Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 318: Pressuring Everyone

Chapter 318: Pressuring Everyone

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. His gaze also fixed on this gold-armored warrior. Like the others, he was also quite interested in this gold-armored warrior.

However, Xiao Chen’s thoughts went further than the rest. Even if he managed to obtain the gold-armored warrior, getting it to recognize him as its master would be a problem.

The process for the iron-armored warriors to recognize a master required three breaths of time. The gold-armored warrior would definitely take more. The key point was how to ensure the others would not attack him during this period.

I have to think of a way to retreat as soon as possible. The two exits behind the throne attracted Xiao Chen’s gaze. An idea flashed through his mind; then he silently moved away.

Xiao Chen took advantage of the moment when everyone’s gazes locked on to the silver-armored warriors’ fight and the scarlet throne.

Xiao Chen avoided everyone’s notice and quickly headed for the exit. After ten minutes, Xiao Chen silently returned to the hall; he already knew what to do.

The sword Qi of the two silver-armored warriors was already growing dimmer. It looked like it could not last much longer.

The moment the silver-armored warriors fell over, the gold-armored warrior would awaken. At that time, the true battle would begin.

Strands of white hair appeared throughout Duanmu Qing’s black hair. It was clear she was initiating the Profound Ice Incantation.

A red figure appeared behind Hua Yunfei. He was faintly discernible, and his sword gave off a strange red sword light.

Ji Changkong’s eyes filled with stars. A resplendent river of stars appeared around him, slowly emitting a gentle light. The stars were all very bright except for one; the star that represented him was dark and gave off no light.

The Guiyi Marquis wore golden Battle Armor and held the Sky Splitting Sword. He wore a grave and stern expression. An overwhelming Qi gathered at a spot on his forehead.

Xiao Chen’s gaze shifted to Chu Chaoyun. He was very carefree and had an extremely calm expression.

However, Xiao Chen could feel the Holy Weapon at Chu Chaoyun’s back continuously gathering a boundless aura. It even trembled slightly; it seemed incomparably excited. It only waited for the instant it was drawn, capturing everyone’s attention.

The other cultivators prepped for battle as well. They controlled their iron-armored warriors to draw their weapons and released their auras without holding back.

For a moment, everyone within the hall plotted against each other. They all released their aura relentlessly. However, it was incredibly quiet. This was the calm before the storm. Aside from the sound of the sword Qi of the silver-armored warrior, only the heavy breathing of the crowd echoed in the hall.

Everyone’s concentration rose to their peaks. They all stared at the gold-armored warrior seated on the throne. A maniacal desire clouded their gazes.

Finally, the Spiritual Energy of the two silver-armored warriors ran out, and they fell to the ground. The instant they fell, the empty eyes of the gold armored warrior suddenly radiated a gold light. It stood from the throne.

“Dang! Dang!”

The gold-armored warrior’s armor gave off metallic ‘clang’s as sections knocked into each other. The sounds reverberated through the hall unceasingly.

It drew the golden sword at its waist. Instantly, an aura, not inferior to that of an Inferior Grade Martial King, emitted into the surroundings from its body.

However, just at this moment, the killing moves, that the ten people prepared, released without restraint.

“Astral Swordplay, Gathering Stars!”

Ji Changkong shouted and released an extremely resplendent light from his sword. The star that represented him in that glowing river immediately lit up with a bright light.

“Blood Soul Possession, Bloody Death Below Heaven!”

Hua Yunfei shouted furiously. The faintly discernible scarlet figure behind him solidified and fused into his body. His eyes turned scarlet, and the smile that appeared on his face seemed sinister.

Hua Yunfei’s aura rose. A red light came from his sword as if it were engulfing the world.

“Profound Ice Break, Absolute Zero!”

Duanmu Qing’s black hair instantly turned snow-white. Her eyes lost all trace of human emotion like an unfeeling fairy from the heavens.

Countless snowflakes fell from the sky. The temperature of the surroundings dropped. The chill entered bones and penetrated the soul.

The Guiyi Marquis, Ying Xiao, said nothing. He waved his Holy Weapon, and a faint ripple appeared in the laws of heaven and earth. He directed the might of the heavenly Daos to attack the gold-armored warrior.

The ten demonic geniuses made their moves, one after another. Lights of all colors released into the air. Many of the cultivators who planned to participate were sent flying by the shockwaves.

These horrifying attacks stored up power for a long time. Even a Medial Grade Martial King would die on the spot; he would not even have the opportunity to dodge.

Xiao Chen’s reaction was lightning quick. Just as he prepared to execute the Lightning Evasion, he suddenly stopped and stared at the scarlet throne.

The instant the gold-armored warrior stood, the scarlet throne seemed to have risen about 0.66 centimeters without any reason. Furthermore, Xiao Chen could feel a strong mental energy flashing out.

What is going on? Did I see wrong? Xiao Chen wondered with doubt.

