to react. Everything seemed to be going as it had planned.

The attacks were chained together tightly, trying to force Xiao Chen into a dead end, not allowing him to make a counter attack. What a crafty thousand-year-old Demonic Beast!

Xiao Chen looked at the ice pillar heading for him. He thought to himself, I can’t retreat anymore. Otherwise, the danger would become greater as time passed.

“Qi Breaks Wukui!” Xiao Chen shouted and the dark clouds above churned. A bolt of lightning tore through the darkness, raising Xiao Chen’s aura.

A strand of extremely dense purple saber Qi appeared from nowhere. Without conscious thought from Xiao Chen, the remnant intent to massacre within the scarlet armor quickly fused into the Saber Technique.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The strength of Qi Breaks Wukui startled Xiao Chen. It actually managed to easily break the rising ice pillar in half.

After the intent to massacre infused into Xiao Chen’s Qi Breaks Wukui, it became like a reforged treasure saber. The sharpness of his saber Qi increased by fifty percent.

When Xiao Chen saw the ice pillar split into half and shatter in the air, a boundless killing intent arose in his heart. His gaze was like a weapon filled with killing Qi. The killing intent seemed to solidify everywhere his gaze passed, making one feel fear from the heart.


“Wukui Shakes the Heavens!”

Xiao Chen shouted and executed the Wukui Shakes the Heavens again. The purple Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere and the intent to massacre from the Battle Armor instantly fused into it.

Xiao Chen could see countless lines of red lights like blood vessels flowing on the inside of the huge tree.

The huge tree was filled with leaves. After a moment, several scarlet Wukui Flowers blossomed.

The huge tree supporting the sky turned menacing and horrifying in an instant; it looked incredibly strange.

The surrounding cold Qi gathered back in the Four-Legged Crown Snake’s malevolent mouth. Cold Qi turned into a dense ice pillar and shot out. It struck the trunk of the Wukui Tree with a loud boom again.

The boundless cold Qi started moving up from the bottom of the tree, extending everywhere. However, this time, the cold Qi only remained on the surface, it could not penetrate the insides of the divine tree.

It had no way to completely freeze the Wukui Tree. The state that originated from massacre would not allow the ice to break into the inner parts of the Wukui Tree.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

After a while, the frost covering the surface of the Wukui Tree started cracking and falling down. However, the Wukui Tree that contained a huge force was as perfect as it was earlier. Like before, it pressed down violently.


When the divine tree descended, it carried an unceasing torrent of electricity as it violently pressed down on that blurry silhouette.

The huge Four-Legged Crown Snake howled in pain. Its figure completely appeared in Xiao Chen’s vision. The surface of its skin was covered with flickering electricity.

The intent to massacre contained in the electricity broke through the layers of icy defense laid down by the Four-Legged Crown Snake. They were like dead branches on a tree, sliced apart like tofu into tiny pieces.

The defense of the Four-Legged Crown Snake was immediately broken. It had to withstand Xiao Chen’s move with only its physical body.

The Four-Legged Crown Snake’s scales exploded apart, countless droplets of black blood oozed out of its skin. Electricity could still be indistinctly seen flickering in the wounds.

It looks like states differed in quality. The state of massacre was clearly stronger than the state of thunder. The interesting thing to note was that it was easier to merge in the state of massacre than his other states.

It was able to merge into the state of thunder easily. Does this mean that the merger of different types of states would be easier than merging similar types of states?

Such as the merger of the state of wind and state of cloud, or the state of mountain and state of clouds. These kinds of states were that of energy, they were extremely difficult to merge.

However, it was easy to merge the state of massacre with an energy-type state. However, it would likely be much more difficult for states similar to the state of massacre, such as the states of destruction, extermination, life, or nature.

It looked like the principles and mechanism of states were much more complex than Xiao Chen originally thought. However, this opened him up to a whole new school of thought.

However, these thoughts only flashed by in Xiao Chen’s mind once. He did not ponder on them deeply.

Xiao Chen was currently undergoing a deadly battle. This was clearly not the time to ponder about this. It would be much better to think about it after the fight.

The Four-Legged Crown Snake roared angrily when it felt pain. Its forked tongue flickered in and out non-stop.

“Hu chi!”

Xiao Chen only saw a strand of red light flash. The Four-Legged Crown Snake’s forked tongue moved like a bolt of lightning. It was so fast, it was hard to react to.

Xiao Chen’s chest tightened. He quickly dodged to the side but the forked tongue was simply too fast. It managed to pierce Xiao Chen’s chest about ten centimeters from his heart.

A heart-wrenching pain coursed through all of Xiao Chen’s nerves. The livid Xiao Chen swung his saber and chopped off the retracting forked tongue.

The pain caused the circulation of Xiao Chen’s Essence to be disrupted. The Gravity Spell stopped and he fell heavily toward the ground.


As Xiao Chen was falling to the ground, the red cloud in the distance flew over and caught him firmly.

Xiao Chen did not bother with the pain or take the time be astonished. He simply pulled out the red forked tongue. A horrifying wound immediately appeared on his chest, and blood poured out of it.

