Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 317: Combat Puppets

Chapter 317: Combat Puppets

Two strands of silver sword Qi broke through the air and headed for the three frontmost people. The silver sword lights were extremely resplendent.

“What dense sword Qi! It is almost the equivalent of a peak Martial Saint’s.” Xiao Chen said, somewhat astonished, as he looked at the two sword Qi.

Although Xiao Chen also wanted to obtain the three puppets, it was clear that the different puppets were few. If he had to compete with the rest, he would exhaust himself.

The remnants of the Fire Li Sect would not be limited to these few items. It was far from the time to go all out.


Just as Xiao Chen pondered, a cold light flew towards him. He pushed off the ground and retreated several dozen meters.

When Xiao Chen looked, he saw that it was an iron-armored warrior. After it injured a cultivator, it broke out of the encirclement and headed for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression. He smiled gently, “Just in time. I wanted to check out the trick behind these combat puppets.”

“Keng! Keng!”

The iron-armored warrior’s heavy body leaped across the ground. Every step it took created melodious clanging.

“Drawing the Saber!”

He drew the Lunar Shadow Saber with a ‘ka ca’ sound. Xiao Chen swung the saber, looking like a howling bolt of lightning; its speed and strength were at its peak. Then, he struck the iron-armored warrior’s sword in its hand away.

It is too weak; this iron-armored warrior does not have much value, Xiao Chen shook his head and sheathed his Lunar Shadow Saber.

Xiao Chen took one step forward and tilted his head, easily avoiding the iron-armored warrior’s attack. He clenched his fist and punched it hard.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The iron-armored warrior took three steps back. The heavy force caused its armor to tremble. It made dull crunching sounds.

My punch can now achieve ten thousand kilograms of force. It can withstand one of my punches without shattering to bits. Its defense is not bad.

Xiao Chen indifferently evaluated in his heart. He casually took a step back and avoided the iron-armored warrior’s attack again.

Xiao Chen was already right in front of the wall; he did not plan to continue retreating. He simply held his ground. He held the Lunar Shadow Saber in his left hand and straightened the fingers of his right hand, using it as a saber. Then, he easily blocked the iron-armored warrior’s attack.

Its speed is inadequate; it barely reaches half the speed of sound. However, its postures are quite orderly and methodical; it seems to contain vestiges of several Fist Techniques.

The predecessors of the Fire Li Sects are geniuses. They managed to infused Martial Techniques into the combat puppets.

Xiao Chen easily exchanged moves with the iron-armored warrior. After several dozen exchanges, he had a complete understanding of the iron-armored warrior’s strength.

Its speed is the equivalent of a Medial Grade Martial Saint; its strength is the equivalent of an Inferior Grade Martial Saint. Its defense is astonishing. All in all, its overall combat strength is the equivalent of peak Medial Grade Martial Saint.

However, its energy source should be limited. It cannot fight indefinitely. When it runs out, it will become a pile of scrap metal.

The three people who surrounded this iron-armored warrior earlier were completely dumbfounded. They had used all their strength earlier and could barely suppress this iron-armored warrior. This was because the iron-armored warrior’s defense was too horrifying.

However, Xiao Chen easily played with it in the middle of his palms, despite using only one hand and not moving.


Xiao Chen shouted. He could not be bothered to keep playing. He punched with sixty percent of his strength. His strength immediately soared to 12,500 kilograms of force.

The iron-armored warrior crumbled to the ground. It struggled for a moment before it stopped moving completely.

After a while, Xiao Chen bent over and turned the iron-armored warrior over. There was a small, tightly-shut metal door on its back.

The metal door was tightly sealed; there was no way to open it. Xiao Chen found a protruding piece of metal on the side. Without hesitating, he pressed it.

“Ka ca!”

Two metal doors immediately opened, revealing indents. There were Inferior Grade Spirit Stones inside. When Xiao Chen counted, the space contained twenty.

However, the Spirit Stones were dim; there was almost no difference from regular stones. They were exhausted of Spiritual Energy.

So that’s how they work, Xiao Chen thought to himself. They use Spirit Stones as a source of energy; this is very close to what I expected. If powered by Medial Grade Spirit Stones, perhaps its might would increase.

When the earlier three people saw Xiao Chen’s actions, they immediately reacted. They discovered this combat puppet first. In the end, Xiao Chen had acted as though it were his.

“You’re seeking Death! How dare you snatch my things. How reckless!” one of them snorted coldly. He hacked at Xiao Chen with his saber.

The other two were no slower; they made their moves almost at the same time. Three saber lights launched at Xiao Chen with fierce auras.

Xiao Chen glanced up. There were no fluctuations in his calm eyes. He appeared indifferent like he had no interest; these three were just too weak.

“Glittering Wukui!”

Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow saber with lightning speed. He flicked his wrist three times. Three strands of purple saber Qi, as dense as Martial King’s, flew out. They shattered the moves the three people executed; the weapons in their hands could not withstand the pressure and shattered.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The might of the saber Qi did not decrease as it continued flying forward, smashing into their Essence shields and creating a horrifying wound on their chests; blood immediately spurted out.

