Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 325: Chu Chaoyun Retreats in Defeat

Chapter 325: Chu Chaoyun Retreats in Defeat

One Chu Chaoyun was already very difficult for Xiao Chen to handle. With a gold-armored warrior with the strength of a peak Inferior Grade Martial King in the picture, it would be difficult for Xiao Chen to defeat his opponent.

However, if Xiao Chen were to use the two silver-armored warriors, there would be no problem in delaying them. When Duanmu Qing and the others rushed over, there would be many changes to this fight for the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron.

This was not beneficial to either of them. This was why Chu Chaoyun offered to give Xiao Chen a thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stone for him to give up.

With a thought, the two silver-armored warriors came out from the Universe Ring. Xiao Chen took out his Lunar Shadow Saber, slowly placing his right hand on the saber hilt.

Xiao Chen withdrew all his air and fired a sharp gaze at Chu Chaoyun. Occasionally, purple electricity appeared behind him, giving off ‘zi zi’ sounds; the state of thunder was quickly raised.

This fight between the two of them could not be determined in an instant. There were many variables in this fight for the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron.

Chu Chaoyun frowned and stared at Xiao Chen. The Holy Weapon behind him trembled unceasingly. It looked like it would release a large sword light at any moment, illuminating the place.


A fierce golden light was released around the area of the bronze doors. This lit up the dark space dazzlingly bright.

Within the golden light, an even more resplendent sword light tore through the obstruction of air and fired at Xiao Chen.

The state Chu Chaoyun comprehended is actually the state of light, Xiao Chen thought to himself as he squinted. At the same time, he reacted quickly.

The instant the golden light came up, Xiao Chen drew his saber with his right hand.

A spark of purple electrical light appeared within the dazzling golden light. The following instant, a crack of thunder roared in the space.

The roar of thunder was earsplitting. The patch of purple electric light behind Xiao Chen slowly forced back the golden light. This turned into a battle of purple light and golden light as the state of thunder and state of light pushed against each other.

“Keng qiang!”

When the fight between states came to a standstill, the two of them made a move at the same time. Their movements were as quick as lightning as they moved past each other in the air. Their weapons clashed and sparks flew.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The moment the weapons came in contact with each other, they pulled back. They paused in mid-air for a moment before turning around. They executed sharp attacks. The saber light and sword light clashed against each other in a storm-like fashion.

Sparks flew everywhere and shockwaves spread. The strands of weapon Qi struck the wall and left deep marks.

As the two were fighting, the gold-armored warrior rushed at Xiao Chen with a blazing aura. With a thought, Xiao Chen directed the two silver-armored warriors to block it.

Every time Chu Chaoyun made a move, there would be a ray of dazzling golden light. This discomfited Xiao Chen’s eyes.

Xiao Chen squinted until only slits were left on his face. The strong state of thunder infused in his saber released flickering bolts of electricity that made wild crackling sounds.

The instant their weapons clashed, the attacking electricity flowed through Chu Chaoyun’s sword into his body. He felt some mild yet sharp pains when this happened. After several exchanges, his right sword hand actually started to turn numb.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The two moved faster and faster. Soon, only vague figures could be seen in the air. Ferocious winds came from the two without stopping, building into a small tornado.

Actually, the two did not put their all into the fight between the states. There were currently too many variables. If they fought to the bitter end, it would only result in Duanmu Qing and the others taking advantage of them later.

Chu Chaoyun waited for the instant the golden light completely dazzled Xiao Chen’s eyes. Then, he would make his move. If he could defeat Xiao Chen in one move, it would save him a lot of energy.

Xiao Chen was waiting for the moment his opponent’s hand turned completely numb and could no longer hold onto his sword hilt. At that time, he would knock away his opponent’s sword and create a path to escape.

The golden light and electric light pushed against each other relentlessly, and the sounds of their blades clashed in the air. The two of them were holding on bitterly, not giving way to the other; they were waiting to see who would fall first.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

At this moment, heavy footsteps could be heard coming from the hall. Chu Chaoyun glanced over and found that Duanmu Qing and the others had arrived.


Chu Chaoyun withdrew his sword and quickly retreated. The golden light instantly vanished, the state of light was dispersed.

“Go first, I will leave the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron in your hands first. Naturally, I will come and claim it from you one day. Take care of it for me,” Chu Chaoyun said lightheartedly, stepping aside to make way for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen dispersed the state of thunder and landed in front of the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Then, he easily picked it up with one hand, raising it above his head.

When Xiao Chen walked past Chu Chaoyun, he said softly, “The things that have landed in my hands do not have the precedence of being lost to others. Just like the Golden Core in the past, the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron is the same.”

As Chu Chaoyun watched Xiao Chen’s disappearing figure, he shook his head slightly. Then, he spoke in a soft voice only he could hear, “After not seeing him for a year, his strength has grown to such a level. The growth rate of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit probably far outstrips that person’s expectations.”

“Chu Chaoyun, where is Ye Chen? Weren’t you fighting with him earlier? Why has he disappeared?” Hua Yunfei said urgently as he rushed over.

Chu Chaoyun said indifferently, “Sorry, I let him go.”