“Zi zi!” Suddenly, the red Battle Armor squirmed. The horrifying wound could be seen healing at a rapid pace.

Within the blink of an eye, it was completely healed. Even though the wound was healed, Xiao Chen could clearly feel his Lifeforce Origin drained significantly.

Xiao Chen was startled. This throne can actually forcibly use my Lifeforce Origin to heal wounds.

The Lifeforce Origin, put simply, was the lifespan of a person. The lifeforce used to heal the wound caused Xiao Chen’s lifespan to be decreased by about a year.

Xiao Chen shook his head and suppressed all these thoughts. After that, he jumped down from the red cloud again. He activated the Windwalk Shoes and circled the Four-Legged Crown Snake without stopping.

With the aid of the state of massacre, Xiao Chen was not at a disadvantage. Sometimes, after he broke his opponent’s attack, the electric light would be able to leave wounds on its body.

The man and beast started fighting intensely in this forest. Strong winds howled, electric light flickered, frost spread. As time went on, the battlefield became larger.

The surrounding trees were crushed into splinters by the shockwaves and energy, flying about in the wind.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The soil on the ground was frozen by the Four-Legged Crown Snake’s cold Qi, becoming very fragile. When leaves fell on the ground, the ground would explode and kick up a large amount of dirt.

“Wukui Blossoms!”

Xiao Chen grabbed hold on an opportunity and executed the Wukui Blossoms. The massacre-intent-infused Wukui Blossoms resulted in a scarlet flower enveloping Xiao Chen.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Four-Legged Crown Snake sensed the might of this move. It opened its jaws, sending out sharp wind blades and ice arrows. They struck the surface of the scarlet Wukui Flower continuously.

Within the flower bud, Xiao Chen’s internal organs were jolted, his blood and Qi surged. A trickle of blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

However, Xiao Chen held on and continued to circulate Essence in his meridians, focusing on executing the Wukui Blossoms.


The scarlet flower blossomed. Countless scarlet flower petals scattered through the air.

Xiao Chen pushed off the ground. As the scarlet light from the flower petals shone on him, his speed reached three times the speed of sound.

Xiao Chen moved through the petals that filled the air. This move of Xiao Chen’s was infinitely beautiful, like a beam of light flashing. A large bloody hole appeared on the Four-Legged Crown Snake. The berserk force of the Lunar Shadow Saber was running wild within the snake.


Just as the Four-Legged Crown Snake stabilized itself, its huge tail came sweeping through the air. It knocked Xiao Chen back, causing him to vomit some blood.

Xiao Chen’s pained expression did not have any panic in it. His left hand quickly formed a hand seal and shouted, “Wukui Supporting the Heavens!”

The scarlet flower petals that filled the air turned into a scarlet river of flower petals in the air. Then, they poured into the body of the Four-Legged Crown Snake via its fresh injury.

In an eyeblink, a scarlet Wukui Tree grew quickly from the gaping wound. Countless branches of roots extended throughout its body, digging in firmly.

The Wukui Tree absorbed the lifeforce of the Four-Legged Crown Snake, turning it into nourishment for itself. The divine Wukui Tree turned huge in the blink of an eye. Leaves and branches covered it densely. Scarlet Wukui Flowers grew on the countless branches, looking tender and beautiful.

Xiao Chen pushed off the red clouds and soared higher. A continuous chain of thunderclouds started churning in the sky above.

A divine tree grew slowly above Xiao Chen. He muttered to himself, “Let’s use this move to end this fight.

“Wukui Breaks the Heavens!”

The instant the divine tree grew completely, an earth-shattering scarlet bolt of lightning tore through the sky. The Lunar Shadow Saber in Xiao Chen’s hand released a resplendent scarlet saber light.

The scarlet beam of light quickly extended. The Four-Legged Crown Snake was held down by the Wukui Tree and was unable to move. A look of despair and horror appeared in its crimson eyes.


Suddenly, a red light flashed by the Four-Legged Crown Snake.

Only after the red light passed for a long moment, a ‘pu ci’ sound came from its huge body. It was split down the middle. Seemingly endless amounts of black blood fell like rain, followed by shattered organs, falling from the sky to the ground.

Xiao Chen executed a perfect Wukui Breaks the Heavens. The scarlet Battle Armor on his body started to disconnect from his flesh. After that it slowly wriggled and eventually turned into a scarlet light before returning to his sea of consciousness, turning back into a scarlet throne.

The intent to massacre contained within it was too little, it was completely used up by Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen fell to the ground, feeling exhausted. After a while, he lay flat on the ground. Fighting with this thousand-year-old Demonic Beast was simply too exhausting. Furthermore, there were strong side effects from using the state of massacre.

Right now, Xiao Chen’s head felt heavy. However, this was not the time to rest. Xiao Chen perked himself up, and quickly got up. Then, he walked to the corpse of the Four-Legged Crown Snake.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

An invisible ball of red light quickly flew into the throne mark between Xiao Chen’s eyebrows.

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