Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 324: Origin of the Desire to Murder

Chapter 324: Origin of the Desire to Murder

Someone had said a similar thing earlier. The effects were great then, everyone had all rushed forward.

However, this time, everyone had witnessed Xiao Chen’s strength. Many people beat a retreat, and few answered the call.

Xiao Chen’s gaze was like lightning. He looked viciously at Hong Yundu. Since you want to kill to kill me, I shall start with you.

“Hu chi!”

Xiao Chen activated the Wingwalk Shoes and hopped down from the top of the cauldron. His speed instantly reached the speed of sound. He silently merged into the wind and arrived before Hong Yundu instantly.

Hong Yundu was startled and quickly tried moving backward. However, Xiao Chen did not give him any chance to do so. He shouted and executed the Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations.

Nine cool breezes blew and Xiao Chen’s figure split into nine, surrounding Hong Yundu. Xiao Chen instantly executed the Clear Wind Chop and his killing intent became non-existent.

Hong Yondu barely blinked, and suddenly multiple figures of Xiao Chen were surrounding him. Furthermore, he had no idea when, but he could no longer see the Lunar Shadow Saber in his opponent’s hand.

A cool breeze blew by, Hong Yundu still did not feel any killing intent. Instead, he even felt a certain comfort. However, his heart felt like it was in a deep abyss. Cold sweat ran down his back.

Hong Yundu clearly felt that he was in danger, but he could not feel any killing intent. Such a feeling was very strange, making him very confused; he could not think of a countermeasure.

Xiao Chen did not give him much time to think. The instant the Clear Wind Chop executed, the nine figures rushed at Hong Yundu together.

Nine ethereal saber lights lit up simultaneously, appearing from nowhere.The killing intent that vanished earlier was pressing on him heavily.

Hong Yundu gave it his all and managed to stop two strands of saber Qi. Then, he quickly brandished his sword and tried to block more.

“Pu chi!”

The other strands of saber Qi broke through the Essence shield around him, leaving several horrifying wounds on Hong Yundu’s chest.

Hong Yundu’s actions immediately slowed. The two strands of saber Qi that he managed to stop could no longer be held back.


When the nine Xiao Chens merged back together, nine bloody holes appeared on Hong Yundu’s chest. Blood spurted out wildly from the holes, but Hong Yundu still maintained his stance.

Hong Yundu’s eyes were opened wide as he fell over, powerless; it was unsure whether he was alive or dead.

The surroundings turned quiet. Some originally restless people stopped having further thoughts about the cauldron. Hong Yundu simply shouted a sentence and Xiao Chen put him in a state where his life status was unknown with one move.

This proved that Xiao Chen had been holding back earlier. Now, he had stopped doing so. This was him warning them to not make any reckless moves.

However, there were still a few daring people trying to take advantage of the situation to store the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Unfortunately, they discovered that it conflicted with their Spatial Rings, and they were not able to store it away.

The few of them hardened their hearts and worked together to lift it up. They were prepared to move it out like that.

Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and moved just above the ground. With the assistance of the Windwalk Shoes, he instantly arrived below the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron.

Xiao Chen simply kicked the cauldron and the huge Dragon Phoenix Cauldron left the hands of those people, smashed towards the ceiling above.

When those people saw the situation, they quickly leaped up and tried to reclaim the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Naturally, Xiao Chen would not give them the opportunity to do so.

Xiao Chen moved in the air like he was a flood dragon, flowing around everywhere. Strands of saber Qi flew out and interfered with those people. They could only give up on the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron and deal with Xiao Chen’s attacks first.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Sounds of weapons clashing rang out non-stop in the air. After a while, several miserable cries were issued. The people who were trying to snatch the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron fell from the sky.


The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron that Xiao Chen kicked away actually broke the ceiling. Large rocks fell continuously from the top.

When Xiao Chen looked up, his eyes lit up. There was a crack in the ceiling, revealing an opening. He should take advantage of this opportunity to leave this place.

Xiao Chen easily caught the falling Dragon Phoenix Cauldron with one hand. Then, mentally ordered the two silver-armored warriors to leap into the air. When they touched the Universe Ring, the two combat puppets were stored within it.

Everything was ready. Just as Xiao Chen was prepared to leave, Duanmu Qing, Ji Changkong, and the rest arrived at the refinery.

When Ji Changkong and the rest saw the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron in Xiao Chen’s hands, they shouted excitedly, “Dragon Phoenix Cauldron! It really is the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron! In that case, leave it behind for me!”

The group of people leaped off the ground and rushed at Xiao Chen without hesitation. Xiao Chen’s face sank; the strength of these cultivators could not be compared to the earlier ones.

Each and every one of them had comprehended a state. Their talents and cultivation were classified as demonic. They were geniuses amongst geniuses. Anywhere they went in the Great Qin Nation, they would stand out.

However, when Xiao Chen saw that Chu Chaoyun was not there, he relaxed a little. Otherwise, he would definitely lose this Dragon Phoenix Cauldron.

A ferocious flame started burning within Xiao Chen’s right eye as he watched these people with blazing auras. He shouted, and a ferocious purple flame spewed out.

After that, Xiao Chen ignored them. If the Purple Thunder True Fire was not concentrated, it would not be able to injure them. However, there should be no problems with obstructing them for just a moment.

