Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 327: Four-Legged Crown Snake

Chapter 327: Four-Legged Crown Snake

Xiao Chen stayed cautious and placed his right hand on his saber hilt. His eyes started to wander, looking for the hidden Demonic Beast.

It seemed like time had come to a stop. Xiao Chen did not move as his hand was ready on the saber hilt. The state of thunder was brewing within him. The moment his opponent revealed itself, he would strike out immediately.

However, time slowly went by…one minute, two minutes, ten minutes…soon, half an hour passed. The expected enemy still did not appear.

This Demonic Beast was extremely crafty, and extremely patient. It knew how to whittle away at its prey’s will, creating great psychological pressure.

After a long time passed, Xiao Chen even suspected his own feelings for an instant. Did I make a mistake? Was the hidden Demonic Beast merely a figment of my imagination and there was nothing in the first place?

Xiao Chen wanted to disperse the state of thunder he been preparing for so long. However, the moment he wanted to disperse it, the scarlet throne between his eyebrows burst out in red light, making Xiao Chen give up on this thought.

The scarlet throne was the Secret Treasure of the Evil King, it will never give a warning for no reason. My perceptions are correct, Xiao Chen thought to himself.

Xiao Chen’s eyes became calm again. The scarlet throne in his sea of consciousness stopped its activity. Xiao Chen thought, Since it wants to compete in regards to patience, then let’s see who will make a move first.


Suddenly, after another period of time, a cool breeze blew and blew a few fallen leaves on the ground at Xiao Chen.

It can no longer resist. Does it want to play a psychological battle? Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself. He could not feel any killing intent in the cool breeze, so he ignored the few fallen leaves flying at him.

“Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!”

After a long time, four cool breezes blew on the ground, blowing up a large number of fallen leaves at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s heart was as calm as still water, his gaze was extremely peaceful. His right hand, which was still on his saber hilt, did not move; he completely ignored the leaves.

Following that, a few cool breezes would blow occasionally. The Demonic Beast was trying to disrupt Xiao Chen’s thoughts and the state of thunder he was brewing.

Xiao Chen ignored it again. He did not feel any killing intent. If he made a move, he would only waste his state of thunder.

Suddenly, the surroundings turned quiet. The cool breezes pestering Xiao Chen stopped. The strange silence filled this area again.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, It’s coming!


Suddenly, a violent tornado blew in an instant. A strong wind howled and picked up all the leaves on the ground.

The flying leaves obscured Xiao Chen’s vision, blocking out the sky. A horrifying ruthless Qi was hidden in the wind as it was launched at Xiao Chen.


The state of thunder Xiao Chen had been brewing for a long time exploded out in this instant. A purple bolt of lightning fell from the sky like a javelin, piercing through the nine heavens and tearing through the sky.

A long chink immediately appeared in the leaves that filled the space, revealing a black hand hidden in them.

Through that chink in the leaves, Xiao Chen saw a huge four-legged snake that was continuously changing its skin color. There was a huge crown growing on the snake’s head, and its slitted eyes were deep red.

The skin of the snake kept changing colors. For a moment, it could be the withered-yellow of fallen leaves, in another moment, it could be transparent like air. It looked extremely strange.

The most surprising thing for Xiao Chen was not this. Instead, it was it was a snake-type Demonic Beasts growing a crown; the Demonic Beast was about to grow out a crown.

It would take at least seven hundred years for that to happen. Xiao Chen could not imagine what being seven hundred years or older would feel like.

Xiao Chen’s memories of the horrifying Scarlet Crown Snake he met in the underground world were still fresh. It was able to smash apart the silver warship with one swing of its tail.

If it turned into a Demonic Beast, its strength would at least double.

The chink created by the lightning in the flying leaves slowly mended. The image of the Four-Legged Crown Snake slowly vanished from Xiao Chen’s vision.

“Ka ca!”

The instant the chink in the leaves mended, Xiao Chen immediately drew his Lunar Shadow Saber. A strong wind blew and scattered all the fallen leaves in the area.

Countless sparks of electricity moved through the air. When they struck the leaves, they gave off crackling explosion sounds. All the scattered leaves immediately turned into dust.

The Four-Legged Crown Snake hiding within was completely revealed. Xiao Chen shouted and his killing intent locked onto his opponent as he leaped into the air.

“The saber dances and thunder roars. Breaking out in sudden shock, Wukui Shakes the Heavens!”

An ancient divine Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere and grew quickly. In the blink of an eye, leaves and branches covered it, holding up the sky. It was like a lone mountain, pressing down with a heavy force.

The Four-Legged Crown Snake was a hundred meters long and was as thick as an elephant’s legs. When it looked at the Wukui Tree descending down on it, it released a scarlet light from its red eyes.

The Four-Legged Crown Snake opened its jaws widely and the surrounding temperature pummeled. A cold light appeared in its mouth. After a while, it burst out in a bright cold light and fired a sharp ice pillar.

“Chi! Chi!”

When the ice pillar touched the Wukui Tree, a layer of frost extended on the surface of it. The Wukui Tree, filled with the might of berserk thunder, was actually completely frozen.

