Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 329: Horrifying Number of Demonic Cores

Chapter 329: Horrifying Number of Demonic Cores

The amount of intent to massacre was at least a hundred times stronger than what a Rank 5 Demonic Beast possessed. However, it seemed about right. The longer one lived, the more intent to massacre one would have accumulated.

Within the sea of consciousness, that scarlet throne was greedily absorbing these intents. In the end, because there was too much red light, it could not help but tremble.

After the scarlet throne trembled, Xiao Chen’s exhausted body felt a certain comfortable feeling, relaxing him.

Xiao Chen sent his Spiritual Sense into the scarlet throne. Within the small realm inside, a golden deity floated high in the sky. This was the spiritual imprint he had left.

In the past, there had been a boundless blood ocean below. Now, it had dried up. Only a small scarlet puddle, about five meters in radius, remained.

Furthermore, this was after absorbing the intent to massacre of the Rank 6 thousand-year-old demonic snake. Before Xiao Chen arrived, there were only a few drops of fluid; it was even more pitiful.

I’ll take things one at a time, Xiao Chen was not in a rush to deal with this. He withdrew his Spiritual Sense and stared at the demonic snake’s corpse. There were many more treasures for him to collect.

Xiao Chen extracted the Four-Legged Crown Snake’s Demonic Core. Then, Xiao Chen took out a sharp knife and removed the demonic snake’s scales. These scales changed their color freely; they would be great components for making Magic Treasures.

There was also the gallbladder, the four legs, and the crown on its head. They were all valuable.

After Xiao Chen packed everything, he found a huge tree to sit under and circulated his energy to recover his Essence.

After this big fight, Xiao Chen had exhausted himself too much. He had suffered significant internal injuries, especially from the final strike of the snake’s tail. That was estimated to be 25,000 kilograms of force that Xiao Chen withstood.

If it were not for the scarlet Battle Armor increasing his defense by fifty percent and its great recovery abilities, that tail strike would have shattered all of his internal organs.

Xiao Chen took out a Medial Grade Spirit Stone and held it in his hand. The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation slowly circulated, and the pure Spiritual Energy in the Medial Grade Spirit Stone poured into the Qi whirlpool in his Dantian.

Fluid from the purple Qi whirlpool slowly dripped down. After twelve hours, the Essence within the Qi whirlpool was finally full.

Xiao Chen quickly circulated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation to nourish and heal the injured internal organs. He spent another half-day doing this before he finally cleared away all of the residual injuries.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and a purple light flashed in them. This made his strangely beautiful and fair face recover its color. He was no longer pale.

Xiao Chen stood and looked at the dark sky. Then, he continued on his journey to kill Rank 6 Demonic Beasts. He had seen the might of the state of massacre.

Xiao Chen was now even more interested in killing strong Demonic Beasts. He had to collect a lot more intent to massacre, increasing the strength of his state of massacre.

Xiao Chen spent a total of two days like that, in the periphery of Ink Forest, before returning to Xiao Bai and the silver-armored warriors.

During the past two days, Xiao Chen successfully killed twenty Rank 6 Demonic Beasts. Undergoing so many high-intensity fights within such short timespan had surpassed the load his body could bear.

If Xiao Chen continued fighting, it would no longer count as training but destroy his future. The body was the base of everything.

There were no changes to the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron and the two silver-armored warriors. Throughout the past two days, there had been no traces of Demonic Beasts here.

However, when Xiao Chen looked around, he did not see Xiao Bai. He felt this was strange. Using the Spirit Blood Jade, he could feel that Xiao Bai was within ten meters. Why could he not see it?

Xiao Chen leaped up and arrived at the mouth of the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. When he looked down, he finally saw Xiao Bai.

He saw Xiao Bai within the cauldron jumping continuously. The cauldron’s body was only six meters high; why could it not jump out?

Doubt filled Xiao Bai’s cute face. It rubbed its head with its paws, unable to figure out this problem.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and saw the bottle gourd at the side of the cauldron’s interior. He immediately guessed what had happened. This fellow must have drunk till it was intoxicated while sitting on top of the cauldron, then fell in.

The interior of the cauldron had spatial formations, creating a small realm.

Even if it were Xiao Chen who fell in, he would have to spend a lot of effort to escape. How could Xiao Bai do so?

When Xiao Bai saw Xiao Chen on the cauldron, its intelligent eyes instantly revealed a joyous look. Then, it looked pitifully at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. A flash of light came from the Spirit Blood Jade on his chest and pulled Xiao Bai in.

“Yi ya! Yi ya!”

Then, Xiao Bai leaped out of the Spirit Blood Jade. It pointed at the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron, crying continuously. It was trying to say, This cauldron is very scary. It is very bad. I was so afraid.

Xiao Chen reprimanded it with a smile, “We’ll s if you dare drink too much in the future. You like drinking too much. Now, you know the consequences of getting drunk. And yet, you still claim that you will protect this cauldron; you can’t even protect yourself.”

Xiao Chen set down the hurt Xiao Bai and descended. He looked for a reasonably large tree and chopped it down.

After that, Xiao Chen took out his carving knife and started to carve a vivid and lifelike bird. He gently blew on it, blowing away all the wood shavings. This made the sculpture look even more realistic.

“It looks like my carving skills have not worsened. I wonder if the carving I gave Ying Yue satisfied her?” Xiao Chen smiled as he looked at the sculpture. Then he withdrew his smile and said gravely, “Life Bestowal Spell!”