When Hua Yunfei saw Chu Chaoyun’s indifferent attitude, he became annoyed. He quickly drew his scarlet sword and pointed it at Chu Chaoyun.

Chu Chaoyun smiled faintly and the gold-armored warrior took two leisurely steps forward.

When Hua Yunfei looked at the silent gold-armored warrior, he no longer had the courage to make a move. He snorted coldly and returned his sword to its scabbard.

Ji Changkong looked at the exit of the Fire Li Sect. Then, he suddenly said something out of the blue, “Don’t you all feel that he is very similar to a certain person? Although he looks different, his aura is much stronger, that look in his eyes and his brilliance are remarkably similar.”

The moment Ji Changkong finished speaking, Duanmu Qing, Hua Yunfei, and the Guiyi Marquis exchanged a look with each other. Their gazes were filled with astonishment.

The Guiyi Marquis said, “Let us write down this person’s family name at the same time. See if we guessed the same person.”

The few of them stretched out their hands and started to draw out a ‘Xiao’ character in the air. After they finished writing, shock appeared on all their faces.

Hua Yunfei said coldly, “If we all feel that there is something wrong, then it is likely that it really is. However, there isn’t any disguising technique in this world that is so realistic. For them to be the same person, his technique not only had to change his appearance, it had to change his bone structure and his external aura significantly.”

In the past, Xiao Chen had a grave and stern exterior. His face was sharply defined, like it was carved by a knife. His entire being was like a treasured saber drawn out of its scabbard. His aura was blazing and the edge revealed.

However, when they looked at Xiao Chen now, they saw a plain exterior. His aura was withdrawn and there were no signs of it being displayed ostentatiously. He seemed like a completely different person.

The Guiyi Marquis continued, “The most important thing is that I can’t believe this person’s strength can improve so fast. Don’t forget, he was only a Superior Grade Martial Master last year. This person is a Medial Grade Martial Saint.

“This is impossible unless he cultivates a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique. However, within the Great Qin Nation, only the Royal Courts have a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique. He is simply a nobody, how could he possess one?”

Ji Changkong glanced at the silent Chu Chaoyun, “Chu Chaoyun, you exchanged a few moves with him. What do you think?”

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said, “Is that important? Naturally, he will come looking for you two years later. Don’t tell me you are all afraid? Ha ha!”


Three days later, Xiao Chen was sitting cross-legged at a desolate area at the periphery of Ink Forest. The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron was placed not far from him.

Two silver-armored warriors guarded the cauldron, standing on two sides of it. Xiao Bai was quietly seated on top of it. Its intelligent eyes occasionally swept through the surroundings, helping Xiao Chen to watch for dangers.

After some time, Xiao Chen stopped cultivating and opened his eyes. Two beams of light came from his eyes as he gently exhaled.

The beams of light were long and continuous, like a long sharp arrow. After they flew for a long time, they still had not dissipated.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and picked up the Lunar Shadow Saber beside him. Then, he walked over to the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Xiao Bai immediately leaped over to Xiao Chen’s shoulder.

The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron was sixteen meters tall. The three legs were ten meters long and the body of the cauldron was six meters high. When Xiao Chen stood underneath it, he seemed very small.

Xiao Chen leaped up gently and executed the Gravity Spell. Then, he slowly flew to the top of the cauldron before looking into it.

The cauldron was empty. It was about five meters deep. Although one could see the bottom with a single glance, it gave off a limitless impression, like there was a small realm within it.

After Xiao Chen left the Fire Li Sect remnants, he was not in a rush to leave the Ink Forest. The Duanmu Clan’s Profound Ice Palace was still standing guard at the exit of the forest.

Xiao Chen recalled the terror of the Profound Ice Palace. He would not so foolish as to fall into that net. He had been hiding in the Ink Forest for the past three days, killing Demonic Beasts as he recovered his strength.

Xiao Chen handed the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron over to the two silver-armored warriors to carry, so it would not affect his pace. When he rested, Xiao Bai would help to guard as well.

In this Ink Forest where Xiao Chen could not extend out his Spiritual Sense very far, the normally insignificant Xiao Bai became very useful.

After dealing with his worries about the consequences, this was an excellent place for Xiao Chen to temper himself, as the Spiritual Energy here was very thin and there were many ferocious Demonic Beasts about. Hence, Xiao Chen was not in a hurry to leave.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and looked at the empty cauldron. Then, he pointed at it and sent out a strand of purple flames. The flames moved around in the cauldron. They became very thin, eventually fading into a small spark.

Xiao Chen pointed again and launched another ten-odd strands of Purple Thunder True Fire, exhausting a quarter of his Essence. However, the flames still became extremely thin; they could not fill the space within at all.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, he felt suspicious as he said, “How strange. It is clearly just a small space. Logically, my flames should be blazing within it.”

In the past three days, whenever Xiao Chen had time, he would go investigate the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. However, there was no progress. He only knew that the cauldron was infused with many Moonstones and was made with Peak Grade Frost Iron; it was even more resilient than a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon.

Furthermore, the space within the cauldron seemed larger than it looked like, after several experiments. There should some spatial formations carved into it.

Xiao Chen pulled his palm back and gathered all the flames within the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron back up. A clump of ferocious purple flames immediately appeared on his palm.

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