Xiao Chen manipulated the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron with his right hand and spun it around. Then he smashed it against the ceiling violently.


Xiao Chen smashed the ceiling with his full strength. The crack that was opened earlier now revealed a large opening. He held onto the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron as he quickly went through it.

“Chase! We can’t let him escape. Chu Chaoyun already took away the manual for refining Secret Treasures! If this fellow takes away the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron, we will end up with nothing!”

The group did what they could to put out the purple flames unleashed on them. When they saw Xiao Chen escaping, they quickly chased after him.

When Duanmu Qing and the others arrived, they completely killed off the intentions of the others to compete for the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Even if they could kill Xiao Chen, there was still Duanmu Qing, Ji Changkong, and the others; they were as strong as Xiao Chen. To them, there were no more opportunities.

They might as well set their sights on the pile of Secret Treasures on the ground. If they could find a few complete Secret Treasures, then they would have earned a lot on this operation.

Xiao Chen took out the map and discovered he was only about a kilometer away from the main hall. Of course, that was as the crow flies.

After Xiao Chen verified the direction, he raised the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron and prepared to smash his way through, moving in a straight line.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen easily smashed through the walls in his way, allowing him to proceed forward quickly.

The Windwalk Shoes were activated and Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to the limit as he dodged the attacks sent at him by the people behind him. Because he was holding the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron, he had no way to shake off the people behind him.

“Ye Chen, quickly put down the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Otherwise, even if you can get out, the Duanmu Clan’s Profound Ice Palace will not bring you out.”

“The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron is useless to you. Hand it over to me and I will make an exchange for it. I will not let you suffer a disadvantage.”

The group felt astonished when they saw Xiao Chen running so fast even though he was holding the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Given the huge size of the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron, it had to be at least five hundred kilograms. However, Xiao Chen was able to lift it up like it was merely a block of wood.

Not only did it look light, Xiao Chen’s speed did not decrease and he was still able to dodge attacks. The group was unable to do anything against him, so they were forced to use psychological means.

Xiao Chen found it funny. He did not need the Duanmu Clan’s Profound Ice Palace. He was fully capable of leaving the Ink Mountain Range by himself.

The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron was very important to Xiao Chen. Not only it was related to the secrets of refining Secret Treasures, he had to rely on this Dragon Phoenix Cauldron to completely restore some of the damaged Secret Treasures he had.He had placed his hopes on this Dragon Phoenix Cauldron, and so he had no reason to give it up.

Xiao Chen swallowed a Qi Returning Pill and then used the cauldron to smash apart the wall in front of him again. After that, he continued moving forward.

After a few minutes, not only had the people behind not managed to draw closer to Xiao Chen, the distance between them grew larger instead.

With a Heaven Ranked Movement Technique and the Windwalk Shoes, Xiao Chen’s speed was very fast. Within the same generation, if one had not learned a Heaven Ranked Movement Technique, one would have to have comprehended the state of wind to Great Perfection in order to catch him.

It was clear that no one behind Xiao Chen had any of those. Behind left behind by him was only a matter of time.

After some time, Xiao Chen could no longer hear anything from behind him. He had already arrived at the main hall. As long as he could cross the door, he would be able to leave safely.

Xiao Chen could not help but allow a faint smile to appear on his face. However, the moment he walked out of the bronze doors, the smile on his face froze.

At the exit before him, there was a golden combat puppet. It was holding a gold sword and its aura was surging. This was the aura of a peak Inferior Grade Martial King.

Standing beside the gold-armored warrior was Chu Chaoyun, dressed in sky-blue robes with a sword hanging on his back. He smiled at Xiao Chen and said, “Just put down the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron and you may go. I will give you a thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Xiao Chen slowly placed the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron down on the ground. He had not expected Chu Chaoyun to be waiting at the exit. It was an excellent move.

There was only one way out of the Fire Li Sect Remnant. Everyone had to go past this place, under where the Profound Ice Flower was, to return to the Ink Forest.

Regardless of who obtained the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron, they could not avoid going past this place. After continuous fights and fleeing, their Essence would definitely be significantly exhausted.

By waiting here, Chu Chaoyun was able to maintain his best state to welcome a weakened opponent. This was a surefire method.

Chu Chaoyun muttered to himself for a while before he continued, “I already know how the Fire Li Sect refined Secret Treasures. All that is left is the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron and Lunar True Flames. I am able to get Lunar True Flames.

“However, the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron is harder to deal with. The originals have already vanished long ago. As for the fakes, including the one in your hand, there are only three.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, his eyes were filled with suspicion. He felt that Chu Chaoyun had too detailed an understanding of the Fire Li Sect.

In the middle of the Tianwu Dynasty, the Fire Li Sect was destroyed by a mysterious power in one night. No one knew how the flourishing Fire Li Sect was destroyed so easily.

This was one of the great unresolved mysteries of the continent. What was even stranger was that most information about the Fire Li Sect was also wiped out by a mysterious power.

Now, all that people understood about the Fire Li Sect was passed down by word of mouth. Those were mostly rumors and not much was understood about them.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and said indifferently, “Give up. I will not hand the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron to you. I am not lacking in Medial Grade Spirit Stones. You are also afraid of Duanmu Qing and the others rushing up behind me. By then, you would not stand a chance anymore, either.”

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