Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 326: The Awesome Xiao Bai

Chapter 326: The Awesome Xiao Bai


Xiao Chen casually flung his hand forwards. The flames flew through the air, leaving a long purple trail of fire. Everywhere it passed, the trees nearby burned to ashes.

After the flames flew for a thousand meters, they crashed onto the ground and exploded. A purple mushroom-shaped cloud rose from where the flames landed.

“Roar! Roar!”

The loud sound startled the surrounding Demonic Beasts. Two Black Winged Demonic Wolves emitting a black smoke growled and rushed over.

The Black Winged Demonic Wolf was originally a Rank 5 Spirit Beast, the Winged Wolf. The Winged Wolf was tall and had two bone wings which allowed it low altitude flight and increased its speed.

After the Winged Wolf was demonized, its attack and speed were increased. Its overall combat prowess doubled and turned it even more savage and terrifying.

Xiao Chen looked at the two Black Winged Demonic Wolves and smiled faintly. He stepped forward and stood at the edge of the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Then, he slowly placed his right hand on the handle of his saber.

“Hu chi!”

The bone wings on the two Black Winged Demonic Wolf flapped heavily. A strong wind blew and the two Black Winged Demonic Wolf flew up quickly.

They opened their huge mouths and their black fangs flashed with a cold light. As their bone wings flapped in the air, it gave off a ‘wu wu’ sound. They launched themselves at Xiao Chen.

“Hu!” Before Xiao Chen could make a move, Xiao Bai, who was sitting on his shoulder, immediately jumped down. It moved its paws in a fashion that looked like it was weaving the air and a strong wind immediately blew away a Black Winged Demonic Wolf.

The Black Winged Demonic Wolf moved toward them very quickly, but it was blown away at an even faster speed. It tumbled on the ground for several meters before it slowly came to a stop. Just as it got up, it saw a white figure rushing at it quickly.

“Chi chi!” The white figure was like a beam of light. The light flashed and five bleeding wounds appeared on the Black Winged Demonic Wolf’s left wing; black smoke boiled out of it.

Xiao Chen gave it a casual glance and ignored it. Over the past few days, he had found out that Xiao Bai was much stronger than he had imagined.

It did not even feel any pressure when facing a peak Rank 5 Demonic Beast alone. With the advantage of its speed, it could easily deal with the Wolf. The Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation was an Immortal Grade Cultivation Technique. This allowed Xiao Bai’s strength to advance to a horrifying level.

“Ka ca!”

There was a flash of light as his right hand quickly drew out the snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber. Xiao Chen jumped down and a saber light flashed. Then he directly chopped off the bone wings of the other Black Winged Demonic Wolf.

The Black Winged Demonic Wolf howled painfully. Then it stood up and smashed out with its paw and five sharp claws.

Each claw was twenty centimeters long and was shaped like a hook. It looked like five sharp knives embedded in flesh. The Black Winged Demonic Wolf’s paw tore through the air and grabbed at Xiao Chen’s head.

Those claws would be able to pierce through metal. If that would happen to metal, what more a human head? The consequence of that happening was easy to imagine.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. He merely tilted his body to the side and took a step back with his right leg. He stared at the sharp wolf claws as he swung the scabbard in his left hand up.


The tip of the scabbard immediately struck the palm of the wolf paw. The huge impact caused caused a small bleeding hole to appear in the resilient paw.

It did not pierce through. The defense of this wolf paw is pretty good, Xiao Chen thought to himself. Lets try increasing the amount of strength.


A surge of force came from Xiao Chen’s left arm as he pushed forward. The tip of the scabbard immediately pierced through the resilient wolf paw.

Feeling the pain, the Black Winged Demonic Wolf’s other paw moved at an even faster speed, heading toward Xiao Chen. The force was so great, it even separated the air into two parts, leaving a vacuum behind.

It seemed even faster than Xiao Chen. The Lunar Shadow Saber lit up with a flickering, resplendent purple light. Then, it chopped off the wolf’s entire paw.


Xiao Chen struck the wolf’s chest heavily with a flying kick. The Black Winged Demonic Wolf was immediately smashed backward.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!” Ten thousand kilograms of force broke several ribs. The sound of its bones breaking continued non-stop.

The Black Winged Demonic Wolf was merely a Superior Grade Rank 5 Demonic Beast. Xiao Chen was able to defeat such opponents even before he comprehended his state.

After Xiao Chen infused Holy Might into the state, its strength grew tremendously. This made dealing with the Wolf even easier. Now, Demonic Beasts of such strength were only barely able to engage Xiao Chen.

Only Rank 6 Demonic Beasts were able to put any pressure on Xiao Chen. In the past few days, Xiao Chen had specially sought out Rank 6 Demonic Beast opponents.

The Black Winged Demonic Wolf was still struggling to stand up. Xiao Chen lost his patience to continue dealing with it. The Lunar Shadow Saber left his hand and lit up with crackling electricity.

Like a strong bolt of lightning, it stabbed his opponent’s chest with a loud rumble. The state of thunder contained within the saber exploded out.

The Black Winged Demonic Wolf’s huge body was charred by the electricity. Xiao Chen casually waved his hand and the Lunar Shadow Saber flew back into his hand.

The instant the Lunar Shadow Saber returned to Xiao Chen, an invisible red light flew out of the Black Winged Demonic Wolf and entered into the throne mark between his eyebrows.

The intent to massacre of the Black Winged Demonic Wolf was contained within the red light. The scarlet throne mark flashed and this strand of intent to massacre merged into the scarlet throne in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness.