The wooden bird immediately came to life. Xiao Chen controlled it to flap its wings and fly up. After it circled him once, it flew toward the exit of Ink Forest.

As long as it was not a sculpture for combat, there were no material requirements. Xiao Chen only wanted to use the bird to scout ahead. Hence, there was no need for him to use Spiritual Wood.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense was greatly restricted in this forest. However, there were no restrictions on his Life Bestowal Spell.

After an hour, the wooden bird flew through the long dark tunnel and came upon the outside scene.

The majestic Profound Ice Palace was still in its original spot. There were many cultivators guarding the tunnel entrance. It looked like they had not given up yet.

Xiao Chen left an imprint on the wooden bird and controlled it to stop on a wall, holding on with its talons. He muttered to himself, “Five days have passed already, and this group of people has not left yet. However, if they want to compete with my patience, they will be disappointed.”


Time passed, day by day. Xiao Chen hunted Demonic Beasts during the day and cultivated his Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art at night. The Spiritual Energy here was very sparse; it was not suitable for cultivating the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. Hence, he could only cultivate his body tempering Cultivation Technique.

Fortunately, the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art was only a short way away from Small Perfection of the fifth layer—Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone, Pulling Mountain and Rivers. Xiao Chen might as well make use of this opportunity to make a breakthrough. This meant that Xiao Chen was in even less of a rush.

Half a month later, Xiao Chen shouted ferociously. The bones in his body crackled relentlessly. A drawn-out aura rose to the sky, scattering the black smoke surrounding the forest.

The Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art’s fourth layer had reached Small Perfection. Xiao Chen got up and arrived before the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron in one leap. Then, he punched it casually.


The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron gave off a dull ring and trembled. Then it flew horizontally forward. All the trees in its way shattered.

After a long time, the cauldron finally landed. The three cauldron legs sank one meter deep into the ground.

Xiao Chen withdrew his fist and said softly, “After reaching Small Perfection, my strength has raised by five thousand kilograms. After reaching Great Perfection, and then peak Great Perfection, this Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art should reach Consummation.

“By then, a casual punch should contain 25,000 kilograms of force. A full power punch can reach 50,000 kilograms of force. I will be able to open the remaining three acupoints on my right arm.”

Xiao Chen revealed a joyful expression, his heart filled with anticipation. After that, he used the Life Bestowal Spell to check the situation outside. He discovered the Duanmu Clan’s huge Profound Ice Palace had already left.

“It has been at least half a month. It looks like they no longer have the patience to wait. I should go as well.” Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and smiled faintly.

Xiao Chen feared there was a trap. So he used the Life Bestowal Spell to fly around to verify that everyone had left.

Xiao Chen no longer waited. He ordered the silver-armored warriors to carry the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. Then, he quickly left this underground forest, returning to the mountain range.

Although the air in the mountain range was still turbid, it was much clearer than the air in the underground forest. Xiao Chen took a deep breath and felt a certain comfort in his chest.

There were many life-threatening dangers in the skies of Ink Mountain Range. So, Xiao Chen did not dare use the scarlet throne or the silver warship. The Rank 7 Demonic Beasts that blanketed the skies would tear him apart in an instant.

Xiao Chen could only travel back by foot, killing his way through as he walked. I shall just treat this as an experiential training session. Since the ancient times, the strong have always gone through countless trials. Xiao Chen laughed and headed forward with the Lunar Shadow Saber in his hand.


Half a month later, a cultivator in sky-blue robes appeared at one of the Ink Mountain Range’s exit. There was a blue strip of cloth around his forehead and a Spirit Fox on his shoulder. This youth had a saber girdled at his waist as he slowly walked out.

This person was Xiao Chen. He looked somewhat fatigued, but there was still a bright light in his eyes; there was still a certain brilliance present.

Xiao Chen stepped out and looked at the sun; he had not seen sunlight for a month. Xiao Chen squinted and smiled faintly, “I finally got out. I now know the value of sunlight and fresh air.”

Including the Ink Forest, Xiao Chen had trained here for a whole month.

The intent to massacre collected in the scarlet throne had turned into a deep pool of spring water. There was at least ten times more than before. Of course, it was still incomparable to the initial ocean.

The biggest benefit of the dangerous, intense fights during that long period was sharper reaction time. Xiao Chen had also become more flexible with the usage of his Martial Techniques.

The number of Demonic Cores that Xiao Chen collected was more than what he had collected while in the sub-space. There was now a horrifying amount.

Xiao Chen counted them. There was more than 1500 Rank 4 Demonic Core, one thousand Rank 5 Demonic Core, and seven hundred Rank 6 Demonic Cores.

This was a large fortune. If he exchanged them for Spirit Stones, he would obtain, at least, two thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

With Xiao Chen’s current rate of cultivation, he exhausted one Medial Grade Spirit Stones per day. Two thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones would suffice for six years.

Even if Xiao Chen had to use more when his cultivation increased, there would definitely be more than enough for two years. Currently, he still had more than five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. He could use them to purchase anything he wanted.

However, when Xiao Chen looked at the two silver-armored warriors carrying the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron behind him, he frowned slightly. He did not know how to deal with the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron for now.

The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron could not be stored in the Universe Ring. It was very large; placing it anywhere else would attract attention.

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