The three fell to the ground, and the force of the blows blew them far back; they tumbled miserably. However, this was the result of Xiao Chen showing mercy.

If the attack had contained the state of thunder, the three strands of saber Qi could have easily chopped them in half.

At this point, Xiao Chen could kill a Martial Saint who had not comprehended a state, even a peak Superior Grade Martial Saint. He was only a step shy of being unrivaled within the Martial Saint realm.

“Leave quickly! We can’t afford to provoke this person.” The three people on the ground ignored their wounds and fled when they saw Xiao Chen’s horrifying look.

Seeing as they had already left, Xiao Chen could not be bothered to chase after them. He shifted his gaze back to the Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and revealed a curious gaze.

“I should take them out to see exactly what is inside.” Xiao Chen said softly. Then, he tossed out the Spirit Stones, one by one. Finally, at the bottom of the indent, he saw a protruding needle.

After hesitating for a while, Xiao Chen touched it with his forefinger. He felt a slight pain; the needlepoint immediately broke the skin. When it came in contact with his blood, a plethora of information quickly appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind.

The information was vast and chaotic like the ocean, giving Xiao Chen a splitting headache. However, it did not last long. After three breaths, the headache disappeared.

After sorting through the information, Xiao Chen’s mind slowly accepted it. Flowing Cloud Sword Technique, Martial Peak Fist Technique, Eternal Flowing Water…summaries of Martial Techniques appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind.

Xiao Chen reacted to them. These were the Martial Techniques merged into the iron-armored warriors. There were Fist Techniques, Leg Techniques, Movement Techniques, Sword Techniques, Saber Techniques, Spear Techniques…everything thing was present.

Eventually, all the information disappeared. Xiao Chen felt a weak will launching itself at him. However, his mind swallowed it.

“This should be the will left behind by the iron-armored warrior’s previous master. As it has been a long time, it has become quite weak. The next step is to insert my own will into it.”

Xiao Chen controlled his consciousness and extended it down his arm. Then, he inserted it into the internals of the iron armor warrior, branding his own will onto it.

Xiao Chen pulled his finger away. He immediately felt as if he had obtained a clone. However, this clone could not move yet.

Xiao Chen took Inferior Grade Spirit Stones out of his Universe Ring and placed them in. Then, he closed the small metal doors on the back of the iron-armored warrior. With a thought, the iron-armored warrior stood up.

Xiao Chen tried controlling the iron-armored warrior; its controls were very simple. The first method was controlling it as if he controlled his own arm.

The other method was autonomous control. He could lock onto an enemy and let the iron-armored warrior attack on its own. Xiao Chen tried locking onto a stone pillar, and it immediately rushed at it. Once Xiao Chen set the target, he no longer needed to worry.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and said, “The Fire Li Sect’s people are really geniuses. They even managed accomplished this. Not only had they inherited the Ancient Era’s Secret Treasure refining method, but they also came up with an alternative method to create Secret Treasures like these combat puppets.

Eventually, the several iron-armored warriors ran out of energy. Aside from a few that had been destroyed, other people took control of them.

It seemed like the problem of Spiritual Energy was the combat puppet’s greatest weakness. If this weakest did not exist, this combat puppet would be perfect.

Xiao Chen shifted his gaze up. The two silver-armored warriors were as tyrannical as before. They brandished their swords, and their sharp sword Qi extended out in the air. They even sliced the air apart.

The ten people were in an intense fight. All sorts of Martial Techniques and weapon Qi struck their opponent’s bodies. However, the puppets lacked a sense of pain; they could not feel it.

A strange scene happened. The silver-armored warriors, who were only as strong as peak Superior Grade Martial Saints, suppressed the ten peak Martial Saints with deep cultivations.

Of course, these ten people also knew that, by exhausting their opponent’s Essence, they could overcome their opponents. They just had to drag out the fight; there was no need to use too much effort.

However, the true enemy was not the iron-armored warriors. Instead, it was the ‘comrades’ they fought alongside.

There are no signs of the silver-armored warrior exhausting their Spiritual Energy. It seems like they may possess Medial Grade Spirit Stones, Xiao Chen thought to himself.

Since the silver-armored warriors could be revived, the gold-armored warrior on the throne could also be revived and used as well. Since the silver ones were the equivalent of peak Martial Saints, the gold one was the equivalent of a Martial King.

It was a Martial King who could not feel pain or fatigue while fighting. Everyone understood the implications of this.

Obtaining it would significantly raise their strength. In the following fight for Secret Treasures within the Fire Li Sect, it would make a good trump card.

It was likely that these ten people had not used their trump cards to deal with the two silver-armored warriors due to the gold-armored warrior on the throne.

The outstanding talents that managed to subdue the iron-armored warriors all felt a boost to their confidence. They even thought they could defeat a gold-armored warrior alone.

When compared to the ten demonic geniuses, they might be weaker. However, with the iron-armored warrior s, they might stand a chance when fishing in troubled waters.

They gazes fixed on the gold-armored warrior seated on the scarlet throne. They only waited for the gold-armored warrior to wake before taking action.

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