The red cloud under the throne slowly started to churn. After a while, it stopped. However, it looked like it had not had enough yet.

Xiao Chen had seen this happen enough that he was no longer surprised. In the past three days, the scarlet throne would absorb the intent to massacre from all of the Demonic Beasts he killed.

The stronger the Demonic Beast, the more red light would fly out. Initially, Xiao Chen was somewhat worried. He was afraid the prior situation of the intent to massacre tearing his body apart would happen again.

However, Xiao Chen slowly discovered the intent to massacre accumulated in the throne was relatively small. Compared to the surging and overwhelming intent of before, it was much less.

The most important thing was that Xiao Chen had discovered he could control this intent to massacre. With a thought, all the intent to massacre could be infused into his Saber Technique.

This was equivalent to Xiao Chen obtaining another state, a state of massacre. There were only benefits and no drawbacks.

Compared to the state of wind, state of mountain, and state of light, such an ethereal state of massacre was even more difficult to comprehend.

As far as Xiao Chen knew, even in the Divine Saber Camp, where they practiced proving their Dao by killing, only a small number of old experts truly comprehended the state of massacre.

However, the amount of intent to massacre in the scarlet throne was far too little. When Xiao Chen used it the effect was not obvious; it was negligible.

However, its rate of growth was extremely horrifying. As long as Xiao Chen killed a strong living being, he would accumulate massacre intent endlessly. It would definitely reach a terrifying level in the future.

The scarlet throne was a Secret Treasure refined by the ancient Evil King. The Evil King was an apex expert that rivaled Bing Hou. The Secret Treasure he refined would definitely not be simple.

Unfortunately, an unknown party had ripped out the information about the scarlet throne. This resulted in Xiao Chen not being able to unravel the deeper secrets behind the Scarlet Throne.

“Yi ya! Yi ya!” Xiao Bai cried out unintelligibly, interrupting Xiao Chen’s thoughts. He lowered his head to take a look.

Xiao Chen saw Xiao Bai dancing around and gesticulating for joy, pointing to the Black Winged Demonic Wolf and claiming credit. The Black Winged Demonic Wolf was laying on the ground covered in injuries and was unable to move; it was on its last breath.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and knew what Xiao Bai wanted. He took out a bottle gourd filled with wine and handed it over. Xiao Bai gave off a joyful cry and revealed a cute smile on its face. Then it received the bottle gourd and leaped up onto the the cauldron.

Xiao Chen finished off the dying Black Winged Demonic Wolf with a saber strike. A strand of invisible red light came from its corpse and infused into the scarlet crown in his sea of consciousness.

Then, Xiao Chen retrieved the two Black Winged Demonic Wolf’s Demonic Core. When he turned around, he saw Xiao Bai drinking the wine with gusto. He could not help but smile.

Xiao Chen gave orders to the two silver-armored warriors to kill anything that got near the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Then, he prepared to take a walk around.

With the two silver-armored warriors standing guard, Xiao Chen would be able to detect any movements on the cauldron in an instant. Furthermore, Xiao Bai was there as well. There would not be any problems with leaving the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron here.

“Xiao Bai, stay here. Help me watch the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Don’t run around, alright?” Xiao Chen said gently to Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai put down the bottle gourd filled with wine; its face was flushed red and loved very cute. It balled its paw up into a fist and patted its chest with it, making non-stop ‘yi ya’ sounds.

Xiao Chen understood what it meant. This little fellow was saying it would complete the mission. It would use the bottle gourd to smash anyone who got near to death.

Xiao Chen rubbed Xiao Bai’s head while smiling. Then, he grasped his Lunar Shadow Saber tightly and left the place.

Rank 5 Demonic Beasts no longer interested Xiao Chen. Only a Rank 6 Demonic Beast was worth fighting.

Naturally, to find a Rank 6 Demonic Beast, Xiao Chen had to go deeper. The nearer he was to the core area, the greater his chances of meeting a Rank 6 Demonic Beast.


Within the Ink Forest, where black smoke spiraled out from everything, a world void of daylight, Xiao Chen walked forward cautiously with his saber in hand.

The Ink Forest was not called a place filled with Demonic Beasts for fun. Every step Xiao Chen took, he had to be wary of Demonic Beasts attacking him from any direction.

They could come from the ground or sky, they could be strange beasts hiding in the air, or even the tree behind Xiao Chen. They would all take advantage of the moment he was careless and swallow him up if they could.

This made one feel a great mental pressure; their hearts would be thumping. A weak-willed person would be crushed mentally before his physical body crumbled under such a state.

Xiao Chen currently maintained his calm. Along the way, he ran into several Demonic Beasts’ attacks. However, they were all Rank 5 Demonic Beasts; he was not in the mood to fight them.

It was more than sufficient to scare them away. For those Xiao Chen could not scare away, he would flee. With his full speed, it was difficult for Rank 5 Demonic Beasts to catch him.

After ten minutes, Xiao Chen stopped and looked around his surroundings. They were completely empty, even the air was still.

Xiao Chen felt an uncomfortable feeling rising in his chest, like he had met with a ghost; he felt somewhat nauseous.

I am being watched, Xiao Chen thought to himself. He calmed himself and shook off this uncomfortable feeling. There must be a strong Demonic Beast hidden in the darkness.

That Demonic Beast had targeted Xiao Chen as its prey. Furthermore, it was very skillful at hiding itself. Even when using his perception to the fullest, he could not figure out where the Demonic Beast was.

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