Xiao Chen’s eyes were filled with astonishment. He said, “How could this be? The Wukui Saber Technique’s killing move could be broken by such a method.”

When two kinds of energy clashed, without one side having overwhelming power, it would result in an intense explosion. For what just happened to occur, there was only one possibility: the opponent’s ice-attributed energy far surpassed the lightning-attributed energy Xiao Chen sent out.

In regards to quality or quantity, it surpassed Xiao Chen. Otherwise, the Wukui Tree would not end up in a state where it could not explode.

This Four-Legged Crown Snake has lived for at least a thousand years, Xiao Chen thought, overwhelmed with shock. It was already on the verge of becoming a spirit, no wonder it was so crafty and patient.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The frozen Wukui Tree started cracking non-stop before shattering into shards of ice and falling with a tinkling sound.

Thunderclouds churned in the sky. Xiao Chen watched as the Four-Legged Crown Snake flicked its tongue. He grabbed his saber hilt with two hands and focused; he had never been so nervous before.

It was strong, crafty, and cautious. This peak Rank 6 Demonic Beast, which had lived for at least a thousand years, was significantly stronger than the Scarlet Flame Chief from earlier.


Just as Xiao Chen hesitated on whether to retreat or not, the scarlet throne mark between his eyebrows flickered with a red light. With a ‘xiu’ sound, the scarlet throne appeared from nowhere.

Before Xiao Chen could react, the strip of cloth on his forehead ripped into many pieces. A red cloud appeared from nowhere. It was unknown when but Xiao Chen was suddenly seated on the scarlet throne.

The instant the strip of cloth tore, Xiao Chen’s originally delicate and ordinary looks turned demonic. He had snow-white skin and the mark of a scarlet throne on his forehead. His gaze was very deep, making others sink into it without being able to leave.

Of course, Xiao Chen was not aware of all this. He used his foot and prodded the red cloud below him. The red cloud was very solid; when he stepped on it, it was like the ground.

The appearance of the scarlet throne made Xiao Chen very surprised, he did not know what it wanted.

“Chi! Chi!”

As Xiao Chen was feeling doubtful, the scarlet throne he was seated on slowly started to infuse into his flesh. It quickly turned into a sticky scarlet liquid, covering his skin and muscles; it became a scarlet Battle Armor.

The scarlet Battle Armor covered Xiao Chen completely. There was even a scarlet helmet on his head, protecting every vital part of his body. The strangest thing was that the interior of the Battle Armor seemed like it was fused with his skin, like it was part of his flesh.

The Four-Legged Crown Snake’s four legs stomped on the ground. Doubt flashed in its crimson eyes. When it looked at Xiao Chen, who was on the red cloud, its skin started to change color rapidly, blending back into the air.

However, it currently did not have the cover of the fallen leaves. When Xiao Chen looked carefully, he could still see a vague silhouette, slowly moving around him.

When the Battle Armor formed by the scarlet throne appeared, Xiao Chen felt that his defenses had improved by at least half. Furthermore, his strength and speed were all raised. It was like his body was filled with inexhaustible energy. His overall combat prowess improved by fifty percent.

The Secret Treasure refined by the ancient Evil King is truly unfathomable. However, with the help of this battle armor, my odds of defeating the thousand-year-old Crown Snake should be raised to fifty percent.

Xiao Chen completely abandoned thoughts of retreating. With a fifty percent chance of victory, he should gamble on it.

Xiao Chen shouted and jumped down from the red clouds. He headed for the vague silhouette, rushing toward it quickly.

“Hu chi!”

Suddenly, a huge wind blade appeared from nowhere. The incredibly sharp wind blade sliced the air in half, tearing it apart like cloth with a ripping sound.

Marvelous, this fellow actually grasped two attributes. Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and an explosive strength rocketed him off the ground. His body soared more than a hundred meters high and he stopped on a huge tree.

An instant after Xiao Chen left, before the afterimage he left on the ground could fade away, it was sliced apart by the wind blade.

The strength of the berserk wind blade did not decrease, it continued on and hacked the huge tree behind in half. The cut on the tree was as smooth as a pane of glass.

This showed the solidity of this wind blade and how pure it was. It flew for more than a thousand meters before it slowly dissipated. Eventually, it turned into a violent wind and blew many fallen leaves into the distance.

Before Xiao Chen could be astonished, a layer of frost quickly extended up the tree underneath him. In the blink of an eye, it arrived at Xiao Chen’s feet.

Xiao Chen was startled and quickly jumped down. While he was still in the air, a wind blade appeared from nowhere and flew accurately at him.

Xiao Chen performed a miserable somersault in the air and landed on the ground. Before he got up, the boundless frost on the ground gave off a cold Qi; it turned into circles that gathered toward him quickly.

With a quick glance, Xiao Chen saw an icy mist coming from the cold Qi on the surrounding ground. The mist occupied everywhere within a thousand meters around him. There was simply no space for him to move to.

How hateful!

Xiao Chen could only helplessly leap into the air, not allowing himself to be tangled up with the cold Qi.


The instant the cold Qi gathered, the surrounding temperature dropped by several hundred degrees. A huge ice pillar burst out of the ground where Xiao Chen was standing earlier, heading in the direction he had jumped.

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