As Xiao Chen felt his doubt, the ten peak Martial Saints’ attacks struck the gold-armored warrior at the same time. There was an incredibly loud sound, and a horrifying energy blasted from above the throne.


The twelve pillars of the hall suddenly shattered. The cultivators underneath them could not dodge in time. The shockwaves struck them all. They vomited blood and fell miserably to the ground.

The entire hall shook violently. Rocks fell unceasingly from above like rain.

The hall was about to collapse; dust kicked up into the air. Everyone fled as the rocks fell on them. The hall instantly became intensely chaotic.


Amidst this chaos and dusty air, a golden light suddenly lit up. It was as dazzling as the sun, so brilliant that it stunned everyone.

The silent Chu Chaoyun had made his move. Golden ripples appeared through the air as if the entire space were sliced apart.

In a short moment, he had suppressed the peak attacks of the other nine. They were all knocked flying.

This was Chu Chaoyun’s strength. The moment he drew his Holy Weapon, and a sword light lit up, its might pressured everyone. Although it suffered the disadvantage of firing late, such strength could not be covered.


Chu Chaoyun caught the golden armored warrior, exhausted by its opponents in his embrace. He sent a palm strike at the wall behind the throne, blasting a big hole in it. Then, he jumped down without hesitation.

This palm strike worsened the shaking hall’s state; it began to crumble.

“Quick! Run! The hall is about to collapse. If you don’t leave now, you will die.” When the other cultivators saw how bad the situation had become, they executed their techniques to flee, quickly leaving the hall.

The nine people thrown by Chu Chaoyun did not hesitate. They revealed angry expressions as they followed Chu Chaoyun through the hole in the wall.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The majestic and dignified hall completely collapsed. Huge rocks fell from the ceiling with a rumble, shaking the ground. It was as if the heavens had fallen.

After a long time, the noisy hall quieted. The originally perfect hall turned into rubble.

The hall was extremely dilapidated, broken walls and collapsed pillars littered the ground. Dust filled the entire space; smoke spiraled out.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

Stone pillars and rocks filled the place. Rock fragments fell over quickly, and an extremely broken iron-armored warrior stood.

Xiao Chen lay on the ground, his body covered in dust. He stood up unharmed.

Xiao Chen looked at the broken iron-armored warrior and smiled slightly. He said, “The iron-armored warrior’s defense is indeed startling. It managed to block all the huge rocks falling from the ceiling perfectly. Unfortunately, it looks like it is about to break.”

Shaking his head slightly, Xiao Chen looked at the rubble void of human life. He fixed his gaze on the dust-filled scarlet throne. Then, he walked over with a resolute look in his eyes.

“Ca! Ca!”

Xiao Chen trod on the stone fragments and broken tiles as he walked to the scarlet throne. He was not in a rush. He looked at his surroundings first, making sure that there was no one around. Only then did he walk back to the throne.

As Xiao Chen prepared to examine the throne, he saw a silver-armored warrior buried in the rubble out of the corner of his eye.

Xiao Chen sent out some palm wind and cleared the rubble away, revealing the silver combat puppets.

Aside from being covered in dust, they were surprisingly undamaged. It seems like the silver-armored warrior’s defense was better than regular Inferior Grade Martial Kings.

Compared to the iron-armored warrior, it was significantly stronger. Xiao Chen swept his hand across the air, blowing all the dust on the silver-armored warriors away.

Then, Xiao Chen bent over and opened the door on the back of a silver-armored warrior. As he had anticipated earlier, the silver-armored warriors used Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Like before, there were twenty in them.

Xiao Chen took out all the exhausted Medial Grade Spirit Stones from the indent before wiping out the will of the previous owner. Then, he began the process of making it recognize its new master. This process took a total of five minutes before Xiao Chen could imprint his will.

After a while, both the silver-armored warriors recognized Xiao Chen as their master. After he filled them with Medial Grade Spirit Stones, they immediately recovered their energies.

They waved their swords and a sharp sword Qi swept across the rubble. Everywhere they passed, the broken pillars and walls shattered into tiny stones.

Xiao Chen nodded in satisfaction. With two silver-armored warriors and a damaged iron-armored warrior, he should be barely able to deal with Chu Chaoyun’s gold-armored warrior.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and cast his gaze back to the scarlet throne. He controlled the three combat puppets to move away the huge rock from the throne.

After that, Xiao Chen swept the air with his hand and blew all the dust away from the throne. The scarlet throne appeared in Xiao Chen’s vision in a complete form.

The entire throne consisted of a mysterious scarlet material. Xiao Chen touched the marks on it and felt it was extremely strange as he tried to figure out what material it was.

It was not metal or Spiritual Wood. It was not stone either. It was extremely heavy and cool to the touch.

Then, Xiao Chen remembered the flash of mental energy from it. Xiao Chen placed one hand on the armrest, and slowly infused his Spiritual Sense into the throne via his arm.

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